10 Best Dishwasher in India – Neat & Clean Utensils every time (2021)

Are you in search of Best dishwasher in India to buy in 2021? We are here to help you in this process. The present day lifestyle is so very hectic that people find little or no time for themselves. In this situation, cleaning the dishes after having a delicious meal is very irritating task. You need to depend on the domestic help for this task or need to scrub them yourself.

It takes great deal of time when volume of dishware is there for washing. Another major fact related with this is unwanted wastage of water. So what to do in this case? Well, selecting the best dishwasher in India from wide range of available options can be stressful but on a flip side having options gives can be a blessing given you have a well compiled and researched list.

After going through all these Pros, you must be keen to find the best dishwasher in India for your kitchen, the dishwasher that can match with the demands of your family, can take care of heavily soiled Indian dishes etc.

Go through the list and select which option serves best for your needs and demands. With this, you will get to know the features of different dishwashers available in the market, pros and cons and our expert option as well. So let us begin with the list of best dishwasher in India in 2021:

10 Best dishwasher in India in 2021

# Model Price Wash programs Settings Noise Warranty Score
1 Bosch SMV46KX01E check price 6 13 place 50dB 2 years 97%
2 Siemens SN256I01GI check price 6 12 place 52dB 2 years 94%
3 IFB Neptune VX check price 8 12 place 49dB 2 years 90%
4 Faber FFSD 8PR 14S check price 8 14 place 65dB 2 years 87%
5 Bosch SMS66GW01I check price 6 12 place 52dB 2 years 85%
6 Faber FFSD 6PR 12S check price 6 12 place 58dB 2 years 82%
7 FFSD 6PR 12S check price 6 12 place 58dB 2 years 80%
8 LGD1452CF check price 5 14 place 45dB 2 years 75%
9 IFB Neptune SX1 check price 8 12 place 45dB 2 years 73%
10 Bosch SMI25AS00E check price 5 12 place 48dB 2 years 68%


#1) Bosch Fully Integrated Dishwasher (SMV46KX01E) – Best Dishwasher in India!

This dishwasher is also from Bosch, the brand having international recognition. 13 place settings are featured in this dishwasher that comes with 3 stages within it. It therefore offers the soiled dishes with sufficient space. There are 2 cup shelves and 2 plate racks that are fold-able in its top basket.  The drawer of cutlery is also placed on its top that offers separate washing for the cutlery. It also assures for safety of knives inside the dishwasher.

The design consists of 6 wash programs to meet the different demands of user such that sufficient options are there to enjoy and choose from. These include: Auto, Intensive, Quick wash, Eco, Glass, Pre-rinse with 5 temperatures for cleaning. Along with these programs that are also available in the other model of Bosch discussed above, this model features 3 special options as well. These include: Hygiene plus, vario-speed plus and extra dry.

  • Best Dishwasher in India - Bosch SMV46KX01E

Key Features

A rated performance for both washing and drying. High performance delivered!

When it comes to the brand of the top dishwasher than Bosch stands out of the league. Maintenance is a breeze here in the world of Bosch.

  • The A++ rating assures its high energy efficiency
  • It is loaded with Eco silence drive, load sensor and aqua sensor type features
  • User can wash on the basis of his specific needs with the help of 6 wash programs available in it.
  • The exact time required for washing the dishes is displayed in top panel.
  • Expensive
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: This is the built-in, integrated dishwasher that is gradually gaining fame. Its performance is sure to meet demands of user such that there is no disappointment.


#2) Siemens, 12 Place Settings Dishwasher (SN256I01GI)

Siemens, the German engineering company is the brand renowned internationally for electronic home appliances. This company offers Siemens Dishwasher that assures durability, performance and quality making it the ideal option for the Indian household.

