10 Best Microwave Ovens in India 2021

Microwave oven is an essential in every kitchen these days and it become an indispensable appliance in every modern kitchen. For that reason alone we have compiled a list of best microwave ovens in India. Watching the growing inclination towards them, brands are manufacturing the best microwave ovens in India preloaded with a ton of features to make everyday cooking convenient. Not taking advantage of this technology would be considered as being behind the times.

The idea that microwaves were just for heating food and that the process of doing so leads to loss of nutrients is one that has long since become obsolete. Microwaves have evolved into more functional appliances that can cook certain foods even from scratch.

With the wide range of options available to you, it becomes necessary to evaluate your needs. What types of microwave will suit your budget? What are the functions? How do you get accustomed to them and what the settings mean? We know first time buyers have a lot of questions regarding the functionality, making it tough to make a decision. This is why this article is here just for you!

We have compiled a list of the best-reviewed microwaves from top-notch kitchen help sites based on price, functionality, and durability. Here’s our top ten list to help your shortlist and buy the most suitable microwave for your cooking.

Best Microwave Oven In India

# Model Price Capacity Power Type Warranty Score
1 LG CONVECTION MICROWAVE OVEN (MC3286BRUM) check price 32 Liters 2500W Convection 1 + 4 years 98%
2 IFB CONVECTION MICROWAVE OVEN (30BRC2) check price 30 Liters 2200W Convection 1 + 3 years 95%
3 GODREJ GME 30CR1BIM CONVECTION MICROWAVE check price 30 Liters 2500W Convection 1 + 3 years 94%
4 Bosch Convection Microwave Oven(HMB55C463X) check price 32 Liters 1000W Convection 2 + 7 years 93%
5 Samsung Convection Microwave Oven(MC28H5013AK) check price 28 Liters 2900W Convection 1 + 5 years 90%
6 LG CONVECTION MICROWAVE OVEN (MC2886BRUM) check price 28 Liters 1950W Convection  1 + 4 years 85%
7 IFB 20BC4 CONVECTION MICROWAVE OVEN check price 20 Liters 1200W Convection  1 + 3 years 80%
8 Godrej GMX23CA3 CONVECTION MICROWAVE OVEN check price 23 Liters 2200W Convection  1 year 77%
9 Morphy Richards Convection microwave oven(23MCG) check price 23 Liters 1300W Convection 2 year 72%
10 ONIDA CONVECTION MICROWAVE OVEN(MO23CJS11B) check price 23 Liters 1200W Convection 1 year 69%


LG is one of the best known electronic brands in the world. On this product, LG has gone out of its way to yet again make an impression to be the best in manufacturing microwaves. With an all-in-one feature where the push of a button caters to all cooking needs, this appliance is one of a kind. From stewing, roasting, baking, browning, pasteurizing, barbecuing to Diet Frying, this microwave does all. It also includes an Indian Roti basket function that prepares up to twelve kinds of Indian foods. Again, this attests to the superiority of the LG MC3286BRUM as the best microwave in the market.

  • Best Microwave Oven in India  - LG 32L CONVECTION MICROWAVE OVEN(MC3286BRUM)

Key Features

This indicates multi-functionality, which means it can be used for baking, grilling, reheating, defrosting as well as cooking.

This appliance has a one year on the product and an additional four-year warranty on Magnetron from the day of purchase.

The control panel is made of tactile buttons to set the temperature, timer, and Jog Dials that are easy to use.

This appliance has 211 Indian auto cook menu options, a tact dial, an opportunity to pasteurize milk with Ghee, dosa, paneer, curd, 301 auto cook menu options in general

This microwave requires AC 230 voltage and 50 Hz; This is quite a power-efficient.

The LG combines other unique features such as Jog Dial, Light Disinfect, Multi Cook Tawa, Next Step Guide and other Convenience Features such as the Keep Warm, Custom Cook, Body Massage Oil, Quick Menu, Defrost Non-Vegetarian foods, Quick Defrost, Defrost Vegetarian foods, Fermentation features.

