Best Top 10 Beard Trimmer in India 2021

It’s righty said that for a perfect beard & groom you need a perfect trimmer and hence we bring you the best trimmer in India for men. There is no denying that, and with the help of a trimmer, you can maintain your facial hair and stay well-groomed without needing to book an appointment at the Salon.

Investing in a trimmer can not only be a money-saving but can also help you tackle a lot of skin issues that you may address while you shave at home. On top of that, if you are someone who loves to style their beard and keep it well-groomed, well, then to invest in a trimmer is the right thing to do.

But how do you select the perfect Trimmer? To help you out on that quest, we at HomeBest have created a list of the best Trimmer out in the market, which can give you the desired look to stand out from the crowd. For compiling this list, we have considered a lot of factors that include Brand value, the type of blades used, the quality, durability, the style and design, and, most importantly, its affordability.

10 Best Beard Trimmers in India

# Model Price Type Charging Time Run Time Warranty Home Best Score
1 Philips QT4011 check price Cord/Cordless 1 hour 90 minutes 3 Years 98%
2 Mi   check price Cord/Cordless 2 hours 90 minutes 1 year 96%
3 Philips QT4001 check price Cordless 10 hours 45 minutes 3 Years 94%
4 Panasonic ER206K check price Cord/Cordless 8 hours 50 minutes 2 Years 90%
5 Syska HT200 check price Cord/Cordless 8 hours 30 minutes 2 Years 88%
6 Lifelong LLPCM07 check price Cord/Cordless 2 hours 60 minutes 1 year 86%
7 Ustraa check price Cord/Cordless 1 hour 90 minutes 2 Years 85%
8 Nova check price Cordless 4-5 hours 45 minutes 1 year 83%
9 Havells check price Cord/Cordless 90 minutes 90 minutes 2 Years 80%
10 Kemei check price Cord/Cordless 8 hours 60 minutes 1 year 78%


#1) Philips QT4011 Beard Trimmer

Philips has been the leader when it comes to making sensible trimmers in India. With over a ton of trimmer models, the QT4011/15 is one of the most distinct and fully featured Trimmer. Not only does it provide a fantastic battery back-up. But with only about 2 hours of charging time, this Trimmer can be that one trimmer which you have been looking for. With 90 mins of back-up through an hour of charge along with 0.5mm precision, this Trimmer has 27 lock-in length with high-quality Titanium blades.

It’s easy to use, is both corded and cordless, has all the indicators for more practicality, and comes with a 2+1 warranty after registration. It’s easy to clean and has a more ergonomic design for its users. Overall, this is the best Trimmer that you can buy in the market.


  • Best Trimmer in India - Philips QT4011

Key Features

  • Long-Lasting Performance: It comes with Philips, Dura Power technology, which drops the power consumption and optimizes it to run up to 4 times more than that of usual trimmers.
  • Cord/Cordless Use: This Trimmer can be used both with our without a cord. It can provide about 90 minutes of cordless power after 1 hour of charging.
  • Skin Friendly: Philips makes sure that their extra sharp blades are not high in terms of trimming but also very skin-friendly with their rounded blade tips that prevent skin irritation.
  • Self-Sharpening Titanium blades: For Superior precession, you get the Self Sharpening Titanium blades that stay on point from the very first use and offer long-lasting sharpness.
  • Zoom Wheel: The Trimmer offers users up to 20 different length settings that can be switched with its zoom wheel. Simply turn the wheel and style your beard on the go.
  • Charging Indicator: offers a Charging indicator that blinks Orange when low of power, blinks green when charging, and Stay Green when the Charge is full.
  • Easy to Clean: It offers an easy to rinse and clean option for its waterproof head. Just detach it and wash it as you wish and reattach it. But remember to dry it before Reattaching.
  • Travel and Storage Pouch: You also get a travel pouch that protects the device while you are traveling.
  • DuraPower Technology which is both efficient and durable
  • It’s has a smooth design and very Practical with its features
  • It is very User-Friendly.
  • Offers all the features which are required by a Trimmer
  • Very premium product.
  • It has been created for long-lasting life.
  • None
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: The QT4011 is not the only premium, but it also the most excellent Trimmer ever produced by Phillips. It has the necessary features and delivers the best shave that a trimmer could offer. If you want a trimmer that you can keep for years without worrying about the performance. This is the Trimmer to opt for. Also, you get a 2 Years out of the box Warranty on the product plus another Year of Warranty upon registration. So nothing could go wrong with it.


