Best Induction Cooktop in India – A Complete Buyers Guide

In need of a better option that makes cooking faster, safer and more fun? If yes, then you must go for the best induction cooktop available in India.

Most times you struggle with the speed of your gas, other times the gas or paraffin finishes abruptly without any warning. Are you wondering if there is a better alternative that makes cooking faster, safer and more fun? The answer is Yes. With one of our list of best Induction cooktops you can say goodbye to spending long hours in the kitchen.

This electrical kitchen appliance is now gaining popularity in modern smart homes. It is a cooking appliance that draws its heat from electrical induction. The induction cooktop is different from the electric or gas cooker. It has a coil of copper wire below its glass surface such that when a compatible cooking pan is placed on it, current passes through automatically.

If you desire one of these amazing innovations that makes cooking faster, safer and more fun this list of the best induction cooktop which is based on experiential knowledge and  detailed research  will guide you through making the best choice.

Look out for the features you are most interested in below:

10 Best Induction Cooktop in India 2021

Model Price BEE Rating Watt Warranty HB Score
1 Prestige PIC check price 4 Star 1200 watts 1 years 98
2 iBELL check price 4 Star 2000 watts 2 years 97
3 Philips Viva Collection check price 4 Star 2100 watts 1 Year 95
4 Prestige PIC 6.1 V3 check price 4 Star 2200 watts 1 Year 94
5 Usha Cook Joy check price 4 Star 2000 watts 1 Year 93
6 Jukkre Electric Ceramic check price 5 star 2500 watts No warranty 91
7 Havells Insta Cook check price 4 Star 1400 watts 1 year 88
8 Lifelong Inferno check price 3.5 Star 1400 watts 1 year 85
9 V-Guard VIC-15 check price 4 Star 2000 watts 1 year 84
10 Inalsa  Impress check price 5 Star 2100 watts 1 year 83


#1) Prestige PIC 27.0 – Best Induction Cooktop

This product is produced by Prestige, a brand under TTK groups. The company is popular for its authentic durable high-quality kitchen appliances across India. Some of its other products are gas stoves, nonstick cook pans, pressure cookers, mixer grinders, and more. The company is one of the leaders of innovation and the fastest growing in the kitchen appliance industry. 

This Prestige Induction cooktop relieves you of the stress of cooking as it is equipped with an automatic whistle counter that can tell when to switch to the keep-warm function. It is a cooktop that ensures your cooking comes out perfect without the usual stress you have to go through.

  • Best Induction Cooktop in India - Prestige PIC

Key Features

The Prestige PIC 27.0 is equipped with up to 1200 watts of power. It also comes with a power-saving technology that ensures even heating.

This Prestige model comes with several Indian menu recipes that would make your cooking faster. You can cook menus like curry dosa, idli,e.t.c.

With the automatic keep warm feature, you can always serve your food hot if that's your preference.

This cooktop is designed to have an anti-magnetic wall that will help reduce and block magnetic radiation and boost efficiency. With this feature, your cooking becomes healthier and safer.

Its smooth and flat surface can be easily cleaned and maintained. It is also easy to use and portable.

  • The cooktop is highly economical.
  • Its smooth exterior makes cleaning easier.
  • The antimagnetic wall aids healthy cooking.
  • The keep-warm feature ensures your food is always hot. The cooktop provides you with new cooking styles with its provided recipes.
  • The cooktop has a control lock function.
  • With its soft-touch panel it is easy to operate.
  • The cooktop comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Its watt power is low compared to other models
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: Considering the fact that Prestige is known for its authentic durable kitchen appliances, this cooktop is recommended for every home as it comes with lots of modern features and functions.


#2) iBELL Induction Cooktop

The next on our list is manufactured by iBELL, a company well known to produce high-quality electrical appliances. They are also known as a company that offers an impressive after-sale service.

iBELL Induction Cooktop is one of their innovative products that is very functional yet affordable. The cooktop delivers efficiently and saves energy.  It comes in a square burner with a high-quality crystal glass design.

  • Best Induction Cooktop

Key Features

iBELL Induction Cooktop comes with a crystal glass design that is made of high quality. Its square shape will help you cook your favorite dish perfectly.

This cooktop is equipped with up to 2000 watts of power and has great voltage adaptability with numerous functions.

This induction cooktop has high-quality coils that ensures it heats up in the right proportion.

The cooktop has control buttons that allow you to adjust the heat level when necessary.

