10 Best Inverters in India – A Complete Buyer’s Guide

Finding the best inverter to power your home or office during power crisis is not ease as the market is flooded with a lot of options. And no matter which locality you lived in, you had to endure power cuts, no matter what. As we set foot in a new era, it is important that we know which is the best inverters in India that you can buy for your home or office.Earlier owning an inverter was a sign of wealth and means.

Before inverters became popular, people used to use petroleum burners and candles to light up their homes in case of power cuts. Later, came the era of emergency lights and generators. With petrol and diesel becoming costly, people needed something that might not put a hole in their pockets and thus, inverters became a necessity.

If you are looking to buy the best inverter in India, then you have come to the right place. Let’s accept the fact that no matter how much we know about inverters there are still a lot of things that are beyond our understanding. So, in order to make things easier, we did extended research and compiled a list of the best inverters available in India.

In this article, we have listed all the important factors that you need to consider before investing your money in an inverter. But you must answer a few questions before making the purchase. Do you face issues like irregular power supply and frequent power cuts? How long do these power cuts last? And much more.

So before we jump into the detailed guide of the best inverters available in India. We have presented a table that gives you a gist on which is the best brand at a glance:

10 Best Inverters in India 2021:

# Model Price Best Used For Inverter Type Inverter Capacity Battery Type Score
1 Luminous Zelio+ 1100 check price Home & Office Sine Wave Inverter 1100 / 12V Tubular Battery 99%
2 V-Guard Smart Pro 1200 check price Home & Office Sine Wave Inverter 1100 VA/800W 80-230 Ah any battery 96%
3 Microtek Digital UPS EB 1400 check price Home & Office

Square Wave Inverter

1400/ 12V Tubular Batteries 95%
4 Genus Challenger 1100 check price Home & Office Sine Wave Inverter 1100/ 12V Tubular Batteries 94.5%
5 Luminous Zolt 1700 Home check price Home Sine Wave Inverter 1500 / 1260 W Tubular Batteries 94%
6 Luminous Eco Volt Neo 850 check price Home & Office Sine Wave Inverter 700VA / 12V Tubular Batteries 93.5%
7 Genus Proton Q 1500 check price Home & Office Sine Wave Inverter 1450 VA/ 12V Tubular Batteries 92%
8 Microtek Digital UPS HB check price Home & Office Sine Wave Inverter 1650 VA/24V Tubular Batteries 91%
9 Microtek Ups 24 check price Home Sine Wave Inverter 725 VA Tubular Batteries 90%
10 Su-kam Falcon Eco check price Home & Office Sine Wave Inverter 1000 VA /12 V Tubular Batteries 88%


Types of Inverters:

1) Sine wave Inverter: These types of inverters are better suited for heavier appliances and are costlier as compared to other inverters. A sine wave inverter converts energy using a rotating AC machinery. These inverters basically work on the concept of a power grid, thus are suitable for electrical appliances that are designed on the same concept.

2) Modified sine wave Inverter: These inverters generate waveforms that are as square and are compatible with most of the electric appliances. These are the cheap kind of inverter as they reduce the efficiency of the appliances. They also make buzzing, humming sounds or may even dim the lights.

3) Square wave Inverter: This is the cheapest form of inverter among all the types. As the name suggests these inverters generate a waveform that is square and are least efficient. These types of inverters are best suited for simple tools.

4) Stand-alone inverters: Also known as a remote area power supply (RAPS), these are useful when there is no electricity distribution system. These inverters are best when the electricity generated using solar panels, wind turbines, and other modes.

5) Grid-tie inverters: These types of inverter convert the DC voltage into AC voltage and injects it directly into the power grid, as the name suggests.


How To Select the Best Inverter?

Does the answer depend on various factors like how much power back is required? What types of battery do you need and the capacity of the inverter? And what kind of inverter will better suit your needs? And etc., all these questions can haunt if you do not have a slight idea. So below we have mentioned some points that may guide you and influence your buying decision.

The thing that you must answer is the size of the inverter. The inverter you are choosing will be able to supply the appliances you wish you run interruption. Also, you must select an inverter that comes with an excellent energy efficiency rating.

The first thing that you must consider before buying an inverter battery, is calculate how many gadgets and appliances, do you want to run on it before a power cut. To calculate your requirements, you must keep in mind how much your appliances like tube lights, computers, television, etc., will use and then calculate accordingly.

The next question that plays an important part in your buying decision is the warranty of the product. The warranty periods vary among different brands and manufacturers but is it important to see that warranty period covers all types of damages to the inverter in that period.

Lastly, it is imperative that you understand the difference between the capacities of battery and inverter. The inverter’s capacity is measured in VA (Volt-Amp), which means how much energy it will supply and for how long the power will last. While, the battery’s capacity is measured in Watt-hour, which means total electricity stored.


Types of inverter batteries

The next question you must keep in mind is which type of battery is good for your inverter but before that you need to know different types of inverter batteries. Read more about the best inverter battery.

There is not much difference between tubular batteries and lead-acid batteries except in tubular batteries, the plate is replaced with a well-coated cloth that delays the decaying process and increases the life cycle of the battery. These require less maintenance as compared to lead-acid batteries but are also costlier than them.

