Best VR Headset in India 2021

When you google how to watch VR videos, the first thing that comes in your search is that you need a virtual reality headsets to fully experience the wonder of VR videos. After reading this you must wonder what a VR headset is? Well you have come to the right place. Here we are giving you a detailed guide on the best VR headsets in India as well as what factors you should consider before you invest your money in a VR headset.

When Jaron Lanier, in 1987, coined the term ‘virtual reality’, everyone must have looked up to the man and thought that he had lost his mind. Little did they know back then that ‘virtual reality’ or now known as VR will be a craze among nerds and everyone alike. When we talk about VR, you must also think how you can better enjoy this innovative marvel.

This technological wonder has been a craze among the new generation. Everyone wants to play games on a VR gadget and experience the world of the games in real life. They want to experience the thrill of being in the game at that very moment for the same purpose the sale of VR headsets has already made its hype in the market.

Investing your money in a VR headset means you are investing in the art of entertainment. Through a VR glass you get unbelievable sensory experiences of the virtual universe. Each company we have listed here is dynamic in nature as they are keen on improving their machines in order to deliver the most authentic and versatile VR experience. So, it is important that you keep an eye for the new releases of these best VR headsets that we have mentioned.

But before we jump into the detailed guide of the best VR headsets in India, we have presented a table that gives you a gist on which is the best brand in India at a glance:

10 Best VR Headset in India 2021

# Model Price Display Compatibility Weight Type of Headset Score
1 Oculus Go Standalone check price 5.5 inches iOS and Android devices 468 grams Standalone 98%
2 Samsung Gear VR check price 207.1 mm Samsung Android devices 345 grams Standalone 97.5%
3 HTC Vive Pro check price 3.5 inches Personal Computers 470 grams Tethered 96%
4 Adofys VR SHINECON 6.0 check price 4.0 – 6.0 inches iOS and Android devices 399 grams Smartphone 95%
5 Irusu Play VR Plus check price 4.7 inches iOS and Android devices 350 grams Smartphone 94%
6 AuraVR Pro check price 4.7 inches iOS and Android devices 148 grams Smartphone 93%
7 Procus Pro check price 4.7 inches iOS and Android devices 380 grams Smartphone 92%
8 Procus One check price 4.7 inches iOS and Android devices 380 grams Smartphone 90%
9 Irusu Monster check price 6 Inch iOS and Android devices 327 grams Smartphone 89%
10 Ocular Swift check price 44 mm screen iOS and Android devices 159 grams Smartphone 87%


Buying Guide for VR Headset

Like most things in India, Virtual Reality technology is a viral trend. There has been so much hype about this segment of technology that now most of the companies and production houses are developing games and movies that are compatible with your VR headset. This allows you to be a part of the story, which is an amazing sensory experience but sometimes it can be horrifying too!


First and foremost when you are choosing a VR headset, you must check whether the model you are about to buy is compatible with your mobile or not. For instance, the Samsung Gear VR is only compatible with the Galaxy smartphones by the company. No one wants to spend thousands of rupees just sitting at your computer table. So make sure that you read all the product specifications before buying your VR headset.


The next question you must ask is what is your budget and why are investing the money in the VR headset? The best way to understand the product and its pricing is understanding what all services they are providing. Some VR headsets come with built-in headphones and microphone, while others do not. Some are suitable for watching only movies and others can offer full gaming experience with remote controllers and what nots. Before making the purchase you must consider all these factors before making any decision.


Like it is said the bigger the better. Same rule applies here the more pixels your VR headset has, the better the visual experience you will get. More pixels means the resolution will be better and the images won’t distort or get blurred when there is a movement. Also keep an eye for compatibility with your device’s display.


It is very important that you always check the weight of the VR headsets before making the purchase. If your VR headset is heavy and does not come with proper face cushion, it can be really annoying or irritating. With the development and innovations in the segment there are various lightweight products available in the market too.

