Best Hair Wax for Men in India

The way you style your hair not only accounts for your look but also adds up in glorifying your personality and that’s the reason we are bringing you the best hair wax for Men in India. With the change of time, nowadays, even men need to put on the A-game when the talk comes to styling their hair with the right hair care products. After all, it’s easier to open up to a well-groomed guy, rather than a messy guy.

But before we jump on the best hair wax available for men in the Indian market, we need to understand why Hair wax is better than your regular hair gel.

Why is Hair Wax better than Hair Gel?

While most you may not know, but Hair Gels usually contain alcohol, which is very harmful to your Hair; this leads to dryness, roughness, and even hair loss. With the help of Hair Wax, you may not need to worry about any hair casualties and style your hair as your desire as it contains natural and artificial wax.

What are the ingredients used in Hair Wax?

Well, a lot of unique ingredients might be used by brands to attract their customer and enhance the quality of their hair wax. But below are some of the primary vital components which are present in most of the commercial hair wax.

Beeswax: It is a natural wax that is produced by the help of honey bees. It usually made up of a lot of long-chain alcohols and mixed up with esters of fatty acids.

Carnauba Wax: This is a wax that is originated from the leaves of the carnauba palm. The leaves’ palm is collected and dried. Afterward, these are beaten up to obtain the wax, then that wax goes into the refining process, and after that, it is bleached.

Candelilla Wax: It is a translucent wax which is sort of yellowish-brown in color and is quite hard, brittle yet aromatic.

Castor Wax: It is the opaque white vegetable wax.

Emulsifying Wax: This is a mixture of both oil and water that turns into a smooth emulsion.

Japan wax: This is also a pale yellowish colored wax that is insoluble to water and has a gummy sort of feel to it.

Lanolin: The Wax obtained from wool-bearing animals.

Ozokerite: The Wax obtained from naturally occurring minerals.


What to look in your “Best Hair Wax” before purchasing it?

There are a lot of things that would matter when it comes to purchasing your hair wax in India. Since this product is relatively new to the Indian consumer, you must ask below questions before making the purchase:

Yes, how long can the wax keep your hairstyle intact? That is a factor that you must consider. Most quality hair wax must hold your Hair throughout the day, without letting you re-apply the wax again.

Choose a hair Wax which is easy to apply. Meaning you do not require the help of any third party effort like a serum or hair dryer or any other stuff to set your Hair.

The ease of setting should also accompany with the ease of removing it, meaning washing it off. The hair wax must quickly rinse off without leaving your hair to be greasy or messy.

Well, usually, most high-quality hair wax allows users to restyle their hair multiple amounts of time as they desire without needing to re-apply more. It’s a simple pinch and twist game, and you are all set. Remember, good hair wax will hold your Hair as the way you restyle it.

Yes, natural hair wax usually offers a pleasant fragrance in them for their users to apply. Even grooming experts agree on the fact that hair wax often smells much better than the other styling products. So you need to make sure that the product you are purchasing does feel good.

Hair Wax will usually provide your Hair with some level of shine. Do not confuse a greasy look to that of a shiny look. As wax that appears oily are a low-quality product and wax that offers you’re a natural shine falls in the high-quality ones.

Finally, the most crucial factor of all is the cost. See, when you buy a hair wax usually it’s the quality that you have paid for. Do not go for the cheaper ones as these dry out very quickly and makes the Hair look flaky. But that doesn’t mean you get a top tier Hair Wax that eats half of what you earn, No.

Analyze the ingredients, the brand value, the rate of quantity, and the reviews about the product. Check its ratings and does it meet your hairstyle and then see the price. It is always advisable to choose a well-rated hair wax that delivers to its rate, as nobody wants low-quality products for their Hair.

List of 10 Best Hair Wax for Men available in India

Model Price Package Weight HB Score
1 UrbanGabru check price 100 grams 98%
2 Beardo check price 75 grams 95%
3 Mountainor Anti Dandruff check price 100 grams 93%
4 Hipster check price 50 grams 90%
5 Ustraa check price 100 grams 89%
6 Gatsby Styling check price 75 grams 87%
7 TIGI Bed Head check price 85 grams 86%
8 Set Wet Studio check price 70 grams 84%
9 Brylcreem check price 80 grams 82%
10 Schwarzkopf Professional Taft check price 75 ml 80%

#1) UrbanGabru Hair Wax – Best Hair Wax 

The UrbanGabru Zero to Infinity Hair Wax is one of the best hair Wax other there and which is why it tops our list. As for the brand, UrbanGabru is one of the fastest emerging Men’s grooming and Styling brand in India. Not only does this wax provide you with a long-lasting hold, but it also allows you to restyle your hair as you want and set it that way throughout the day.