#2) Mi Beard Trimmer

The 1st Trimmer produced by the Chinese Giant in India, and that too made it into everybody’s house just like their Smartphones. The Mi Trimmer might be only Trimmer that offers 5 mins fast charging option and which is why this is so high up on the list. The quality and performance of this Trimmer are phenomenal. With just a 2 hours charging time, this Trimmer can go on and on for about 90 mins and offers both corded and cordless usability. You also get a 40 length setting with this Trimmer that has a trimming length from 0.5-20 for the type of look that you desire. You also avail get a 1 Year Warranty on this water-resistant product.

  • Best Trimmer in India - Mi

Key Features

  • Rapid Charge: 5 mins Rapid Charge for 10 mins of cordless usage and 2 hours of full charge for 90 mins of cordless back-up.
  • Self-Sharpening Blades: It offers Self Sharpening Stainless Steel Blades that stays sharp from the first use.
  • Protective Rounded Tips: The Blades in the product comes with rounded protective tips that prevent any kind of skin irritations and accidental cuts.
  • Waterproof: It comes with an IPX7 rated fully washable body for easy on the go cleaning.
  • Travel Lock: A unique feature that can be activated while you take the Trimmer with you. This feature stops the Trimmer from accidentally turning on in any case.
  • 40 Length Settings: With 6000 blades movements per minute, the Trimmer comes with 2 precise combs’ with that comes with the precision of (0.5-10) mm and (10-20) mm. The 40 length setting feature of this Trimmer allows you to achieve your desired look with ease.
  • Led Indicator: It has an LED battery indicator that indicates various charging levels.
  • Affordable
  • 40 Length Settings
  • Easy to Use
  • Fast Charging of 5 mins
  • 90 mins of back-up on a full charge.
  • Full Washable Body
  • No Comb Lock Mechanism
  • Could’ve provided with 2 years of Warranty
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: With this array of features and performance at such an affordable price, only a fool would not want to buy this Trimmer. Although this product is MI’s first attempt on lifestyle appliances, the product quality and performance speaks for itself on how severe the brand is on becoming a household name. Although it would’ve been better if they could provide a minimum of 2 years’ worth Warranty. But a 1-year warranty comes standard with every brand, and the amount of features on this device just makes it bang for the buck


#3) Philips QT4001 Beard Trimmer

Coming 3rd on the list is another edition by Philips is the QT4001. This amazing mid-range Trimmer is ideal for most men. It delivers heavy-duty performance and offers high precision lengths between 1-10 mm for a smooth, skin-friendly shave. With a 10-hour charging time, the rounded-tipped blades offered by Phillips provides painless trimming. It can be easily washed, it provides a good hold, and it is one of the most affordable Trimmers by Phillips.

  • Best Trimmer in India - Philips QT4001

Key Features

  • Dura Power Technology: Offers Philips Dura Power Technology, which optimized the power consumption of a trimmer to last 4 times more than ordinary ones.
  • Cordless: Offers up to 45mins of back-up during cordless trimming.
  • Zoom Wheel: With the Zoom wheel, you can obtain effortless trimming from the precision of 1mm-10 mm lock-in lengths. And if you want a full 0, then remove the Clamp and trim with the 0.5mm blade.
  • Skin Friendly Self Sharing Blades: Philips offers the perfect trim day in and day out without letting the blades get rusty. With every trim, the blades sharpen themselves so that you obtain a neat cut with the rounded blade tips.
  • Charging Indicator: offers a Charging indicator then changes its color from blue to green while charging.
  • Easy to Clean: It offers an easy to rinse and clean option for its waterproof head. Just detach it and wash it as you wish and reattach it.
  • Affordable
  • Powerful and durable
  • Easy to Clean
  • 3 years of Warranty (2+1)
  • Self-Sharpening Blades
  • 10 hours of Charging time
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: With relentless performance and enhanced technology, this Trimmer delivers a great and is very skin-friendly. Coming from a brand which can be blindly trusted in terms of lifestyle appliances, Philips also offers a 2 years warranty on the product and additional 1 year Warranty if you register the product online. This Trimmer is made for the everyday Indian than wants a premium product at a decent price tag.