Types of VR Headset

With changes in technology and advancement, the virtual reality headset are also improving as compared to their old versions. But what does not change is their type, so we have listed three types of VRs:

  1. Tethered VR Headset: These headsets are connected via USB or HDMI to the computers and are very large in size. These headsets are very expensive and are highly innovative in motion-sensing and head-tracking abilities, which is why they deliver the best VR experience.
  2. Standalone VR Headset: As the name suggests, Standalone VR headsets that come with the least requirement. All you need is a power supply and these don’t need data, PC or a smartphone to give you the VR experience you need.
  3. Smartphone VR Headset: These are the most common VR headset available in the market and are in high demand. First of all they are very cheap compared to the previous two types and secondly they can be easily connected to your smartphones. But this is the most basic form of VR technology and to improve your experience you may need additional devices like  microphones, and headphones


#1) Oculus Go Standalone

Oculus means the center of the eye. The first brand on our list is social media giant Facebook-bought Oculus VR. Started as a Kickstarter campaign in 2012, Oculus is a pioneer in the world of virtual reality and developed its first VR headset Oculus Rift during its inception. The company since then, has been updating its VR headsets based on the latest technology and the latest version their VR headset is Oculus Go.

This product is number one standalone VR headset available in the market because it is both lightweight and uses foam modeling for ultimate comfort. Some people might think that this product is highly expensive but this standalone VR comes with the next-generation lenses and LCD that gives you more authentic visual experience.

The best part of Standalone VRs is that they do not require any additional device and they are equipped with integrated speakers and easy-to-use remote controllers unlike other VR Headsets. To get the best of the Oculus Go experience all you need to do is download an app available on the IOS/Android store.

  • Best VR Headset in India  - Oculus Go Standalone

Key Features

To better experience the world of VR, this headset comes with a wide and Fast-switch LCD that gives better visuals and reduces screen-door effect.

To reduce glare, this headset comes with the next-generation Oculus lenses.

The headset comes with in-built spatial speakers that transports you into VR and makes you a part of the story.

This headset does not require any other devices, all you need is the Oculus Companion App, which is easily downloadable from the iOS and Android store.

  • As a Standalone VR headset, this device does not need any additional support to perform.
  • This headset is comfortable and lightweight, which makes it user-friendly.
  • The headset comes with a remote controller, which means hassle-free navigation .
  • As the product is a standalone device its motion tracking is limited.
  • The ecosystem of the application is still iffy.
Satisfaction Score:
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#2) Samsung Gear VR

The next item on the list is by South Korean multinational conglomerate Samsung. They have been developing the quality home electronics and gadgets for a long time but when in 2015, they decided to venture into the VR industry, most of the tech gurus were speculative whether they will achieve the desired results or not. But when they launched that Samsung Gear VR headsets little did they know that the product will become the most demanded in the segment.

After years of innovation and developments, they updated the previous headset and launched Samsung Galaxy VR SM-R325, which is identical to Note 4 Gear VR but it is much smaller and lighter than its predecessor.

  • Best VR Headset in India  - Samsung Gear VR

Key Features

This new model is a complete home entertainment VR device that allows you to watch any kind of videos that are available on your handset.

If you are a gaming enthusiast then this VR headset is just what you need because you can easily play any games available on Google Play Store and control it using controllers.

This headset is easily compatible with the premium range Samsung smartphones as these high end phones come with high resolutions and powerful processors that offer better VR experience as compared to lower range smartphones.

  • The VR headset is lightweight and compact in design.
  • The VR headset comes with a strap, which makes it easier for spectacles wearers to use the headset.
  • The VR headset comes with a bright display and realistic colors.
  • The Built-in speakers and microphones allows you to give voice command as well as participate in multi-game setup.
  • The VR headset is only compatible with Samsung smartphones.
  • The VR headset cannot track movement in a room.
  • Prolonged use of the device can cause nausea.
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#3) HTC Vive Pro

Unveiled by the Taiwanese consumer electronics company HTC, this next gadget is an upgraded version of the Vive model now known as HTC Vive Pro. This latest version comes with higher-resolution displays, a second camera, jack for plug-in headphones, and a microphone. It is comparatively lighter than its predecessor and is equipped with a sizing dial.