  • Easy to maintain
  • 1 year and 6 months warranty
  • Automatic overheat protection
  • The crystal glass design is made of high quality
  • No warm feature
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: iBELL Induction Cooktop is durable, energy-saving, affordable, highly functional, displays creativity and value. It most definitely stands out among other cooktops.


#3) Philips Viva Collection HD4938/01

Philips kitchen appliances are popularly known to add colour and light to every area of your kitchen. It is the best choice for any home. With its awesome modern features, it aids fast and effortless cooking. The cooktop comes in a beautiful square burner with a premium full glass panel design. 

Philips viva cooktop is equipped with up to 2100 watts of power and easy use sensor touch keys. This cooktop has a unique 24 hours timer for delayed cooking. It also has 10 already set menus for Indian recipes.

  • Best Induction Cooktop - Prestige PIC 6.1 V3

Key Features

This induction cooktop comes with sensor control keys that are child-friendly and provide the user with maximum control.

With this feature, you don't have to worry about your food getting burnt. The cooktop has auto programs that prevent your food from burning easily and saves energy.

One unique feature of this induction cooktop is its timer setting for cooking food (allows you to select from 0-3hours). It also has a 24 hours timer for delayed cooking and 10 already set menus for Indian recipes.

With its 2100 watts of power the cooktop is very fast and saves energy. It also features sensor touch keys that enhance cooking.

This cooktop only works with cooking pans that are compatible. It should be stainless steel or iron, have a flat bottom with a diameter of 12-20cm, in order to function and heat up effectively.

  • Saves vital nutrients and vitamins with its induction cooking.
  • 24 hours timer for delayed cooking and 0-3 hours for normal cooking.
  • This induction cooktop has sensor touch keys that gives you better control.
  • The cooktop has a warranty of 1 year.
  • The cooktop functions effectively.
  • It is quite expensive
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: With its electromagnetic induction technology and timer setting provision, Philips Viva cooktop ensures your food is prepared on time ensuring all nutrients and vitamins are preserved totally eliminating food burn occurrences.



#4) Prestige PIC 6.1 V3

Still from the producers of prestige kitchen appliances, the company in a bid to cater for the needs of the homemaker came up with this innovation. With this cooktop, you can be sure to deliver more food while using less power. It is an exciting one to have as you get several recipes of your favorite Indian menus. 

The cooktop comes with an automatic voltage regulator that saves energy and ensures durability. It also has a timer that enhances maximum user control. To prove its efficiency the manufacturers have included a one year warranty.

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  • Best Induction Cooktop - Prestige PIC 6.1 V3

Key Features

Its 2000 watt of power enables quick heating of the cooktop, saving your time and energy.

The Induction Cooktop provides your favorite Indian menu recipes that would make your cooking faster. You get to find recipes for menus like curry dosa, idli, chapati e.t.c.

The cooktop has an automatic keep-warm function. With this feature, your food is always warm and ready for you to eat. It also has a child lock feature for families with children.

This cooktop is designed to have double heat sensors that ensure the appliance quickly heats up when required.

It comes with an anti-magnetic wall that will help reduce magnetic radiation and boost efficiency.

  • It is a highly economical cooktop.
  • Its smooth exterior finishing makes cleaning convenient.
  • The antimagnetic wall enhances efficiency.
  • The keep-warm feature ensures your food is always hot.
  • The soft touch bottons aids easy usage.
  • The product is authentic and durable.
  • It comes with a control lock function.
  • It is more expensive than other models.
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: Prestige PIC is a high-grade authentic cooktop that will add convenience and perfection to your cooking. Its smart modern features make it a cooktop every home should have.


#5) Usha Cook Joy (3820)

Usha kitchen appliance is a perfect mixture of thoughtful aesthetics and technology. It simplifies your cooking and adds more meaning to your kitchen. You get to enjoy the benefits of healthier and easier cooking with the Usha Cook Joy brand. 

They have recently included the Usha Induction Cooktop to their list of high-quality products. It comes in a sleek exquisite design and a 4 Digit LED Display. It is a cooktop you will most definitely love.

  • Best Induction Cooktop - Usha Cook Joy

Key Features

Usha Induction Cooktop comes with a pan sensor technology that consists of variable regulated temperature. It also has a timer setting that aids easy usage.

The appliance is equipped with surge protection in a case of abnormal voltage fluctuations. It also has IGTB overheat protection as well as dry heat protection.

With its auto keep-warm function, your food is better preserved and absolutely enjoyed.

The Usha cooktop is equipped with 2000 watts of power and guarantees maximum functionality while saving energy.