#4) Panasonic ER206K Beard Trimmer

After Philips, the only brand that comes in mind which offers premium Trimmers is Panasonic. Panasonic has created a perfect high-end trimmer with the ER206K. It is one top of top-rated products on multiple websites and offers excellent performance and results with the best look possible for you. It is also very durable as it made out of high-quality materials, and due to this, it weights around 599 grams.

Its unique S-Shaped curve design allows its owners with ease in maneuvering the Trimmer to achieve that perfect look. Coming with 12 different length settings, it comes with a floating wide cutter blade that delivers effective trimming of facial hair. The Trimmer offers up to 50 mins of battery back-up with 8 hours of full charge. Panasonic also provides its users with a 2 Years of Warranty on this product.

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  • Best Trimmer in India - Panasonic ER206K

Key Features

  • Smooth Grip: the smooth S curve designed grips lets you forget that you are carrying something which weighs around 599 grams
  • 12 length Settings: It comes with 12 length adjustment that gives you the precision of about 2 -18 mm in length
  • Charge Indicator lamp: It has an LED that glows during charging.
  • Cordless and Cord Operations: It can be used both with the cord or cordless offering about 50 minutes of continuous run time.
  • High-Performance Blade: it offers high-Performance Stainless Steel blades that provide precision cutting.
  • Warranty: Panasonic offers 2 Years Warranty of this product
  • Durability: It is a highly durable product that can go on for many years.
  • Cool Ergonomics
  • Highly Durable
  • Easy on The Skin
  • S-Shaped Design
  • Heavy
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: As a premium tier Trimmer, the ER206 delivers what is promises. It provides the same precise cut even after years go by. Which is why the product ranks so high up on the list. If you are someone who wants durability for long term use. Then this product is perfect for you.


#5) Syska HT200 Beard Trimmer

Syska comes with the latest Korean technology embedded in it. This Budget-friendly Trimmer offers excellent performance with brilliant features. The HT200 comes with a trim dial and a built-in comb that can be adjusted as per your flexibility. With Skin-friendly self-sharpening stainless steel blades, the Trimmer can cut through the thickest hair growth with ease. Coming on Charging, well, the Trimmer comes support USB charge and provides up to 30 mins of continuous use after a full charge of 8 hours.

Also, you do not require to manually replace combs as this trimer comes with a clamped comb that is intact and which gets adjusted with the re-adjustable dial. With an Ergonomic design provides a comfortable grip, the Trimmer is also very easy to maintain as it has a removable, washable head to clean up whenever required. Syska also offers a 2 Years Warranty on the product

  • Best Trimmer in India - Syska HT200

Key Features

  • A Trim Dial: An Easy to set dial provides easy adjustability on its trims with a 10 lock-in length setting that offers precision between 1mm-10nm.
  • USB Charging: it comes with USB Charging and fully charges the device in 8 hours.
  • Skin Friendly Self Sharpening Blades: Syska offers Self Sharpening blades with are also very skin-friendly so that you get the perfect cut even from the 1st use.
  • Easy to Clean: Removable, washable Head offers ease to clean the product whenever required. Just tap the head, and it will come off clean it and switch it back in.
  • Korean Technology: The product has been crafted in Korea with the latest Korean technology.
  • Value for Money
  • Easy to Use
  • Good Performance
  • Easy to maintain
  • No LED indicator
  • It takes 8 hours to charge and just offers 30 mins of back-up
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: If you look at the price factor. Then this Trimmer is a go-getter. You won’t get high quality self-cleaning blades with this much of performance from any other brand in the market at this price range. As per the features, it does offer the right amount features the only let down the trimming back-up by this Trimmer. But if you get that out of your mind, then you have silent Trimmer that can help get a fresh look.


#6) Lifelong LLPCM07 Beard Trimmer

Until now, you have only got to see products from International Brands on this list. But Lifelong has created a made in India product that makes it worthy of being in the Top 6 of this list. The LLPCM07 is a Quick Charge Beard Trimmer that offers a 2 hours quick charge and can run up to 60 minutes nonstop. Not only does the product features stainless steel blades, but due to its salient ergonomics with a precision comb ranging from 0.4 to 10 mm, you get that stubble style that you always desire.

The Trimmer offers both Cord and Cordless functionality and provides a Charge Indicator that lets you have a precise idea about the charging status. IN addition to this, Lifelong also provides 1-year full money back guaranteed Warranty. So in case if you have any issue with the product of within one year of purchase, you can either get a replaced model or opt for a full refund of your money.