You can easily connect the device to your computer using the USB Type A and a DisplayPort connector provided with the headset. You can also connect to the Vive Pro HMD using the hidden USB-C connector that comes with the device.

  • Best VR Headset in India  - HTC Vive Pro

Key Features

  • It is one of the best VR headset available in the market to get the best VR experience.
  • The company has partnered with gaming giant Valve Corporation to develop softwares for their VR devices.
  • The resolution of the VR headset is improved comparatively, which means better visual clarity.
  • This VR headset comes with a big gaming library and more games are being added to the model.
  • You need a highly efficient graphic processing unit (GPU) to get the desired result on this VR headset.
  • The setup process for this VR headset can be a bit complex, even for nerds with good technical knowledge.
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#4) Adofys VR SHINECON 6.0

This next entry on the list is what every nerd wants in their collection. This beautiful piece of technology comes with in-build headphones and is the updated and a premium version of its predecessor. Adofys VR SHINECON 6.0 uses an HD resin aspherical lens that makes watching VR more smooth and appealing experience. The company’s primary focus is taking care of the comfort of its customers i.e. why they have replaced the foam that they usually use with the leather padding.

You can easily adjust the lense using the external button and is easily compatible with mobile devices between 4 to 6 inches. What makes this device different from the crowd is that it is an exceptionally lightweight headset and most durable in the VR headset segment.

Check price at Amazon

  • Best VR Headset in India  -Adofys VR SHINECON 6.0

Key Features

You can easily track your movements to the millimeter using the 360-degree controller and headset tracking devices.

Feel sound all around you with hi-res, high impedance headphones with active noise cancellation

You can set up your play area within 20' x 20' feet, with base stations support and it does not matter whether you are seated, standing, or moving in the playspace.

When you purchase the Vive Pro you get up to 30 games during your trial period.

  • This is the most light version of VR headset introduced by Adofys.
  • This is the most user-friendly and most budget-friendly VR headsets available on the market.
  • This headset comes with 720 degree surrounded Hi-Fi Stereo Headphone through which you experience the most captivating sound.
  • The new high definition and true color offers the most captivating VR experience.
  • The headset uses the most advanced HD aspheric lenses which lets you use VR without much hassle.
  • The phone jack in the headset is very fiddly
  • Most people complained that the LED used in the headset feels a bit fake.
  • This VR headset comes with no volume controls and whatever buttons are provided they are in odd places.
Satisfaction Score:
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#5) Irusu Play VR Plus

This Hyderabad- based company is the first Indian company to enter into the VR industry. The VR headsets manufactured by Irusu are the best VR headsets in the segment. This latest update of the Irusu Play VR comes with in-built headphones and a microphone. The company is fully committed towards customer satisfaction i.e. why they have received varied positive recommendations from the users. This VR headset is compatible with all smartphones that come with gyroscope and are under six inches.

Apart from all the features of VR headset you can also answer your call using this device without the worry of disconnecting the device. This headset comes with an integrated touch button, which makes it  user-friendly, adjustable straps, and soft headband. Irusu has incorporated heat dispersing design ventilation holes which means you can use this headset for a long time without feeling sweaty or irritated. yxl 101980.

  • Best VR Headset in India  - Irusu Play

Key Features

HD resin aspherical lens used in the updated version of this headset eliminates the feeling of vertigo and provides high-resolution imaging and better colors.

You can now adjust the position of the lens by simply moving the button on the top of the headset that lets you adjust your eyes according to the movie you are watching.

The T-shaped strap used in this lightweight headset helps in reducing the pressure around eyes, face and head. The headband is flexible and adjustable, removable front cover reduces heat dissipation and breathable leather padding lets you watch VR videos of hours.

This device works comfortably with any iOS and Android smartphones with a screen size between 4 to 6 inches.

