Which Size Air Conditioner fits Best for your Room?

One common mistake that many people do in general while buying an air conditioner is in which capacity or size or Tonnage to pick. It needs to be the best choice for the room or hall on which it has to be installed!

In real-life scenarios, what most people do is they go into the market and directly ask for a 1.5 ton AC. It is assumed with no analysis about if that capacity is sufficient, under, or more than required considering the demand of an area!

It might be due to the word of mouth publicity where people say that 1.5 ton is best for any room, or you might have seen this sized AC in most of the places. But it does not mean you need to buy it as well! Why? There are many reasons why you need to apply the little math you had learned in childhood before purchasing an AC for yourself!

In this post, we will uncover such facts and also help you with how to choose the best AC size for your desired room area without any doubt and difficulties.

Best AC in India - Best AC Size


Why Calculation of an AC Size is Must?

If you have purchased less than required, then;

1) The machine has to work a lot and for long hours to maintain the set temperature of a particular space.

2) You might buy it at the less initial cost but be prepared to face longer electricity bills every coming month.

3) The more a machine will run, the more will be the chances of its failure or decrease of its life span for sure.


If purchased more than required, then;

1) You have paid high charges for the cost of buying the air conditioner system than expected as per the space of your Room.

2) You do not need to run the system for more hours, and it will save much of your penny every month in power bills.

3) Some of you might need to regularly turn Off or On the AC, or need to set it to a higher temperature. It will quickly cool down your room and might arouse the feeling of discomfort.

4) If the system does not work for long hours, then it will not properly extract the humidity of the room completely.

So, it is better to choose the right sized AC. It can help you to avoid such conditions to live a comfortable time in your room whenever you want to relax or sleep without any hassle!


How to do Calculations?

The Best size that fits well in your room is entirely depending on its space measured in square feet! To calculate it, you only need to multiply the length with the width of the room after proper measurement. The result will be in your hands, now follow this simple table;

Room Size AC Capacity
Less than or equal to 100 sq. ft 0.8 ton
More than 100 but less than 150 sq. ft 1.0 ton
More than 150 but less than 250 sq. ft 1.5 ton
More than 250 but less than 400 sq. ft 2.0 ton


The calculation will be disturbed if more than five people are present in a room. After all, every human body emits some heat. So if more people, then more work of an AC needs to be done to cool down the room temperature to the desired degree,

So in such a case, you need to apply a little more calculation as follows;

You need to first divide the capacity of your room with 600. If we use an example to understand it better, then suppose we need to select an AC size for a room of 130 sq. feet, then 130/600 = 0.216 tons.

Now, you need to add 0.5 tons to it for every five persons who are generally present in that room on an average basis. So, the total sum results into 0.5+0.216 = 0.716. Thus, this means you need a 0.7 ton AC or better you should go for a 1 ton AC that can do your job well!

But the calculation is not over here! Yes, in practical scenarios, there are many factors. They all are responsible for raising the heat of a room other than just room temperature or people residing inside it!

Best AC Size Calculation


Which Factors are Responsible to affect the Calculation?

One common fact is the outside climatic temperature! In summers, if your environment goes beyond 40 degrees, then our above calculation will prove wrong to get the best results from an AC! So, in such a case, you need to add 0.5 ton extra to our calculations. Hence, our total goes to 0.716+0.5 = 1.216 ton!

Now you can see the difference, and this is how a single factor can affect the right size or capacity of an AC to consider. So as per our conclusion, with a room of 130 sq. feet in the area.

If you are based on a colder region, then 1 ton AC is sufficient. But, if every summer is harder for you to manage your living, then you need to better prepare for the upcoming with installing a stronger 1.5 ton AC! Also, you can opt for 2 Ton AC if the room size is above 130 sq. feet in the area.

It is a simple method to calculate the tonnage required for your room quickly. Also, some people follow a different type of calculation, which is related to estimating the accurate BTU rating. It might be a little complex to use this method to identify the right-sized AC machine!


What must you keep in mind?

Your ultimate Aim of buying an AC must be to get the right deal with the actual initial cost of purchase. It is to get the best efficiency possible from it. Also, to ensure less operational costs to use the air conditioner machine for a long time in the future!

Some people who lack to have the right knowledge about AC but are interested in it think about one common fact! It is whenever they visited different places and notices an AC, either it is installed in a small or a big hall, and all of them seem similar in size.

Best AC in India - Best AC Size


So such people doubt about how the same sized machines can manage to work well in different sized spaces! Well, it looks tricky to understand for novices, but it entirely depends on the power of cooling, not the dimensions of the unit! And the power is measured in tonnage of an air conditioner. Also you need to understand that the power consumption of an AC also depends of the star rating like power consumption would be more in a 3 star AC vs a 5 Star AC.

Are you familiar with a similar phrase? “Too much or less of a Good is Bad”! It applies to everything, so try not to forget it ever!


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