  • It is user-friendly as it comes with a user manual and starter kit.
  • It comes with a recipe manual, cookbook, milk container, rotisserie bar, and glass tray and tawa and rotating ring
  • The product is durable.
  • It is safe to use as the quartz heater is concealed.
  • This microwave is self-cleaning and has steam power to get rid of dirt and grease.
  • The diet fry feature helps you stay healthy
  • It gets milk pasteurized.
  • The microwave is made with an auto cook feature.
  • It is expensive
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: The LG MC3286BRUM is a very efficient appliance. It puts together all the possible functionalities of an excellent microwave, which is why the high price is worth it. It consumes 2500 watts, which is also due to its high-powered functions. This microwave offers the very best of features.



IFB is an India-based brand which can be considered one of the safest bets for purchasing electronics. This brand has a thorough knowledge of the terrain, the market demand, and constraints of the budget. The IFB brand can be trusted to manufacture an excellent and cost-efficient microwave. With this convection microwave, your grilling, heating and baking needs are adequately taken into consideration and made available at a budget-friendly price. This and more is why the IFB 30BRC2 sits second atop this list of best microwaves in India.

  • Best Microwave Oven in India  - IFB 30L CONVECTION MICROWAVE OVEN(30BRC2)

Key Features

This product is a convection microwave, which means that it can be used for both heating, defrosting, grilling, baking, and even cooking.

This microwave has a one- year warranty on the product and three-year warranty on Magnetron and Cavity

This appliance requires a 230V~50Hz power supply. With a microwave frequency 2450Mhz. All of this means that it has a standard electricity supply requirement that would not sum up to having outrageous electricity bills.

This microwave has a Touch Key Pad for a control button, which is sensitive to touch and easy to clean.

In a home bustling with kid(s), this feature assures one of complete safety from domestic accidents.

The IFB 30BRC2 is manufactured with unique features such as 101 auto-cook menu options, express cooking, auto reheat and deodorize, weight defrost, steam clean, and multi-stage cooking.

  • It performs reheating, grilling and cooking functions
  • It is relatively cheaper than other microwaves of its capacity
  • It is power saving
  • It has options for disinfecting and self-clean
  • It can cook expressly at the push of a button
  • It has options for delaying cooking time.
  • Customer service is not that great
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: The IFB microwave can perform the essential functions of a good microwave and is still able to do that in a cost-efficient and power-saving manner. At such a price, the IFB 30BRC2 is a great purchase.



The Godrej GME 30CR1BIM is a combination microwave oven that helps you fulfill your desired kitchen dreams. This appliance is designed with a heating mechanism and a fan whose combinations create airflow patterns that ensure cooking and browning of food items. This can be attained in the shortest possible time. The Godrej GM 30CR1BIM is specially designed for individuals who enjoy baking and grilling in addition to their basic cooking activities. It is also made with an extensive variant of autocook functions for up to fifty recipes that are available at the push of a button!

With a large-capacity to the tune of 30litres, this microwave is well suited for large families.

  • Best Microwave Oven in India  - GODREJ GME 30CR1BIM 30L CONVECTION MICROWAVE

Key Features

This Godrej microwave is a convection microwave oven. This means that it combines the features of a standard microwave and then puts together grilling, baking, and cooking functions, all in the same machine.

This feature allows you to have an excellent barbequing experience right there in your kitchen, sans the troubles that come with being in the outdoors. This makes this microwave oven a super choice.

The Godrej GME has a one-year warranty feature attached to it and three years warranty on magnetron, this assures you of durability.


  • 50 InstaCook menus that allow you to prepare a host of dishes
  • Attractive touch panel
  • Barbequing at the touch of a button
  • Options of defrosting, reheating, baking, grilling, and cooking.
  • Fast timed cooking.
  • No self-clean option
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: If you are searching for a good functional convection oven, this appliance is an excellent choice for you. It performs the essential functions of a convection microwave and adds a mechanism that allows for fast cooking. The auto-cook options with up to fifty menus is another excellent feature, making this model an excellent purchase.