The Clay Hair Wax is organic with natural ingredients, and it is designed for all sorts of Medium to Short hair types. Also, it results in a matte finish after it is done being applied on the Hair, that too, without leaving excess oil. And due to that, it’s very easy to remove and wash off — no need to rinse your hair multiple times. A single wash without the use of Shampoo can do the job perfectly.


  • Best Hair Wax for Men in India - UrbanGabru

Why is it special?

  • Very easy to Use
  • Natural and organic
  • It is Water Soluble
  • Allows comfortable setting up of the hairstyle
  • It lasts for a very, very long time.
  • Offers you Matte Finish
  • It is no sticky and not Oily, and also it smells nice.
  • Contains Vitamin- E

How to Apply

  • Firstly, just dry your hair.
  • Open the wax and then take a small amount on your fingertip.
  • Rub this clay in between your hands and apply this mix from the hair roots to out
  • That’s it. You just need to style your hair as you like, and it will stay in that position for long hours.
Satisfaction Score:


#2) Beardo Hair Wax 

The Beardo Hair Wax uses crystal gel technology, which makes sure that the user does not have to apply the wax in multiple layers. This is because using various layers of hair wax does result in sloppy, but it can also damage the quality of your Hair.

The Crystal Gel technology makes sure that the wax does not damage your hair roots or scalps and provides a matte Finish look in the end. This technology also prevents the Hair from looking too oily. Instead, it gives more natural texture to the Hair. Also, if you ever want to remove the wax, you do not even have to rinse your Hair as the wax can be quickly be taken off by applying conditioner onto it. In the end, another cool feature about this Hair Wax is it goes by its name, “Beardo” as not only does it allow you to style your hair, but you can even design your beard using this product

  • Best Hair Wax for Men in India - Beardo

Why is it special?

  • It Contains Natural ingredients, which include aloe Vera extract, bee wax, and glycerin.
  • A Single Layer of Beardo Hair is enough to take care of all your hair styling problems
  • Effortless to apply and remove
  • It doesn’t damage the Hair
  • Offers you matte finish
  • It holds up the Hair for a long time.

How to apply

  1. Just take an appropriate amount of wax of the box. Not too much nor too little. Decide in accordance with your hair length.
  2. Now rub the wax in between your palms till it disappears, now it is all set to be applied on your Hair
  3. Slide your palms and fingers and massage your Hair all from the roots to the end. You can also massage your beard with this product and it according to your desires.
Satisfaction Score:


#3) Mountainor Anti Dandruff Hair Wax

The Anti Dandruff Hair Wax that utilizes a lot of Natural Ingredients in it is from an innovative problem-solving company that is determined to create quality products to its users. Mountainor has claimed their Hair Wax to give its users the ultimate hold that even provides 100% protection to hair fall and makes your Hair 5 times stronger than before.

How do you ask? Well, the company claims that the natural ingredients used in this product that includes almond oil, sunflower oil, Aloe Vera Gel, and vitamin E, which helps to regain the lost shine of the Hair and repair all splits ends. This is the Anti Dandruff Hair Wax is one of its kind as it is free from all the harsh chemicals that can damage your Hair.

The hair wax can also be used as a Beard Wax so you can style your hair and your beard at the same time and forget about touching it for the rest of the day. Also, Mountainor hair Wax can easily be applied over your Hair and can provide both medium to Stronghold with a smooth and shiny appearance.

  • Best Hair Wax for Men in India - Mountainor Anti Dandruff

Why is it special?

  • Provides a delightful Smell, like some kind of expensive shaving cream.
  • Organic and does not use any harsh chemicals that can damage your Hair.
  • Dandruff Proof and is water-soluble.
  • It provides a perfect setting to the Hair, even during a hard day of work.
  • The hair wax can also be used as a beard wax.
  • It does not damage your hair and helps you to regain your hair strength without turning your head all white.

How to Apply

  1. Applying this wax is quite simple, you only need to take a coin size amount of hair wax on your palm
  2. Then you just have to evenly distribute the wax on both palms and rub it vigorously.

Now you just have to apply on your hair and style it. The rest of the work will be done by the hair wax.

Satisfaction Score:



#4) Hipster Hair Wax

A grooming brand is based out on India’s needs for specific for grooming and skincare products. This Hipster hair Wax is created for those who want a bold and smart hairstyle that can cause a lot of head turners. With the addition of jojoba oil and other natural ingredients, this hair product is totally safe and delivers effective results without causing any harm to the Hair. As a result of using natural ingredients, the product does make your Hair smooth and also keeps it healthy.

The Package comes within a 50 gm container, and with just a small dose of the wax, you get to experiment with a lot of unique hairstyles that stay according to the way you design for a very long time. Also, the hair wax is suitable for all lengths of hair, providing them with a matte or glossy texture as desired.

Check price at Amazon

  • Best Hair Wax for Men in India - Hipster

Why is it special?