As the name suggests, these batteries are an innovation in the battery industry. These batteries do not require any maintenance as they are sealed from the top. They also do not emit any poisonous gas, but they are the costliest of all battery types.


Let’s go over each inverter features in depth

#1) Luminous Zelio+ 1100 Home Pure Sinewave Inverter UPS

Luminous inverters are known for unmatched quality and reliable customer service. The inverter is powered with a 32-bit DSP processor, this inverter can charge the batteries and calculate the back up and charging time.

Key Features

  • Effortless Handling: The supreme portability with trolley and compatibility to all type of batteries makes it easy to handle. Comes with a sleek design, portable size, and a single tap switch, this inverter is user-friendly and anyone can handle it.
  • Protection: Safety is a big concern with for inverters. This inverter comes with an alarm to provide to keep your appliances safe in case there is a short circuit. It also has an MCB to protect against faults and surges.
  • Utmost durability: Made with top grade plastic and comprehensive copper wiring, this inverter is durable and can withstand minor hiccups. So, it can last for a long time.
  • Noiseless Operations: The inverter comes with low harmonic distortion that ensures noiseless operation.
  • Trouble free assembling
  • Safe to use
  • Intelligent 32-bit processor
  • Durable for ages
  • Supreme compatibility with trolley
  • Safety alarm to protect your appliances
  • LED Display to check Power back-up and battery charging time
  • Contains acid to keep only upright
  • Heavier as compared to similar products
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: The inverter comes with excellent features and build quality. The easily accessible and reliable customer support makes it an attractive buy for home and a small office. If you are looking for a premium quality inverter from a reliable brand, you must consider this inverter.


#2) V-Guard Smart Pro 1200 with Bluetooth Connectivity Digital Sinewave Inverter

V-Guard Smart Pro 1200 is an inverter with advanced features. The inverter is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, so you can easily operate it from your mobile phone. Equipped to take up high loads, this inverter can run appliances like Electric Iron, Toaster, exhaust fans etc.

Key Features

  • Turbo charging: Don’t let frequent load shedding derail your daily life. With Turbo charring feature, the V-Guard Smart Pro 1200 takes 30% less time to charge the battery. You don’t have to worry about frequent power cuts as you get reliable backups.
  • Smart app to check battery status: The inverter comes with a smart app that helps you track the battery charging status and performance. It helps you check the performance of the battery and plan when you need to recharge it.
  • Holiday mode: This feature lets you turn on vacation mode on your inverter. It helps you save power when you go on a vacation. It also enables you to control the inverter and get it fully charged before you return from vacation.
  • Battery water topping reminder: This smart feature reminds you to top-up your battery with distilled water. It helps you get uninterrupted power supply. Moreover, it helps to increase the life span of your inverter.


  • 30% faster charging
  • Long battery life
  • Smart app to control the inverter from your mobile phone
  • Track the battery condition from your mobile phone
  • Run the appliances that consumes a lot of power
  • Lightweight; the inverter is easy to handle with weight of only 9.5 kg
  • The emergency charging mode allows you to charge your gadgets when your smart inverter is completely shut.
  • Feature packed inverter not easy for everyone to handle
  • Little expensive as compared to similar products
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: V-Guard Smart Pro 1200 is a feature-packed inverter that comes with the latest technology. With fast charging, long battery life, and smart mobile app to control operation, this inverter is suitable for all those who don’t mind paying a few extra bucks to get an inverter with the latest technology.


#3) Microtek Digital UPS EB 1400 (Xtra Power) 12V Sine Wave Inverter for Home  

Microtek is known for its top-quality inverters and Microtek Digital UPS EB 1400 is another premium inverter that gives you reliability at the time of frequent and long power cuts. The Micro-controller based intelligent control design helps you operate the inverter easily. This affordable inverter is perfect to use at home.

Key Features

  • Lightweight and Compact: With a weight of just 10 Kg of, this inverter is easy to move from one place to another. No only that, the compact size makes it easier to place it anywhere at your home.
  • Energy efficient: Input voltage ranging from 100V to 300V, this inverter is highly energy efficient. It can charge your battery with minimal power consumption.
  • Reliable Brand: The logo of ‘Microtek’ is indeed a symbol of excellence and trust. It gives you peace of mind in terms quality and world-class after sales service. The brand’s customer service is highly efficient.
  • Light on your pocket: This product is heavy on feature, but it costs a much lower than similar products. The Microtek Digital UPS EB 1400 is a perfect choice for budget conscious people.
  • Digital Visual display unit.
  • Highly efficient
  • Pack includes Microtek digital EB 900 UPS.
  • 2 years warranty.
  • Compatible to use at shop and home
  • Smart technology for short circuit protection
  • Visual as well as audible indicator functions
  • Specialized only for domestic purpose and not for industrial objective
  • Not suitable for heavy usage
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: This inverter is specifically designed for light usage, like at home or small shop. If you looking for a simple and user-friendly inverter to use at home without shelling out much out of your pocket, you must go for this product.