#4) Bosch 32 L Convection Microwave Oven(HMB55C463X)

This European brand brings with this convection microwave proper safety measures, as well as five modes of cooking: Baking, Grilling, Combination, Tandoori and Reheating along with defrosting. This product comes with a two-year warranty on the entire appliance and seven-year warranty on the Magnetron. It assures you of faster cooking with as much as 121 auto cook recipes. It has a capacity of 32 liters and requires 230 volts for operating. The Bosch HMB55C463X wraps up its amazing features by adding a free Borosil kit, which caters to your cooking needs.

  • Best Microwave Oven in India  - Bosch 32 L Convection Microwave Oven(HMB55C463X)

Key Features

this is a feature that allows you to have healthy frying by cooking foods such as potatoes and vegetables using minimal fat and oil

this appliance has 121 recipes across eight categories of snacks, appetizers, soups, snacks, meat, seafood, desserts, and even vegetarian foods.

The microwave comes with a baking tray, two grills, a rotisserie spit, a fry lite tray, and a seamless user interface.

this feature is designed to ensure stable and smooth-rolling, the glass turntable helps to ensure that even the largest of dishes are evenly exposed and heated.

This appliance has a glass-covered door that is adequately shielded from emissions and stops immediately when it is opened even slightly while in use.

Ensures that foods are correctly cooked, grilled, or baked. This microwave has efficient results without stressing you.


  • Inbuilt auto programs
  • Easy baking
  • Heat Proof baking tray
  • Roller rings for fast cooking.
  • Wire racks for Browning and grilling.
  • Retains tastes and nutrients.
  • No health risks.
  • Warranty of two years on product and seven on magnetron.
  • It is expensive
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: Be assured of ease of use while using this product. With about 121 recipes inbuilt in it, you can easily have your favorite international and Indian dishes prepared at the push of a button. This product even provides an additional borosil kit, which further proves that it is committed to making your kitchen experience stress free.


#5) Samsung 28L Convection Microwave Oven(MC28H5013AK)

This Samsung microwave oven is a combination microwave that is loaded multiple functions of defrosting, heating, grilling, and cooking options. The MC28H5013AK microwave oven has a smooth ceramic interior that will enable you to clean the microwave quickly. The Slim Fry feature of this microwave will allow you to eat proper, healthier food without a deep fryer. Your food will be cooked crisply with the combination of grilling function and warm air circulation. This microwave is pre-programmed with a wide variety of local preparation settings that allow you to enjoy your favorite cuisines in minutes.

  • Best Microwave Oven in India  - Samsung 28L Convection Microwave Oven(MC28H5025VK)

Key Features

it is multifunctional as it can be used for baking along with grilling, reheating, defrosting and cooking

This product comes with a one-year comprehensive warranty on the product and a five-year warranty on Magnetron.

The controls of this microwave is a membrane Touch Keypad that is sensitive to touch and easy to clean.

With a slim fry technology that adopts the combination of a grill and warm air circulation, you can fry food without a deep fryer.

this appliance mimics tandoor to heat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius. This is a perfect way to make your naan or crispy roti just by one button push!

You can enjoy curd and homemade dough at any time by using advanced fermentation technology.

No need to worry about strong smells sticking in your microwave. The deodorization setting helps you take out any strong smells. This helps your food to remain fresh.

  • Healthy frying with less oil
  • Local recipes settings are available
  • Eliminates strong odors to retain freshness of food
  • Ceramic interior
  • Easily prepare crispy Indian food with the tandoor setting
  • This product does not provide a starter kit
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note:  This appliance is well suited for large Indian families. It is easy to use and has the feature to self clean. The ceramic interior also assures of durability. However, the fact that it does not come with a starter kit makes it better suited for a person who has prior experience with using microwaves. It is a highly recommended product anyway.