  • This is one of the best VR headsets available in the market at such a competitive price.
  • The product is user friendly and allows customers to experience VR at its best.
  • The VR headset comes with a bold design which makes it look cooler than others.
  • The heat dissipating design used in designing the headset allows you to use the device for a longer time.
  • Some users complained that the device is not meant for comfortable viewing as they experienced headaches and dizziness.
  • The headphones headphone jack is a hindrance when you are playing a game on the phone.
  • Most devices when connected with the headset heated up pretty quickly, which is a concerning issue.
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#6) AuraVR Pro

The product by another Indian company is AuraVr Pro, which is the first India-made VR headset to offer external remote control. You can easily adjust the Interpupillary distance along with the distance between the lense. The AuraVR pro uses 42 mm nano coated optical resin lenses which enhances the visual experience and comes with perfect heat ventilation design to reduce heat that comes from the mobile phones.

The VR headset is made from light-weighted plastic and foam and is easily compatible with any device working even on Android 4.1/iOS 5 but the device must have Gyro sensor, proximity sensor for better VR experience.

  • Best VR Headset in India  - AuraVR Pro

Key Features

This headset comes with a 3.5 MM Jack that lets you connect to headphones of your choice and enjoy the most immersive sound, control volume and answering phone calls.

This headset is equipped with touch buttons that lets you manage all functionality of the headset while being in the VR app/game. You can easily navigate the VR without use of remote or clicker and even use your android or IOS devices to control the headset.

The headset lets you adjust the pupil and object distance, which makes it perfect for people with low myopia and you can use the headset with your glasses and enjoy 3D movies or games without any trouble

Apart from better headband, foam face protector, heat dissipating design you can easily transform your phone into IMAX cinema, using simple control feature of this headset and enter into the virtual reality world anywhere and anytime.

The headset is compatible with any mobiles with a Gyroscope all you need is your favorite games and application from Irusu VR Zone and movies from Irusu VR Cinema.

  • The product is extremely lightweight as it is made from plastic and foam.
  • The 42MM PMMA lenses used in AuraVR Pro helps you achieve the best visual experience.
  • Bluetooth Remote Controller provided with the headset lets you navigate easily.
  • The headset is a perfect piece of technology for gaming geeks.
  • The setup process of the headset is more complicated than other products.
  • The device uses plug-in headphones, which can cause inconvenience when playing games.
Satisfaction Score:
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#7) Procus Pro VR Headset

This next product belongs in the premium segment for gaming VR headset. The Procus Pro VR Headset is the most demanded product by the users, who doesn’t compromise with quality at any cost. This headset is compatible with both iOS & Android users and comes with in-built headphones and in-built touch buttons.

The lenses used in the VR headset helps in reducing pressure from the eyes that may cause muscle weakness and provide immersive experience at the same time. The icing on the cake is that when you buy this product, you get the best horror game “ISOLATED” available in the market free, which brings the horrifying experience to you and you do not need a remote controller to play this game.

  • Best VR Headset in India  - Procus Pro

Key Features

You can easily adjust individual lens allows, set Interpupillary and focal distance and uses One Finger Phone Insertion Mechanism.

The headset comes with nano coated 42 mm lenses that offers 100-110 field of view with adjustable head strap. If after prolonged use your smartphone begins to heat you can easily removable front lid and let the air vents dissipate the heat.

The headset comes with bluetooth VR gaming remote control that lets you control your VR app/game without removing the phone. You also click selfies using the remote.

The headset is compatible with any mobile phones working on android 4.1/iOS 5 and has sensors like Gyro sensor, proximity sensor & magnetometer.

  • One of the biggest pros of this headset is that you get the company’s premium game “Isolated” absolutely free.
  • The product quality of this headset beats every other device available in the market.
  • The headset comes with super smooth touch control and immersive sound that lets you get the best of the VR experience.
  • The device does not support any smartphone with a screen size of more than 6 inches.
Satisfaction Score:
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#8) Procus One VR Headset

Another release by the company Procus is Procus One, which comes with 40 MM lens, built-in IPD adjustment feature, in-built touch button that offers amazing gaming experience and you can answer calls with no hassles. The device is compatible with smartphones with screen size between 4.7- 6″ and gyroscope function.