The dishwasher is durable and strong since it is made with glass care and stainless steel system giving a beautiful look. There are 12 place settings in this dishwasher and for the purpose of washing, it offers 6 program setting.  The settings that it offers are:

  • Express sparkle: Works at 65˚C temperature
  • Intensive plus: Operating temperature is 70˚C
  • Eco mode: Operates at  50˚C
  • Auto mode: Works at 45-65˚C
  • Pre-rinse mode
  • Quick mode: Operates at temperature of 45˚C

This allows you to enjoy wide range of options for cleaning the dishes. Some of the wonderful features of this dishwasher are:

  • Best Dishwasher in India  - SiemensSN256I01GI

Key Features

This feature helps in considerable reduction of the time of wash cycle and that too without compromising with the results of perfect washing. This helps in maintenance of perfect hygiene in the kitchen area.

This dishwasher also comes with the feature of time delay. With this, you can set time delay of about 1 hr- 24 hrs for starting the operation as per your convenience.

The display panel of this dishwasher is equipped with different LED indicators for displaying things such as rinse aid refill, salt refill etc. This makes the dishwasher a user friendly item that offers convenient operation.

Siemens Dishwasher offers this option using which the user can operate while loading either of the bottom or top racks. This helps in simultaneous saving of power and water.  There is no need to wait for time when the dishwasher is loaded fully.

This feature loaded Siemens dishwasher is highly efficient, durable as well as quiet. Therefore any sort of worries regarding its performance are blown away.

This dishwasher is also safe for the kids since it comes with the feature of childproof door lock

  • It comes with technique of altering spray for cleaning
  • User is allows to wash as per needs on account of its 6 varied wash programs
  • Offers full functionality whether it is loaded full or half
  • It has 52dB of noise level
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: Siemens dishwasher stands as the option loaded with all the desired and necessary features that the user looks for in the dishwasher.


#3) IFB Neptune VX, Free-Standing, Fully Electronic Dishwasher (Neptune VX)

IFB is maintaining the reputation of manufacturing premium class home appliances with “Set yourself free” tagline for more than 3 decades. In the conformity of their tagline, their main focus is on making the work of kitchen easy and hassle free for the users. The elegant design of IFB Neptune Dishwasher makes it the perfect option for the medium sized Indian family. User can rely on it as the regular companion in kitchen and it assures to never disappoint.

It comes with 12 place settings that makes IFB Neptune Dishwasher as the best option that utilize the available inside space in an excellent manner. The lower rack of this dishwasher features foldable wires and modular basket of lower cutlery. The upper rack comes with 4 shelves additionally along with the mug shelf that is adjustable.  This offers sufficient space to keep the soiled utensils.

There are 8 programs in the design of this dishwasher. These are: Pre-wash, normal, auto normal, delicate, quick, hygiene, auto-intensive, super 60 ˚ centigrade. User can therefore enjoy ample number of options for the purpose of washing. Its feature of steam drying assures for drying the dishes perfectly without leaving any drops, marks or streaks. So user can enjoy perfect cleaning.

  • Best Dishwasher in India  - IFB Neptune VX

Key Features

The top display panel is prepared with LED indicators for rinse aid refill and salt refill.

With the help of this feature, user can load either of the bottom or top racks based on his needs for swift washing. It therefore eliminates the need to wait till it is fully loaded.

This dishwasher comes with rating of A++ that makes it super efficient in terms of energy. 0.9kWh is the rated consumption of energy and per day water usage is also confined to just 9 liters. It therefore helps in saving much wastage of water.

This feature helps in assuring safety of kids while the dishwasher is in operation. The level of noise is below 50dB.

  • It has 9 liters of water consumption when fully loaded and 0.9kWh is the energy consumption.
  • It is possible to clean varied dishes at single go on account of the 12 plate settings that is dispersed over 2 racks.
  • User is able to wash based on specific needs with the help of 8 varied wash programs.
  • Whether the dishwasher is fully loaded or half loaded, there is no impact on its functionality and performance.
  • Demands sufficient maintenance
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: This dishwasher has several exciting features in  affordable range making it a good choice.