  • Comes in a premium bottle of 50 grams.
  • Non-sticky for the Hair and also has provided a non-stiff texture to it.
  • Enriched with jojoba oil that keeps the hair fresh and shiny throughout the day.
  • Provides a secure hold that lasts for long hours
  • Does not contain any harmful chemicals

How to Apply

  1. Take a small amount of wax from the box
  2. Rub it on your palms and distribute the wax evenly.
  3. There you have it; now you can Style your Hair as you desire.
Satisfaction Score:


#5) Ustraa Hair Wax

Ustraa is considered to be the most premium Grooming brands; its consistency in maintaining the standards and quality of their products is why their products are a fan favorite. The Hair Wax from Ustraa is one such amazing product that is not only very convenient to use but also delivers excellent styling that lasts for very long hours.

It contains a variety of natural ingredients such as the corn-based Fixative, which is a fixative derived from corn. Also, this is the only hair wax that utilizes antibacterial Lemon Essential Oils that also provides antiseptic properties for maintaining hygiene. This product also indulges the use of China Clay instead of regular clay for styling, hence the level of quality and hold goes a notch above.

Also, in terms of hair safety, the hair wax is free from all sorts of SLS and paraben or any other chemical that is harmful to your Hair. This Hair Wax is brilliant in terms of its effectiveness as it does offer you obtain that matte texture for your Hair with zero side effects

  • Best Hair Wax for Men in India - Ustraa
Why is it special?
  • Uses corn-based Fixative and Lemon Essential oil as its primary ingredients.
  • Offers great Matte Look
  • It holds the Hair for a very long time
  • Does not indulge in using any harmful chemical for your Hair.
  • Aantibacterial and also antiseptic.
  • It is non-Sticky and easy to maintain.

How to Use

  1. You need to take a small amount of the Hair Wax on your palm and gently rub the wax in between your palm.
  2. Now just style your hair as you desire. The wax will give you a natural matte finish which looks really amazing
Satisfaction Score:


#6) Gatsby Styling Hair Wax

Gatsby is one of the most prominent brands when it comes to Premium Hair Wax for Men. The Mat and hard Wax has been created for trendy young men who love to create hairstyles that match their personalities. The Hair Wax delivers a matt finish and is very easy to wash off. Also, it doesn’t matter about the length of your hair, this Hair wax can be used to settle any hairstyle, irrespective of the hair length. So it doesn’t matter I you have short, medium or long hair, you can add many tiny details while you style your hair and determine the look of your Hair.

Speaking about the Look, the hair Wax does give you a bouncier look, allowing you to set in the texture from glossy to matte. Although there are some limitations on using this Hair Wax as it does not contain many natural ingredients meaning if you are using it on a regular basis, it might damage your Hair. SO only use it during special occasions and get that jaw-dropping look, which will make you stand as a man among the boys.

  • Best Hair Wax for Men in India - Gatsby Styling

Why is it special?

  • It will work on any hair Length
  • It provides a hard hold
  • You can attain any style after using this product
  • Can produce both Matte and Glossy texture.
  • Produces a long-lasting effect
  • Provides you a bouncy look

How to Use

  1. You need to take a small amount of Gatsby Hair wax on your palm and gently rub the wax until it becomes transparent.
  2. After that, you need to slide you waxed fingers throughout your hair, back and forth for full coverage
  3. Now just comb your hair and set the desired style that you want for your Hair, and it will keep that Look for long hours.
Satisfaction Score:


#7) TIGI Bed Head Hair Wax

TIGI, the world’s leading professional hair care brand, brings to you the Bed Head for Men Matt Separation Wax. Which is a workable wax along with Matte textured finish? The product contains Beeswax for better texture and definition along with Glycerin that helps one in maintaining the moisture balance of their Hair from resistance against humidity. Also, it contains Vinyl Caprolactam, which provides incredible hold without any flaky hair issue.

As for fragrance, the Hair Wax is enriched with Fresh green Aromatic Fragrance that keeps your hair smelling fresh and lively throughout the day. The reworkable hold offered by this Workable Hair wax allows you to alter your Hair Style with every application. Although having a premium pricing for an 85 gms package, the premium hair wax engages itself on being able to be used for all kinds of hair textures and hair types without needing to worry about any damages.

  • Best Hair Wax for Men in India - TIGI Bed Head

Why is it special?

  • Allows you to reshape and to restyle your Hair very quickly.
  • It contains natural Beeswax for better organic quality
  • Delivers a firm hold with a long-lasting effect.
  • It improves the hair texture due to its ingredients.
  • Contains Glycerin for Better Humid control.

How to Use

  1. Wash up your Hair and then clean and dry it.
  2. Open up the Package and take a small amount of wax on your palms.
  3. Rub your palms and allow the mix to settle in on your hand.
  4. Now apply this mix evenly with the help your hands on to the damp or dry Hair for great texture and hold.
Satisfaction Score:



#8) Set Wet Studio Hair Wax

Revolutionizing the Men’s Care Segment in India Set Wet has come through a very long journey, and to date, it is one of the finest Men’s Care companies in the Indian Market. The reason behind this is the company’s exquisite line of products that not only serve the duty but also it does not create a hole in the consumer’s pocket.

The Set Wet Studio Wax comes in 70 gm box and the water and oil-based product work for every hair length ranging from very short to very long. Also, the product delivers you the crispy matte texture or the glossy one as per your need. As far as styling goes, both water and alcohol blends well in providing you with that hairstyle that you wanted, be it spikey, curly, or even bouncy. However, if you feel like your hair is losing its shape, set wet tell you just simply to pinch and twist your Hair to regain your sexiness.


  • Best Hair Wax for Men in India - Set Wet Studio

Why is it special?

  • Great quality Hair Wax that can give every type of Hair Style that you ever wanted
  • It allows you to select various textures like from Matte to Gloss.
  • This is Water and Oil-Based.
  • Works for every sort of hair length.
  • It allows you to reshape your Hair without restyling it.

How to Use

  1. Take a small amount of wax out of the box and gently rub it between your palms till it becomes colorless.
  2. Now evenly spread that evenly throughout your hair and then just create your desired hairstyle.
Satisfaction Score:



#9) Brylcreem Hair Wax

From a company that has a long root in maintaining the hairstyle for its Indian Audience comes the Bold Hold Hair Wax, which, for one, is not any ordinary wax. It is a natural bold re-styler hair wax that delivers you precession in its structure and its texture. With a lot of natural ingredients that include, Aloe Vera Oil, Almond Oil, and Coconut oil, and no added parabens, it does lock your hairstyle for a long duration without needing to re-apply the wax.

Apart from letting you hold your desired Hairstyle. This Brylcreem hair wax also remains very gentle to your Hair and offers a non-sticky, non-greasy look onto it. So along with the natural goodness of three significant oil used with polymers. You also get to keep your hair very soft and shiny and not to mention the fact that is has a smooth and beautiful fragrance as a bonus.

  • Best Hair Wax for Men in India - Brylcreem

Why is it special?

  • Power of Three natural Oil in one Wax
  • It helps in controlling hair fall
  • Gives off a non-sticky and pleasant fragrance to your Hair.
  • Improves the Hair quality and brings a certain amount of shine to it.
  • It is also very gentle to the Hair.

How to Use 

  1. Just a small dab of wax is what you need to take on to the palm of your hand
  2. Then you rub it vigorously between your palms till the wax turns transparent and try to keep that mix in between your fingers
  3. Now just slide I your hands onto your Hair backward and squeeze your Hair to fill in that texture.
  4. Afterward, just comb it, and for best results, try using a blow dryer.
Satisfaction Score:


#10) Schwarzkopf Professional Taft Hair Wax

From a very renowned company that produces tons of self-care products comes this Taft Power Wax Hair Styler. This product is what you call a combination of both brilliant hold and excelling healing properties without any side effects. The Hair Wax is on point in giving you the perfect all-natural matte look with its all composition of all-natural ingredients.

It has come up with an n all-new caffeine strength formula that withholds your Hair with intensive care. And the product features a formula that they claim to be a power hold, which strengthens your hair by up to five times. The ultimate wax creates the texture like wax but holds it steady like a gel. With the liquid crystal gloss effect, the hair wax offers luxurious radiance over your Hair and keeps the shine long and bright from drying out.

Although the product is free from all sorts of artificial chemicals, however, you must take caution on applying it. Make sure it does not accidentally touch your eyes as it may cause a lot of irritation and may lead to some severe damage to your eyesight.

  • Schwarzkopf Professional Taft

Why is it special?

  • It claims to hold your hair for up to 48 hrs.
  • It provides the structure as a Wax abut hold the Hair like any gel.
  • Its all-natural formula protects your hair from drying out.
  • It features a caffeine strength formula, which is uncommon in many hair waxes.

How to Use

  1. Just like all the rest from the above, you just need to take a small amount of wax from the box
  2. Then you need to rub it on your palms and distribute the wax evenly.
  3. And that’s all; now you can Style your Hair as you desire.
Satisfaction Score:



If you love styling your hair, but you also do not want to end up with any causalities. Then purchasing a Hair Wax is the best option for you. Unlike a Hair gel, this prevents your hair from getting damaged and provides you a glittering shine that can boost up your confidence. As most of these wax are chemical-free, you get to enhance the quality of your hair with all the natural ingredients in it. Also, we recommend you to try out a product that the list above and style your hair the way you want it.

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