  • The Usha cooktop is energy saving.
  • It has a feather touch panel that makes it more convenient and easy to use.
  • The cooktop has a warranty of 1 year
  • The cooktop has a sleek design with its 4 digit LED display
  • It is a new model that is not popularly known
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: Its feather touch panel, auto voltage regulator, keep warm feature and timer setting are modern features that can be found in only the best cooktop. The Usha Cook Joy promises to totally reduce some of the stress you may go through in the kitchen.


#6) Jukkre Electric Ceramic Cooker

The next cooktop on our list is Jukkre Cooktop. The manufacturers have proven to be one of the best when it comes to kitchen appliances. 

Jukkre Electric Ceramic Cooktop is an upgrade version of the induction cooktop adequate for all kinds of cooking. It comes with the ability to heat faster than its competition. With this product you enjoy the benefit of timer cooking. The cooker is of very great quality and guarantees value for your money.

  • Best Induction Cooktop - Jukkre Electric Ceramic

Key Features

With its 2500 watt power it heats up faster than other induction cookers. It offers an infrared light wave vertical heating energy,double-ring heating ring, and uniform heat.

It features a microcomputer control and an automatic adjustment of fire temperature. This makes it easy to operate and reduces frequent burns.

It has a high and low voltage protection program that automatically stops heating when the voltage is high or low. It also has an explosion-proof glass panel.

It is built with a touch screen control and a knob control button that makes it easy to use. Its LED display also aids easy usage

It consists of an automatic reduction of temperature control which makes it a more durable appliance.

  • It is faster than other induction cookers.
  • Its dual control will make it easy to use.
  • Ensures your cooking is tastier.
  • The cooktop is adequate for various types of cookware materials.
  • It is a new model that is not popularly known
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note:  It is one of the latest kitchen technologies that lets you cook anything with it. Jukkre Electric Ceramic Cooktop is for smart homes and it is more durable and functional than most brands.


#7) Havells Insta Cook RT

Manufactured by Havells India Limited, a company that specializes in industrial and consumer electrical products, a company well known for the production and distribution of its products all over the world. Havells Insta Cook RT is a somewhat new production that is pleasing and worth buying. 

Families that are in search of a more convenient and healthier cooking appliance should consider Havells cooktop. The appliance comes with a superior high-quality design and smart programs.

  • Best Induction Cooktop - Havells Insta Cook

Key Features

The cooktop allows for multiple cooking options. With this feature you can cook your favorite Indian dish.

A unique feature of this cooktop is that it has a 0-2hours timer setting for cooking food.

With its 1400 watt power, it is able to deliver good heat. The cooktop is also equipped with intelligent programs that allow for smart temperature control.

This cooktop has a one year warranty which lets you can return it if you have issues with it.

  • The cooktop provides for four cooking options
  • Its intelligent programs offer a wonderful cooking experience
  • The cooktops preset timer enhances your cooking
  • It is easy to use.
  • It has no control lock function
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note:  This cooktop is highly functional and easy to use. It offers intelligent programs that will not only enhance your cooking but will let you prepare healthy meals.



#8) Lifelong Inferno LLIC20

The lifelong Inferno cooktop has some interesting features which make it one to consider when looking to buy induction cooktops. 

The Lifelong Inferno LLIC20 has an automatic temperature control monitor, a pan sensor technology and other smart setups. With this cooktop, you can be sure to get the best result when cooking.


  • Best Induction Cooktop - Lifelong Inferno LLIC20

Key Features

The cooktop adjusts its power level to suit the size of any cookware placed on it. It is able to quickly switch to power saver mode with its power saver technology.

It has up to 7 preset menu recipes provided to enhance faster cooking. It also includes a manual control.

Lifelong induction cooktop comes with a pan sensor technology that operates only when a pan is placed on it.

With its 1400 watt power, it is able to heat up quickly. The cooktop is also equipped with safety sensor protection against voltage fluctuation.

  • The cooktop is able to switch to power saver mode automatically.
  • Its 7 preset menus enhance faster cooking.
  • The cooktop comes with smart sensors.
  • Its durable controls make it easy to use.
  • It is affordable.
  • It saves electricity and energy.
  • It has no control lock function.


Satisfaction Score:
Expert note:  Just as the name implies, Lifelong Inferno LLIC20  is a smart cooktop with amazing features that make it more reliable and durable. Its preset menus let you in on Indian recipes you would love.



#9) V-Guard VIC-15

Produced by experts in electrical and electronics appliances, V-Guard products are popular for their exceptional looks and outstanding performance. 