#4) Faber 14 Place Settings Dishwasher (FFSD 8PR 14S)

Taking care modern Indian families and their demands, Faber India has initiated range of modern dishwashers. This is the reason why its model Faber 14 place settings dishwasher serves as a seamless option for Indian kitchens. The family having member size up to 6 find this dishwasher as the ideal fit. Its door has the top panel where one can find vivid description of its wash programs. The wash programs that it offers include:

Normal: This is ideal option for daily dish washing

Auto: The amount of time and water required for cleaning purpose is determined automatically by the dishwasher in this mode.

Eco: This option serves best for the kitchenware that are soiled normally. The combined water and energy consumption is efficiently programmed in this mode.

Rapid: For the kitchenware that is soiled lightly, this mode serves best as it enables quick wash of dishes.

Intensive: This mode is best for the kitchenware that is having dried- on stuff or is soiled heavily.

Soak: The kitchenware goes through a pre-wash in this program that helps in rinsing the food particles away before it is loaded for full wash purpose.

Glass: This mode is meant specifically for the purpose of cleaning glassware

  • Best Dishwasher in India  - Faber FFSD 8PR 14S

Key Features

This innovative technology is also available in this dishwasher. In this, water is ejected from 3 spray arms. With this, the water jet does not leave any corner uncovered. It results in cookware that is sparkling clean and that too in time that is comparatively 15% less.

Easy movement of basket is ensured with glide rails with as much load as high as 9kg.

The demands of different cutlery are met with height adjustable baskets that are designed specifically for this. It therefore assures kitchenware that is hygienic, super clean and super dry as well.

  • The features of energy efficiency of this dishwasher make it the product with A+++ rating.
  • 3 spray arms are used in its 3D wash technology for maximizing the water spray such that all dishwasher corners receive it while 15% of time is also saved.
  • The 3 three layers distribution has 14 plate settings that helps to clean varied dishes at single go.
  • For strong washing, the washing temperature is raised to 69˚C in the power washing mode.
  • Can go out of budget
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note:On account of its 14 place settings and 8 varied wash programs, the user is able to enjoy wide range of available options such that he can make the choice based on his specific needs.


#5) Bosch, 12 Place Settings Dishwasher (Free-Standing) (SMS66GW01I)

The German engineering company, Bosch offers the appliances that are best in delivering efficiency and quality. Bosch stands as the premium brand having thorough experience in designing pioneering products of kitchen for meeting the varied demands of customers. In the model of Bosch, 12 Place Settings, Free-Standing dishwasher, the distribution of 12 place settings is done over 2 rows. This makes it an ideal option for up to 6 members’ average sized families.

There are 6 wash programs and 12 place settings in this dishwasher making it a perfect option for Indian kitchens. The design of 6 wash programs in this model is instinctive, taking care of the requirements of Indian kitchens. The door’s top panel has vivid description of its wash programs.

  • best Dishwasher in India - Bosch SMS66GW01I

Key Features

The programming of this mode is typically intended for Indian kadhais, pans and pots that are soiled immensely. Intense washing takes place in the dishwasher with scorching hot water at the temperature of 70˚C. This helps to ensure the fact that you can receive optimal results for drying and cleaning.

This mode in dishwasher helps in normal washing of the soiled dishes at about 50˚C temperature with low consumption of energy.

This mode stands ideal for the dished that are soiled lightly to normal. Amount of water is adjusted by its loaded sensors along with its temperature in the range of 45-65˚C.

If the dishes are lightly soiled then this mode can work best. The temperature used by dishwasher at this mode is 45˚C. It takes about 29 minutes to clean the cookwares without drying

This mode is generally used by dishwasher for pre-rinsing the dishes.

The display panel at the front is equipped with LED for indicating rinse aid refill, for salt refill as well as the LED indicator for program remaining time. The noise level at the time of its operation is about 52 dB making it somewhat noisy. To make this dishwasher safe for kids and young ones at the time of its functioning, it is equipped with the feature of childproof door lock.