  • Best VR Headset in India  - Procus One

Key Features

Along with the 3D vision and immersive sound via in-build headphones that enhances the virtual experience.

You do not need any magnetic clippers or Bluetooth controller to manage the games or device as the headset comes with an in-built touch button with which you can easily control the device.

The VR headset is made with the highest quality materials, which not only makes it attractive but also durable.

The device is easily compatible to any smartphone with screen size of 4.7 to 6 inches and working on Android or iOS.

  • This headset comes with HD optical lenses and plastic with superior quality, which makes it the best buying option.
  • The headset is very comfortable and comes with the best user features that makes it user-friendly.
  • The headset’s visuals are crystal clear with FOV surpassing 120 degrees.
  • This headset is best for first-time VR users as it comes with integrated headphones and free apps.
  • The optics of this headset are not up to the standard when compared to devices like Samsung Gear VR.
  • Does not work effectively on devices without gyroscope sensor.


Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: 



#9) Irusu Monster VR Headset

The next headset by Irusu is called Monster VR that comes with 42 mm HD Resin Lenses and anti-fogging built-in technology. It is a smartphone based VR headset and uses free remote navigation and classic touch buttons that improves the user experience.

This monster of the device comes with an eye-catching design, easy access to all the VR apps at one place and works efficiently with any new smartphones that use sensors like Gyroscope and Accelerometer.

  • Best VR Headset in India  - Irusu Monster

Key Features

The VR headset uses polished HD optical lenses and comes with in-built IPD adjustment feature, which means you can easily adjust the screen distance based on your vision.

The VR headset comes with adjustable straps and foam-based face cushioning that makes the device comfortable to wear for a long time.

The in-built touch buttons makes this VR headset the best gaming accessory.

The headset is compatible with any smartphone with gyroscope feature and screen size between 4.7- 6".

  • The curved ergonomic body adds a premium touch to the look of the VR headset.
  • The new and improved polarized 42 MM lenses is a definite advantage on its competitors.
  • The VR headset comes with a foam-based face protector that prevents irritation or bruises.
  • The remote control provided with the VR headset does not work efficiently with devices working on iOS 11.
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note:


#10) Oculus Swift VR Headset

Like the first the last product on the our list is also by social media giant Facebook-owned Oculus VR. The Oculus Swift VR Headset is the most versatile and budget-friendly device from the company, which comes with soft  cushioning for comfort. Some people might think that this product is poor because of its pricing but it is best in the class for a smartphone supported VR headset and ideal for first-time users.

Key Features

This VR headset comes with a remote and touch button for maximum compatibility.

This VR headset comes in a curved ergonomic design with stylish front bezel, foam face protector, heat dissipating design ventilation and better mobile holder for easy phone insertion.

Now you can easily adjust the pupil and object distance with individual lenses to better suit your needs .

You can easily download all the applications from Irusu VR Zone and experience the world VR at its best.

The VR headset is compatible with any smartphone that comes with gyroscope and accelerometer for head tracking.

  • The headset is extremely lightweight and easy to wear.
  • Proper ventilation for heat dissipation design makes it easier to be worn for a long time.
  • The body design is perfect in the price range.
  • You can easily adjust the Interpupillary distance (IPD) as well as focus to improve your viewing experience.
  • Though the VR headset is not heavy but when used with a phone it becomes uncomfortable to use for a long time.
  • The immersion experience reduces as VR physical frames are visible on the sides.
Satisfaction Score:
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After weeks of research, we were able to come up with the list of the best VR headset in India. We have provided you with everything there is to know about Virtual Reality and VR headsets before buying one. But before you go ahead and buy a VR headset it is imperative you understand that VR headset is not for viewing 3D videos only.

It is a multipurpose device and you can do so much more with it. For example, you enjoy immersive sound and relax, play high-quality 3D games, and revolutionize education too. You can do so much more with a piece of technology if you know how to. So go ahead, read the article, put your own thoughts to it and invest in a piece of technology that might help you change the future.


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