#4) Genus Challenger 1100 

The best in-class safety and pure sine wave is defining this top-class inverter. It provides clean output just like from the grid. The inverter is based on the next generation DSP technology that is known for its efficiency and highest standard of safety. Comes with a special feature of “Battery Revival Mode” that is capable of reviving the completely discharged batteries to life and increasing the life span of the batteries by years.

Key Features

  • Dual LCD & LED Display: The Dual LCD & LED display all the important information about percentage of charge and the time left to charge it fully. Besides that, you can see other critical information about the inverter.
  • Battery Revival Mode: The battery revival technology is capable to bring back a discharged battery to life. It is the first in-class battery that comes with battery revival technology.
  • Multiple Battery Charging Modes: This Genus inverter comes with four charging options to ensure it works with any kind of battery, be it tubular, VRLA/SMF, or Lead-Acid.
  • 2 Years Warranty: Comes with a two years warranty, this inverter gives you peace of mind. The one-site warranty registration makes the process hassle free, that liberates you from worrying about the inverter after sales service.
  • Pure Sine Wave Technology: The pure sine wave technology ensures your expensive electronic appliances and gadgets can run smoothly and that too without worrying about any damage even at the time of repeated power failure.
  • Completely modernised clean output of pure Sine Wave Inverter.
  • Highly reliable for stable supply of power
  • Re-generation of battery charge by the revival mode
  • Next Gen DSP Technology base is stunning
  • Undoubtedly secured for All the modern devices
  • Affordable as compared to similar products
  • Excellent after sale services
  • Comes with extra fuse
  • Slightly expensive
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: An inverter with the latest technology that comes with numerous features that you want for your home. The pure sinewave and battery revival technology make it an excellent buy. This inverter is suitable for those who use expensive gadgets and appliances at home, and want a reliable product.


#5) Luminous Zolt 1700 Home Pure Sinewave Inverter UPS

With excellent grid quality power supplier, this Luminous inverter is a perfect choice to run numerous home appliances. The inverter has an in-built alarm system that alert you of short-circuit, over-charging of battery, low battery making it a safe to use at home. Comes with a 32-bit dsp processor, this inverter displays charging time and backup.

Key Features

  • Pure sinewave output process: The Luminous Zolt 1700 comes with pure sine wave output for safety of sensitive appliances. It allows you to run heavy appliances as well as expensive gadgets without worrying about the safety of your devices.
  • Intuitive LED display: The intuitive LED display allows you to monitor the battery charging status and the time left for charging. It also warns you in case of any system error or if the battery is about to run down.
  • Superfast charging: The 32-bit processor enables the battery to charge it faster. It gives you reliability when there is frequent power cut and you may that leads to running out of power. With fast charging, it takes less time to recharge the battery.
  • Safe and Reliable: Its artificial intelligence of non-overloading, getting isolated from undue temperature rise and the last but not the least that never getting short circuited makes the entire arrangement shear fearless operation.
  • Grid quality output to run heavy appliances
  • Fast charging to give reliability in places with frequent power cuts
  • Safety alarm in case of precarious situation
  • LED display to alert about charging status
  • MCB to protect against faults
  • Two years warranty
  • Supports multiple battery types
  • It weighs about 15.5 kg
  • Little expensive as compared to similar products
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: The high-performance Luminous Zolt 1700 Home sinewave is a powerful inverter equipped with 1500 VA and 1260 W rated power. The intelligent Home UPS and 32-bit DSP Processor makes it an excellent choice to use at home, shop and office.


#6) Luminous Eco Volt Neo 850 Sine Wave Inverter

The new Luminous Eco Volt Neo 850 Sine Wave Inverter is designed to specifically to withstand frequent load shedding and rampant voltage fluctuations. The pure sine wave output technology makes it efficient to run all kind of home appliances, and allows you to save a significant amount by saving power. Comes with an intelligent LED display to check the battery status and charging percentage.

Key Features

  • Supports all types of battery: The Luminous Eco Volt Neo sine wave inverter supports a wide range of battery types like tubular, flat plate, VRLA, and a few others. It gives you the freedom to choose any battery that meet your needs.
  • ABCC technology: This inverter comes with the adaptive Battery charging control system technology (ABCC). It enables the inverter to charge the battery faster and ensures the battery lasts for a long time.
  • DSP (Digital signal processor) Technology: The DSP based sine wave processor gives grid quality power just like it is coming from the main power supply. It also ensures the inverter does not make noise, which makes is suitable to use at home, office or shop.
  • Compatible with all home appliances and gadgets: The inverter is safe to use with all kind of home appliances ceiling fan, bulb, refrigerator, LED TV, and many others. It makes this inverter a perfect choice for the homes loaded with gadgets and appliances.
  • Two years warranty: With two years warranty, this inverter liberates you from all kind of worries. It is combined with excellent customer service which makes this inverter an excellent choice.


  • It offers great value for money
  • Compatible with any type of battery
  • Sine wave technology offers excellent safety feature
  • Two years warranty
  • Easy to operate
  • Lightweight, only 7 kg 400 g
  • Noiseless operation makes it suitable to place anywhere
  • Not suitable to use in large office
  • