What is the differences between an Inverter and Non-Inverter AC?

Confused between Inverter vs non inverter AC and not aware as what is the difference between Inverter and non inverter air conditioners? Then you have landed at the right place!

You might be among people who do think the modern era is of Inverter ACs. It includes an inverter within an air conditioner so that it will run even when the power supply will not be there.

The logic is good! But we hope the manufacturers would understand this concept and try to implement it in their appliances. Thus, will do not need to always depend upon a power supply!

Inverter vs non Inverter AC

Well, coming back to reality, the technology is a bit different from the above conception! But do not get sad if till now, you believe in the above statement. The reason is that it can help you to understand and clear your doubts about the actual inverter technology in an air conditioner system!

Imagine the scenario where we are using Inverters in our home that helps us to light up its rooms every time, even if there is no source of the power supply! So, the same condition applies to an air conditioner based on Inverter technology. The main aim is to let its compressor run always. Here, it is to effectively manage the speed of the compressor to balance its desired range.

It can be done only by changing the frequency of the power supplied to the AC motor. So this process can be mixed with the latest firmware, control electronics, and advanced sensors. Altogether, they can adequately control the cooling capacity offered by an air conditioner for a particular area.

Here, the primary role is of advanced sensors that can monitor the environment in real-time and send its accurate feedback back to the system. It can help the machine to pump up the compressor further whenever required.

We will soon uncover the differences between the Inverter and Non-Inverter ACs. But before that, it is best for us first to clear our concept regarding what are Inverter and non-inverter air conditioners. It can further help you to identify what would be the best choice for your home or office!



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What is an Inverter Air Conditioner?

An inverter AC works in a manner such that it maintains some degrees less to the set temperature in reality. The compressor does not stop and works in a low power mode once the AC has been reached to that temperature.

So, no need to shut off and start the compressor that otherwise consumes more power. It is because in case of non-inverters the compressor will be at its peak to quickly set the temperature sooner possible when it has been started!

Much modern age inverter ACs have direct-drive technology. It can help the manufacturers to remove some parts of the system responsible for transforming or transferring the motion. In an Inverter air conditioner the AC supply first be converted into DC, then again to AC with the help of an inverter circuit.

A processor is there to control the frequency required to be supplied to the system using some sensors. The main motto is to analyze factors like humidity and ambient temperature. Hence, at last, the motor can be controlled to run as per the requirement and thus consumes less AC power.

An inverter AC is also known to work well on a wide voltage range. So no matter if there will be any fluctuations in the power supply. They can modulate to supply the power to the compressor as per the available voltage!

You can use an Inverter AC as a Dehumidifier to deal with the humidity of a particular area. It is possible because of the control electronics! It is available inside the machine that can modulate the blower speed present in the indoor unit or Evaporator as per the user settings.

The Inverter AC starts the motor smoothly in a highly controlled manner without putting the sudden burden of power on it. Due to this, anyone can use this type of AC with a portable power generator.


A Brief Look on Non-Inverter Air Conditioner

There is not much to discuss on a non-inverter AC. The reason is they are simply based on traditional technology used in any typical air conditioner machine. So, Non-inverter ACs works on a fixed-speed compressor.

They start up with high power consumption when the room temperature increases. Likewise, they will completely stop once the set temperature has been achieved. By the way, they use a thermostat to control the behavior of the compressor!

The power in it is generated through alternator that produces the exact sinusoidal voltage and hence consumes more power. On the other side, in the case of an Inverter AC, the voltage is converted from DC to AC that is not well sinusoidal and include harmonics. So altogether, Inverter based units does not result in your high electricity bills!


What are the Main Differences between an Inverter and a Non-Inverter ACs?

If you have planned to buy an AC or want to change your old one with the new one, then it does not mean you have to buy an inverter AC only! It is because both are having their pros and cons that can make them different from each other and useful in different case scenarios. So, let us have a look at them to make a better decision that fits our needs, budget, and condition of use;


Why should you need to prefer an Inverter AC over Non-Inverter?

Following are the reasons behind why you should buy a new-age Inverter AC in comparison to a normal Non-Inverter unit;

1) No need of Regular Switch On/Off

Inverter technology is based on maintaining the temperature offered by an AC. It can be done by controlling the speed of an inverter compressor other than directly ‘switch off or on’ the non-inverter AC.

So, with an inverter AC, you do not need to worry about switching Off and On an air conditioner at regular intervals. It is especially no need to disturb your sleep at night hours to control the same. Just switch it On, set the desired temperature, and it will manage the temperature by itself till you shut it off.

You can better realize this and other differences while using an inverter air conditioner after a normal unit. It could be a suitable replacement for a non-Inverter unit in big halls and rooms!


2) Inverter AC’s are more efficient than Non-Inverters!