  • Best Trimmer in India - Lifelong LLPCM07

Key Features

  • 1 Year Money-Back Guarantee
  • Adjustable Length
  • 2 Hours Quick Charge
  • Washable Head
  • Adjustable Comb
  • Led Indicator
  • Made In India
  • USB charging
  • Extended Battery Back-up with Short Refilling hours
  • Detachable and Durable Stainless Steel Blades
  • The hard disk doesn’t come with additional features
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note:Lifelong India is more popular with its kitchen and household products. With this Trimmer, they have also entered the market of lifestyle appliances. Although it is new, the product does offer excellent features at an aggressive price tag? The Best part about the product is its 1-year full-on guarantee that has been included in the Warranty, so if any user wants to experience a totally Indian product that offers good performance and great back-Up. This Trimmer can be the one that they have been looking for.


#7) Ustraa Beard Trimmer

Ustraa, a company that is dedicated to making grooming kits only for men, has come up with this Bread Trimmer, which the company claims is designed to make your beard look perfect. The Titanium coated Stainless Steel Blade Trimmer has been equipped with large T-Shaped bales, with Sturdy ABS combs, and runs on a Lithium-ion Battery, which gives you a back-up of about 90-120 minutes. In addition to this, the Trimmer also features 60 minutes of Quick Charge time.

A lot of great features that come at a premium price tag. The Ustraa Beard Trimmer is very easy to clean and has an LED Display indicator that also has Oiling Indication to show when the blades require oiling. With the latest technology inside, the Ustraa Beard Trimmer also comes with a 2 Years warranty on the product, meaning you do not need to worry about the after service in the quality of the product.

  • Best Trimmer in India - Ustraa

Key Features

  • Large T Shaped Blades: These Titanium coated Blades offer 39% of the widespread area for better surface coverage with precession that can go as low as 0 mm.
  • The Latest in Battery Technology: It has a Li-ion battery, which is the same battery that is used in smartphones and electric cars.
  • Durable ABS Combs: It has durable and Sturdy ABS combs which do not shake and effectively to provide smooth and consistent performance.
  • Quick Charge Technology: In terms of Charging it offers, 900-120 mins of total back-up with a full charge time of just 1 hour.
  • LED indicator: Not only does the all-digital LED indicator looks cool, but it also has an oiling indicator that shows when the blades require oiling.
  • Fast Charge and Amazing Battery back-up
  • Sturdy Built Quality
  • Offers more coverage with a larger T section
  • LED battery level indicator
  • Lithium-Ion Battery
  • No USB Connection
  • Too Expensive
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: The Ustraa Beard Trimmer is good and offers precise cutting. It also offers the fastest charging time and longest-running hours. It is equipped with the latest technology and has a cool chrome finish. But in spite of all these features, it cost is as equivalent to that of premium trimmers. And when you want to invest this much money on an electric appliance, the brand value does come into play and which is why the Trimmer falls short on being on the upper section in the list. However, if you are okay with the pricing, then this an excellent trimmer for you.



#8) Nova Beard Trimmer

Nova is famous for creating affordable Trimmer and other electronic products for the Indian consumers. The NS-2019 is also on budget-friendly cordless USB trimmer offered by the company. It has stainless steel blades and weighs around 299 grams so you can easily use this groom. Also, due to its dashing looks and ergonomic design, you can trim any part of your body with ease.

The trimer offers a 19-speed adjustment with a free choice of trim length of 0.4-8.5 mm. It offers easy grips with additional protective clipper for smooth saving as for charging. The Rechargeable Trimmer offers 45 mins of operation power with 4-5 hours of full charging. As for the Warranty of the product, Nova offers a 1-year exclusive warranty on this product.


  • Best Trimmer in India - Nova

Key Features

  • 19 Speed: It provides a 19-speed adjustment for changing the speed of the precision of cut.
  • Clamp Adjustment: It has a trimming range of 0.4 to 8.5mm with its Clamp-on. Remove the Clamp, and you get that 0.0 mm blade.
  • Waterproof Clamp head: It is equipped with a Waterproof Clamp head so that you can easily wash the Clamp as your desire.
  • Stainless Steel Blades: it is equipped with Stainless Steel Blades for good performance.
  • 19 Speed adjustment
  • Adjustable Clamp at such an affordable price.
  • Good performance and decent quality.
  • Easy to Sue and Easy to maintain.
  • Very Affordable.
  • Length of trimming is less
  • Low after Sale Support
  • Lacks battery Indicator


Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: Nova is a good grooming brand that creates decent electronic products for both men and women. The Trimmer is one of many editions in the huge roster of trimmers by the company. It is affordable and can perform all the necessary features like any other trimmers at a very affordable price tag.