  • It helps in preventing unwanted wastage of water with 9 liters being the water consumption when fully loaded.
  • The design is made keeping in mind the Indian cooking style for thoroughly cleaning of highly soiled dishes.
  • User can wash based on his needs with the help of 6 varied wash programs.
  • Exact amount of time needed for washing the dishes is displayed in its display panel.
  • For refilling the detergent, rinse aid and dishwasher salt, the user has to bend.
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: The approximate weight of this dishwasher of free standing type is about 44.5 kg. In addition to this, it is also easy to operate this dishwasher making it the best choice.


#6) Faber 12 Place Settings Dishwasher (FFSD 6PR 12S)

The innovative design and concepts of this FABER brand have made its products to stand on top in the market.  This company offers appliances of high quality, best technology and durability to the user and same holds true for this dishwasher as well. There are several features in this dishwasher that makes it an ideal option for the Indian kitchens. It comes with 6 different wash programs so that user needs not to worry regarding intensive wash or for the delicate glassware as well.

It easily cleans dirt, stains, germs and bacteria from the dishes with the help of water that reaches to the temperature of 69˚ in the dishwasher. Consumers are not attracted just by its looks and functions but also by its eco-friendly features that help in saving water.

  • Best Dishwasher in India  - Faber FFSD 6PR 12S

Key Features

The 12 place setting makes it an ideal option for medium size families having up to 6 members. Single glass, dinner plate, knife, soup bowl, desert plate, tea cup and saucer, fork and spoons are there in one place setting.

The box includes inlet pipe, 1 dishwasher, outlet pipe, detergent sample and user manual for the convenience of user.

It comes with 4 options and 6 programs along with intensive programming of 70˚ for the dishes that are soiled heavy. There are foldable racks and half load programme as well in the dishwasher.

Its eco silence drive features aqua sensor, top shower and load sensor.

  • Stylish body
  • Less consumption of water
  • Perfectly handles the cleaning demands
  • Works on Indian dishes dealing with tough stains
  • Demands high maintenance
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note:User gets the convenience of operating the dishwasher based on his schedule with the help of its feature of delay start.


#7) IFB Neptune FX 12 Place Settings Free Standing Dishwasher (Neptune FX)

This free standing dishwasher from IFB serves as the stylish model capable of doing all the important tasks for the household use.  This model from IFB also features a water softening device and a separate special program for the dishes that are soiled heavily. With each of its cycle, this dishwasher from IFB takes almost 12 liters of water. User can enjoy calm environment in kitchen while the dishwasher is operating since it maintains sufficiently low noise level.

The dishes receive pre-wash at the temperature of 50˚ with the help of its feature of heavily soiled. After this, thorough cleaning of the dishes takes place at the temperature of 70˚. This dishwasher features adjustable upper basket for user convenience. It is possible to make desired adjustments in the upper basket on when the dishwasher is empty so that larger dishes such as kadhai could be accommodated easily. Even though it features only two programs, the users find it to be a total value piece that worth investment.

  • Best Dishwasher in India  - FFSD 6PR 12S

Key Features

The 12 place settings makes it an ideal option for mid-sized Indian family

It's upper basket is adjustable which makes it easier to clean and setting up utensils becomes easier with this feature.

  • This dishwasher offers 6 different programs for washing that allows user to select the desired option based on his needs.
  • It is possible to easily get rid of tough stains from dishes with the help of this model designed specially keeping the demands of Indian kitchen in mind.
  • Takes more time
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note:This model serves great for the purpose of getting rid stubborn stains and oil from the dishes so that a good wash is obtained at the end.



#8) LG 14 Place Settings Free Standing Dishwasher (D1452CF)

LG is India’s most trusted brands when it the case of home appliances. It comes with unrivalled features and stylish appearance that are designed keeping Indian kitchens in mind. This dishwasher has 14 place settings that allows user to enjoy dish washing on his convenience. The dishwasher is loaded with high tech features that make it suitable for both residential as well as commercial purposes on account of its efficiency and performance.