 LG once again manufactures another top-notch product that is designed to suit your cooking needs. This convection microwave oven has a capacity of 28 liters which makes cooking large quantities of food possible. Loaded with unique features such as Diet Fry and up to 251 Auto Cook Menus, it includes 175 Indian menus to prepare your favorite local dishes at one touch. The full package comes with the Microwave oven, an Owner’s manual, a cookbook, a shelf, a milk container, Rotisserie bar and handle, Glass tray and Tawa and a Rotating ring.

  • Best Microwave Oven in India  - LG 28L CONVECTION MICROWAVE OVEN (MC2886BRUM)

Key Features

It is multifunctional. It can be used for defrosting, grilling and baking.

It has a one-year warranty on product and a four-year warranty on Magnetron.

LG provides a starter kit that comes along with this microwave

This product has tactile buttons to set help you set the timer on cooking and the temperature of the oven. It also has Jog Dials that are easy to use.

there are 251 auto cook menu options with 175 Indian recipes inbuilt in this microwave.

this product comes with a specially coated non-stick tray for dishes that need extra browning. It is also suitable for food that needs bottom heating.


  • Diet fry feature helps prepare dishes with minimal oil.
  • It can prepare 12 different types of Indian rotis
  • It helps get pasteurized milk without bacteria.
  • It makes Ghee under twelve minutes without retaining any smell.
  • Paneer and curd maker all in one microwave oven
  • It is made to have a Stainless Steel Cavity which ensures uniform cooking
  • Can be pricey for some
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: This appliance is loaded with a lot of unique features. From the motorized rotisserie to its wide variety of auto cook menus, nice warranty features and how it keeps food warm for up to 90 minutes, this microwave is an excellent choice.



The IFB 20BC4 has a capacity of 20 liters and a power requirement of 1200 watts. This convection microwave oven has 71 menus inbuilt in its auto cook feature, which is quite easy to change. It comes with a power saving feature that helps you reduce electricity costs. It also has a Super grill that makes the tastiest and crispiest foods. Another unique feature is its speed defrosting based on the weight of the food.

  • Best Microwave Oven in India  - IFB 20BC4 20L CONVECTION MICROWAVE OVEN

Key Features

No need to worry about cleaning this product, it has a self-cleaning feature that uses steam to get rid of stains and grease.

With this microwave, you can easily ferment dough, batter and milk at your convenience.

It is designed with three different cooking styles inbuilt in it's memory.

No need to worry about overcooking your food. This appliance has a low pulse quality that can last up to 90 minutes.

Be assured of the fast cooking process. All you need do is to set the weight.

This product is made with stainless steel cavity and has an LED display indicator with clock

This microwave has grilling, regular microwave and convection functions. It comes with a speed defrost mode too.

Preheat, deodorize, keep warm, power save, preheat and steam clean

it has a one year warranty on machine, and a three-year warranty on the magnetron and cavity

It has a 1200 watts average consumption level, the Grill Power Consumption is 1250 watts, and Convection Power Consumption is 2000 watts. It's Operating Voltage is 230 volts

  • Auto reheat function kills bacteria in precooked foods.
  • Child lock function adds a layer of safety
  • Ten temperature levels to suit any cooking needs
  • Free installation and demo procedures
  • Self-clean option
  • It is better suited for small families.
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: This product has smart features that bring ease of use to your cooking experience. With exclusive features available at the push of a button, the IFB assures users of varying temperatures from preheating to a maximum temperature of 200 degree celsius. The appliance is suitable for booking cooking fresh food and reheating precooked food.



#8) Godrej GMX23CA3 23L

The Godrej GMX23CA3 has a capacity of 23 liters. It is a convection microwave oven which means that it performs multiple functions from defrosting to grilling. It comes with unique features such as a Tact Button and a Jog Dial. It also comes with a crusty plate, quartz grill rack, and steel clean bowl. The appliance features an auto reminder, digital display, auto protection, multistage cooking, and 161 instacook menus.