Yes, it is a fact that modern machines with custom compressor speed consumes Less Power than conventional ones. It is because it can save your much power every month.

The situation will be the same, even if you are using it daily for many hours for conditioning or cooling down the temperature of your room! The same case applies to such ACs that come with the heat pump as well.

So, no matter whether it is highly chilly winters or too hot summers, an inverter AC is made to make you feel comfortable without investing much from your pocket in long time. In other words, it is like spending more money initially to save more on electricity bills in the future.


3) Well- Balanced Temperature

It has been confirmed that an Inverter AC can better manage the Room Temperature as compared to a non-inverter unit. Be it either a Windows or Split system! The main reason is due to the presence of individual sensors that can detect the real-time temperature while in operation.

Further, they give their feedback to the system from where the next speed of the compressor will be decided. Hence, in this manner, the AC can further regulate the effectiveness of cooling the air of a particular space where it is working!

So, inverter compressors work on variable speed. No doubt, they can better control a constant temperature of a room in comparison to an On/Off compressor of a non-inverter AC!


4) Better Performance

Do you know there are high chances of disturbances in the power feeder line and motor winding in a non-inverter air conditioner? It is due to many OFF and ON states! Hence, as a result, it demands early maintenance work or affects the overall performance and life of an air conditioner machine.


5) Can manage well with Voltage Disturbances

You do not need to install a voltage stabilizer with most of the modern Inverter ACs because they tend to control the compressor power. But, in the case of older non-inverter ACs, it takes immense power whenever the compressor is started!

So if the power supply in your area generally fluctuates a lot. In this condition, you need to depend on using a stabilizer with your precious premium appliances. But this time, by selecting the right Inverter AC for a room that works on wide voltage range, you can avoid such a case.

However, it is suggested to read the description about an AC well before finalizing one. You can also better talk with a professional to avoid any mishaps to happen in the future!


6) Quiet in Working

Due to the absence of a modulator in a non-inverter AC, the compressor regularly stops and starts. So this kind of system produces more noise than an inverter AC. And you do not want an appliance at your home or office especially that can irritate your guests!


7) Less Possibility of Maintenance

Inverter machines consist of a complicated system in it, so it costs more, but the possibility of failure is rare. On the other side, non-inverter units are less reliable and can also cost you more to manage and maintain.

Thus, if you need to bear changes of repair and maintenance in both, then why not try with an inverter AC. At least to get lesser electricity bills every year till the time a fault on the machine will occur!


How Are Non-Inverter ACs better than their Inverter Counterparts?

Here are few conditions under which Non-Inverter ACs win the hearts of people to spend their hard earned money against Inverter ones;

1) Available in Economic Price

The cost price of an Inverter air conditioner is more. It is due to the necessary efficiency upgrades in its hardware as compared to standard non-inverter machines. So, if you are having a limited budget and want an AC unit for casual use, then you can better save some.

It is possible by investing in conventional air conditioners that do not have inverter compressors. Now suppose if you are among people who are allergic to an AC environment.

You might not want to use it more at your office. In such cases, you can better make a smart buy with spending less on buying a non-inverter AC and use it only to cool down the room once or twice a day.


2) Made for Casual Use

Once purchased, you need to prepare the mind to use an inverter AC for minimum of up to seven to eight years. It is because the initial cost is on the higher side as compared to a non-inverter air conditioner.

Hence, to make up the extra investment, you have to either use more hours per day for some years. Otherwise, in case of casual use, you need to wait for more to make profits with your investment in purchase and installation.

Are you the kind of person who mostly prefers to upgrade an AC after every two to three years to try new features and technology in it? If yes, then you can invest in a non-inverter machine as well!


Bottom Line:

Many factors can help you decide the better unit other than focusing on what people suggest to you generally! It includes local energy costs, user’s lifestyle, location, and average room temperature. The condition of temperature insulation in a space where the AC has to be installed, and climate can be considered as well.

After deciding about what to buy among a window or split AC your main aim should be to buy the Best Effective Air Conditioning System. It can be done by deciding about star rating and what to choose among an Inverter or Non-Inverter.

By summarizing all, we can say Inverters would be the best choice for most of us. They demand high initial investment; then, you can use them for many years to come, without any hassles.

If you have planned for less usage of an air conditioner, then the best deal for you would be to go with a non-inverter system. So, buying an inverter AC is not applicable in any case; otherwise, you cannot see any non-inverter AC in the market, but they are at present. It identifies that people do also buy a non-inverter air conditioner system.

By the way, you can save much in regular maintenance and power usage of modern machines at this time. There is a reason behind the popularity of inverter air conditioners. It is they are more efficient and energy-conserving as compared to non-inverter units.

Therefore, it entirely depends on how often you will be going to use the inverter air conditioner. If you use it for more hours of a day, faster you will cover up your initial investment on the same.

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