Window AC vs. Split AC: What would be the Right Choice for you?

People are more biased towards buying split ACs! It might be because we generally see commercial advertisements based on them only and not on window ACs! But it does not mean you have to buy only a split air conditioner in every scenario! You might not have cared about the differences among window AC vs. split AC. Thus, you can select any one among them to not waste your time in the process of buying an air conditioner!

Split AC vs Window

But you need to be a smart buyer! It can help you to save much in the future and desire to use the product in the long run. You must have an idea of one crucial thing before making a purchase. It is to know about the similarities and differences between split and window ACs before deciding for acquisition!

Buying an air conditioner is not so easier than we mostly think of it, especially for a non-technical person! Many factors are there about AC’s to consider and analyze as per our need to pick the best one!

It includes choosing the right brand, tonnage, inverter vs. non-inverter, budget, and star ratings. Additionally, extra features or functions can also be considered, and the most important is which one to choose among window AC vs. split AC!

So, in this article, we will be going to discuss everything that you must know about them. It can help you to decide better about which one to choose among the two different common types of air conditioners used among homes and offices. Yes, they are split and window ACs!


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A Brief Overview on “What are Split and Window Air Conditioners”?

If you are among people who might not have any idea about what are window and split ACs, then let us understand them quickly! If we try to get an idea about split AC from its name, then the term “split” identifies the fact that the system has been splitted into two parts.

So, these air conditioners come in two parts i.e., indoor and outdoor units, and hence need some space for the installation of both. Also, their set-up is complicated as compared to fitting a window AC!

A split AC has the condenser and compressor installed inside the outdoor unit that can be kept anywhere in the ventilated location. And, the evaporator is there inside the indoor unit that must be installed inside the room that needs to be conditioned!

In the case of a window AC, every component is present inside cuboid-shaped hardware. It doesn’t consume any of your inside space because it has to be installed outside the room facing inwards for proper ventilation!

A window AC as the name indicates it can be installed on windows or other ventilation of a room! It doesn’t need much space for installation as compared to split AC, because it comes as only a single unit!


Window AC vs. Split AC: 5 Comparisons under Practical Scenarios

There are lots of articles and guides you can find on the internet about air conditioners and their differences. They can help you to understand the similarities and differences among both the Window and Split air conditioners.

But, if you want to buy the right AC, then you need to visualize it under practical scenarios. It might matter the most and can affect your current purchase! So, let us uncover the differences between both window and split ACs.

So, below are the points to consider in mind as situations that are common with both the models related to making a purchase! They can help to select the best for you, by visualizing about them, starting from planning to installation and cases of their usage;


Scenario 1) Deciding a Model: Initial Planning of Buying an AC

First of all, let us consider a scenario when you already have a window AC installed, and you are planning to replace it with a new one. In this case, you need to prepare yourself to face some hassles. The main reason behind the same is the fact that window AC units come in different sizes.

So you need to either purchase the same sized unit. Here the possibility is you might need to compromise with going with a specific model that might not be your choice! But you are helpless if you do not want to face the burden ahead to redo the installation of a window AC in your room.

Otherwise, you can buy a model of any other size of your choice and get ready to spend some extra in re-installation of it. So this process might include changing the wooden insulation frame, making more space, changing the glass of your window, and more.

Thus, you need to make sure that the new model can be fitted well as per its size in your room! On the other side, in case of a split AC, you do not need to bother about such things!


Scenario 2) Look and Feel: Before Purchasing an AC

If you go into the looks and aesthetics, then no doubt split ACs are designed very well to give a modern look to your room. But window ACs look something like old stuff hanged on the window that might disturb your ambiance of the space due to a blocked window!

So, to choose an AC also matters on how sensitive you are towards the look of your interior of the room where the air conditioner will be installed. The reason interior designers think much and plan well for the proper design of the organization of everything of their client’s site!


Scenario 3) Installation: After Purchase of an AC

You can go for split ACs if you have enough space and do not want to face the burden of installing a window unit! Yes, it is not so easy to hang up a big machine on your window or any other ventilation in your room! It needs proper support as well as you need to prepare an appropriate insulation setup. Thus, it cannot pass outer heat to come inside the room from any holes.

Hence, for window AC you need to hire a mason, carpenter, fabricator, and electrician. All such things are required to get the job done entirely, other than the effort of company AC technicians!

In case of a split, you only need an electrician and hardly a carpenter (in case of modular works). They can make a neat set-up to provide power supply to the unit. A necessary thing to be done before what company professionals can come to your home and do to set up the air conditioner.