V-Guard cooktop is the best choice for fast and convenient cooking. Its exotic finish and extra advanced features make cooking an enjoyable experience.

  • Best Induction Cooktop - V-Guard VIC-15

Key Features

The VIC 15 cooktop has a seven-segment digital display and a 4 digit LED display. This ensures you enjoy your cooking.

This cooktop has a timer function that is well advanced. The timer can be set for up to 4hours after which it automatically goes off.

The VIC 15 cooktop has over eight levels of power settings. This feature allows you to switch to different heat levels at the various stages of your cooking giving you maximum control.

With its seven preset functions you can cook Indian menus like Dosa, Idli, Chapathi. e.t.c.

Its preset function lets you set your induction cooktop to work in advance.

This cooktop is made in a high grade crystalline polished glass that can withstand high temperatures and is easy to clean.

  • The cooktop is energy-saving and highly functional.
  • Preset feature and timer control increases your cooking speed.
  • Durable as it uses a very strong copper coil.
  • It comes with 2000watt of power that ensures your food is prepared on time.
  • None
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: With its vast features and functions the V-Guard cooktop will stand the test of time. It is ideal for homes in need of quality and convenience.


#10) Inalsa Induction Cooktop Impress

Inalsa appliance company has always been in existence, It was founded in 1967. It is one brand known for its quality products and high tech designs. 

The Inalsa Induction cooktop is a vital appliance for your kitchen. With this product, you enjoy the benefits of cooking with ease. The cooktop is made with a toughened glass that retains all the nutrients and essential vitamins unlike other modes of cooking.

  • Best Induction Cooktop - Inalsa Impress

Key Features

Its preset temperature settings will let you easily control the cooktop heat to suit whatever kind of dish whether soup, curry, dosa, milk or even deep-frying.

It is equipped with programs that automatically shuts down the cooktop once your cooking is completed and when the induction is overloaded.

The cooktop has a magnetic magic that allows it to function only when a compatible pan is placed on the surface. It heats up the pan and not the surface thereby reducing burns.

  • The cooktop is easy to maintain
  • You no longer need to struggle with burns
  • The cooktop is portable and easy to operate
  • It has multiple protection programs
  • Its power capacity makes food preparation faster.
  • None
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: The Inalsa Impress Induction cooktop makes cooking enjoyable, faster and safer. It generally simplifies your cooking. The cooktop works faster than other cooktops and totally saves energy. With its feather touch control, digital display, variable temperature, timer function, and power capacity this induction cooktop comfortably stands out amongst the best.


How to select your Best Induction Cooktop?

Since there are a whole lot of cooktops on the market with similar features and functions, how then do you choose the best?

Just like other appliances that have important features to consider before buying. Here are a few to consider when shopping for an Induction Cooktop.

  1. Price

Since the Induction cooktop is a pretty amazing kitchen appliance most of them are expensive. If you decide to go for a cheap induction cooktop you may end up with one of poor quality even if it comes with modern features. To avoid the risk of choosing a cooktop with poor quality consider going for quality products.

  1. Cooktop Size

The size of the induction cooktop is also one to consider as different models have different sizes. Note that by size we do not mean the number of burners. Always look out for the sizes of the cooktop and think about the size you prefer before buying.

  1. Extra Features

Induction cooktops that are specially equipped with extra features are a plus as some other models don’t have these features. You should look out for these modern features or functions  when shopping for an induction cooktop. For instance an induction cooktop that comes with an auto warm function will keep your food warm and healthy for consumption.

  1. Safety Features:

Safety protection is one vital feature a quality appliance should have. Look out for cooktop that have voltage regulation control, temperature control, auto switch off and lock functions. This eliminates bad incidents and gives you peace of mind while cooking.


Bottom Line:

Induction cooktops have brought about convenience and ease of use. As a matter of fact, they have revolutionized the way people cook food. They are easier to use and transfer heat directly to the cookware. This results in faster cooking and less dissipation of energy. Besides the obvious benefits, induction cooktops are easier to clean.

They have a glass surface that does not heat. It is only the cookware that heats. Any spillage that occurs won’t burn and stick to the surface of induction cooktops. This also prevents accidental burning of fingers. Add one more advantage of buying an induction cooktop.

 We have researched and collated the best induction cooktops in India for the year 2021. We hope our list will help you find the right choice for your kitchen and cooking needs. Buy one now and make regular cooking a safer and easier task.

 Do you think you have a better induction cooktop that should make it in the list? Drop us your questions and feedback, and we will reach out to you in the comments section below.


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