The dishwasher of LG comes in metal body with appealing and stylish finish as well as high durability that adds the indoor space with edge. There are 14 place settings in this dishwasher along with 5 different programs for washing.


  • Best Dishwasher in India  - LGD1452CF

Key Features

At least 10 liters of water are consumed by this dishwasher when fully loaded for a whole cycle.

The direct motor inverter drive makes this machine super silent since a silencer is embedded in it.

  • It is a great option for family having 3-4 members
  • It comes with 5 wash programs and 12 place settings allowing user to enjoy convenient dish washing based on his requirements
  • It comes with 3 stage filtration system for perfect cleaning that results in shining dishes
  • The child lock system in this dishwasher makes it safe for kids
  • It features LED panel that displays different indicators
  • It maintains low noise level with its silent on technology
  • Not the best option for large families


Satisfaction Score:
Expert note:The features of this dishwasher make it perfect option for the family of medium size. Along with this, it is helpful in accommodating different types of dishes on account of its smart rack system.



#9) IFB Neptune SX1 Dishwasher

This IFB dishwasher has the sophistication and size that makes it an ideal option for Indian kitchen.  The 8 different wash programs take care of all cleaning related requirements. This dishwasher has rating of A++ for its motor that helps in smooth completion of each wash cycle. The power consumption of 0.94 units/hr makes this dishwasher the most energy efficient option. A water softener is built in this dishwasher that helps in prevention of body or steel drum corrosion due to hard water.

The dishes are cleaned in just 40 minutes making the wash time less compared to all other options available.

  • Best Dishwasher in India  - IFB Neptune SX1

Key Features

Softening device is inbuilt in it to prevent the corrosion of its body due to hard water.

It serves to be an affordable option with effective features s compared to the other pricy dishwasher.

  • It features most efficient motor compared to the other options
  • It is durable and well-built
  • Dual washing arms are there
  • It consumes 9L of water on each cycle
  • The dishwasher features free standing system
  • The noise level of this dishwasher is 45dB.
  • Operating it is somewhat difficult
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: This dishwasher is an eco-friendly option available for the users that help in saving power, water and detergent.


#10) Bosch Serie 2 Semi Intergarted Built (SMI25AS00E)

If we consider the best dishwasher brand in India then Bosch would certainly stand out and that’s the reason we have listed 3rd Bosch in out top 10 list.

This A+ energy efficient dishwasher has 3300 litres water consumption per year based on 280 standard cleaning cycles.

This dishwasher defiantly deserves a shot on the list considering it’s exceptional looks which would elevate the overall look of your kitchen. With only 48dB of noise, it’s one of the most silent in our list.

  • Bosch SHPM88Z75N

Key Features

: Highest standards are maintained in the engineering of dishwashers from Bosch. Each and every dishwasher has to undergo from 485 different quality checks so that the end user can receive dependable quality.

  • It comes with intelligent sensors in the precision wash that check and scans dishwashing process on continuous basis.
  • Every item included in the load it targeted by its precision spray arm.
  • InfoLight is there to indicate that the dishwasher is in operation and it turns off when the process is completed and dishes are cleaned.
  • Price is higher as compared to the rest.
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: When your dishes are in this dishwasher, you need not to worry about anything from cleaning, noise level, and power and water consumption, time required etc. since it takes best care of all.



No need to deal with the daily tantrums of your maid as you now have dishwasher as the rescuer. Having a dishwasher in the kitchen also ensures a hygienic and clean kitchen without burdening the bills of electricity.

When it is the case of time and energy saving, the thing that is worth investment is dishwasher. It can serve to be your kitchen’s indispensable part by efficiently taking care of the mess and makes your life easy and convenient. The kitchenware also stays free from germs with the help of dishwasher since it makes use of high temperature for drying up the dishes.

We really hope that this compiled list of best dishwasher in India have given you a fair idea before making your purchase. As always, do let us know in case of any questions and we would be happy to help! Cheers!


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