#9) Havells Beard Trimmer

Havells has produced a superb Trimmer that is both high on energy saving and offers great functionality. With 50 mins of back-up on this product, the Trimmer can give you a perfect look with this U shaped Stainless –steel blades. If you want to customize your beard style then you can precisely trim your beard to as short as 0.5 mm as long as up to 10 mm. The Trimmer also offers an LED battery indicator and can be charged directly through USB using any USB adaptor. With the Li-Ion Battery that is usually found in phones, the Trimmer can fully charge in an hour.

In case if you are wondering about cleaning, then it provides you with a Detachable Head for better wash and for better hygiene. Also, Havells offers you a 2-year Guarantee with an amazing 24 hours home service on this product.

  • Best Trimmer in India - Havells

Key Features

  • Li-Ion Quick Charge: The trimmer has built in Li-ion battery that provides up to 90 minutes of operation after 90 minutes of full charge.
  • U Shaped Metal Blades: The trimmer is made up to U Shaped Hypoallergic stainless steel blades that are sharp and efficient yet also very comfortable to the skin.
  • Length Adjustment: The Trimmer can be used to achieve and maintain various beard looks with an adjustable length setting comb of (3-4, 5-6, and 6-7 mm). It also adds up more precision up to 0.5 mm without using the comb.
  • Detachable Head: For ease of maintenance and proper hygiene, Havells offers a detachable blade that can easily be washed and reattached when required.
  • Led Indicator: Upon a full charge, the Led indicator on the trimmer turns Green from Red.
  • Energy Efficient
  • Fast Charging time with larger power bricks
  • Durable and efficient.
  • Good battery Back-up
  • Brand Value
  • Poor 0 mm Trimming
  • No adapter in the package
  • Combs are made of breakable plastic
  • Noisy like low-cost trimmers
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: This is a nice trimer, but it does not live up to its capabilities on the paper. As a result, it is o low on the list. Being priced at the competitive segment. The performance of the Trimmer is that of any budget-friendly trimmers. Although you go have a good after service from the brand. But at this price range, you can opt for any of the above trimmers. If Havells lower the price on this product, then considering the built quality of the product. It will mark headlines in the market.


#10) Kemei Km 27C Beard Trimmer

The last but not least is from an old but not so popular brand in the hair grooming industries. You may never hear about it, but we bet your barber does. The 27C from Kemei is a full professional Trimmer for both men and women. It comes with a full hair grooming set included in the box that lets you to trimming and shave any part of your body quickly and efficiently.

With inbuilt rechargeable batteries. This trimmer offers can operate at a power of 3 W corded and requires 8 hours to be fully charged to offer 60 minutes of cordless performance. The blades are rubber finishes rustproof, and the package comes with all the combs and oil required for maintaining the product. Kemei also offers a 1 Year warranty on the product

Key Features

  • Précised Trimming: Avail Précised trimming with trimmer length setting in between 0.5mm to 12 mm.
  • All in One Bundle: The bundle comes with all the required accessories for the Trimmer, from oil to brush and combs. You get all the necessary equipment to use the product.
  • Easy To maintenance: IT has an easy to clean head for easy maintenance.
  • Rotational Blades: It comes with a Rotational blade adjustment mechanism.
  • Stainless Steel: It offers Stainless Steel with rubber coating.
  • Durable Blade
  • Full Grooming Kit Included
  • Easy to Use
  • Good Battery back-up
  • Very Pocket-Friendly
  • No Battery Indicator
  • Not so popular in term of Brand Value
  • Requires a lot of time in charging
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note:If you are want to find an affordable trimmer, but you do want a Nova, then Choosing a Kemi Product is the next best alternative. It produces high-quality results considering its price and offers decent performance. It is designed for both men and women. The 27C is a nice trimmer for perfect grooming.



Trimmers are to go-to devices in terms of grooming. These are portables, easy to use, and comes with a lot of features without cutting the skin. With our list, we hope that you are able to choose the best Trimmer, which is suitable as per your need and obtain the look that you desire.


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