In the case of split AC, it only needs a single hole. It is possible by drilling on the wall, to pass-on the power cord and copper tubes connected with the ODU, i.e., outdoor and IDU or indoor units. So, in case you want to replace the old AC with the new one, then you do not need to worry about any installation hassles!


Scenario 4) Ventilation: For Setting up an AC

You have to provide proper ventilation for both types of ACs if you do not want your appliance is struggling to cool your environment! In the case of split AC, one can provide the required ventilation with ease. It can be done by installing the outdoor unit at the desired location at a much distance far away (but within limit) from the indoor unit!

The outdoor unit or the back of the window AC dissipate heat outside. So you need also to think about whether it will be going to harm or disturb anyone, like your neighbors, if you both are living very near to each other!

Hence, in practical conditions, it has been found out that split AC can quickly cool down a specific space as compared to a window unit. The reason is that split ACs have a bigger outdoor unit to process more air at a time and hence less load to the compressor of the machine.


Scenario 5) Performance: While Using an AC

In terms of energy and cooling efficiency, the technology is far better in split systems than window air conditioning units. You can find more choices of the split’s having higher star ratings than window units.

Do you wish to buy a high star rated air conditioner based on its high EER ratio as confirmed by BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency)? If yes, then the main fact that we will come to know by market research is the truth.

It is the truth that there are many options of models in split ACs as compared to choosing one from window ACs available for sale in the current scenario! It might not be a big issue for a casual buyer. But, if you want high ‘value for money’ products with the best performance output, then it is best to have different options to look further.


Who can Buy Window AC?

You can surely buy a window AC only if;

a) You are the type of person who loves a cooling breeze, something that is generated by room coolers; then, window AC can do that job better. However, it is not recommended by experts to take direct air on your face or body that might discomfort you!

b) Your window has already designed with a plan to set-up a window air conditioner unit, and you want to take the benefit of it.

c) Your house or site lacks in space to properly install a split AC system!

d) You want an economical option or to save the initial cost to buy an AC.

e) It doesn’t matter what type of AC it will be your main motto is only to condition the air inside your room!

f) You do not need more than 2 tons of an air conditioner as per your requirement!

g) You are living on rent and not having the permission by the house owner to damage the walls or so!

h) You want an appliance that doesn’t demand high maintenance!


You can get a window air conditioner at a low price as compared to split AC of the same capacity or tonnage! Installation charges are on the higher side in case of a split and need to bear the same amount to relocate the system to a new room or a house!

In case you have finally decided to go with a window AC, then there is a good tip for you. You can create a separate vent on a wall for installing it so that your window will not be blocked.


Split AC: Is it your Ultimate Choice?

You do not need to think much, and can directly buy a split air conditioner if;

  1. i) You do not want uncomfortable cooling! Split ACs are mostly installed at the top position on a room, so it will results in uniform cooling other than a particular area first.
  2. ii) You want some stylish or good looks in an air conditioning machine that is hanged on your wall! It is because more colors and patterns are there in split AC to select as per choice.

iii) You want an air conditioner that acts as a heater as well. It is rare to find options based on window AC that comes with a heat blower.

  1. iv) You want to connect more than one indoor unit of different rooms of home or office with a single outdoor unit!
  2. v) You desire a comfort purchase! In this case, split ACs would be the right choice since no doubt they are the highly purchased models as compared to window units!
  3. vi) You do not want a machine to bother your living! No one wants to be disturbed by a noisy machine while sleeping at night!! Split Ac’s works very quiet, like almost silent as compared to windows AC’s.

vii) You need to buy feature-rich, advanced technology in air conditioning to match to the current era!


Do you need an AC for your own home? Do you wish for a modern air conditioner that does not disturb the sight that you relish every day by watching through the window? If yes, then you must go with split AC. It is only a matter of one-time investment and installation; then, you are going to save much in the future!



Bottom Line

If you search online, then you can come to know many people who are saying a common fact! It is, window ACs are made to perform well in small offices or rooms, and split ACs are for commercial or halls! Theoretically, it is fine, but it depends on many working conditions.

Do you know many office halls with plenty of windows have more than one window AC unit to maintain a cooling environment there? Similarly, it can be done by using more than one split ACs to condition the air of a hall.

Also, even in smaller rooms or apartments, people are mostly preferring split ACs to be installed! It can enhance the look of a room, as well as help us to avoid compromising with the window space!

So you need to better think thoroughly before deciding for the best option among window AC vs. split AC if you want to invest in the best for future benefits. After all, most people buy an air conditioner that can, on average, be used for the next 8 to 10 years!

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