  • Best Microwave Oven in India  - Godrej GMX23CA3 23L CONVECTION MICROWAVE OVEN

Key Features

You can multitask while cooking by setting up the timer and power levels, giving you the time to perform other household chores.

 This microwave oven has an attractive digital display that shows your options chosen in a very elegant manner.

This feature helps the microwave to not retain remnant smells. You can be assured that your food will smell fresh.

This product shuts down automatically when it senses as error and displays an error code for troubleshooting.

The Godrej is well suited for families of 4-6, is energy efficient, and has a functional capacity, making you able to perform functions at a go.

this ensures that your kids or other family members do not change your preferred microwave settings.


  • Auto Protection which turns the machine off when an error occurs
  • Jet defrost for fast reheating
  • Durable problem made of stainless steel
  • One year warranty on product and three years on magnetron.
  • Crusty plate ensures that the microwave is not sticky after use.
  • Multistage cooking function
  • This product does not come with a starter kit from the brand.
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: This microwave oven comes with a Teflon coating and silicon base that ensures very fast reheating and cooking process. This would ensure that food particles does not stick. The stainless steel cavity is also durable. The auto reminder feature makes it easy to multitask. This is an excellent choice for a microwave.



#9) Morphy Richards 23L (23MCG)

The Morphy Richard 23 litre convection oven has a stainless steel cavity. Its thought-through design makes it possible to keep the interior of the microwave free from scratches, dents and food particle accumulation. This feature makes the appliance free from scratches and also stain-resistant. It also guarantees easy and quick cleaning. The inner cavity of this microwave oven is round and does not have any sharp corners. Be assured that the food particles will not accumulate and wear out your appliance.

  • Best Microwave Oven in India  - Morphy Richards 23L Convection microwave oven(23MCG)

Key Features

This feature helps food to stay in the regular place to avoid over-cooking.

this keeps track of the cooking process through an efficient alarm system

the cavity of this microwave assures even circulation of heat and durability of the appliance

this means that the microwave oven can combine the features of heating, cooking and even grilling.

this microwave comes with a wire rack and a baking plate, all with a stainless steel cavity. This helps you make a range of dishes.

this microwave oven has a capacity of 23 litres, it is well suited for small families of say two, or persons living alone.

  • Mirror Glass Door through which you can monitor your baking
  • Smart child lock function
  • Cooks food evenly
  • Auto cook menus for quick cooking
  • Five power levels to suit your cooking needs.
  • Too many commands to might seem complex to some
  • The installation service is poor.
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: The advanced sensory protection feature is one of the most unique features of the Morphy Richards 23 liter microwave. It allows food to be evenly cooked by controlling the heat inside the cavity. The child lock feature as well as auto cook menus, make this microwave a good buy. However, some reviewers have expressed doubt about this product’s reliability.



Onida is among the oldest electronic appliance brands in India. This multifunctional microwave oven can perform tasks ranging from defrosting to cooking and grilling. With a capacity of 23 liters and unique features such as the Jog Dial and tact button, this microwave oven consumes 1200 watts and is an ideal appliance for your kitchen if your family size ranges from three to four members.


  • Best Microwave Oven in India  - ONIDA 23L CONVECTION MICROWAVE OVEN(MO23CJS11B)

Key Features

the microwave can defrost, heat, cook, and grill food.

 It comes with a one-year warranty on the product

The starter kit shares valuable information that familiarizes you with the oven.

 Tactile buttons to set the temperature and timer while cooking.

The full product pack comes with a user manual, warranty card, and a starter kit.

  • Timer and temperature settings are available.
  • Easy to use
  • It comes with a starter kit.
  • Customer service could be better
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: This product is a functional microwave that is best suited for persons staying alone or small families. The only special features are the Jog Dials and the tactile buttons that can be used to set the timer and the temperature to achieve the desired cooking results.



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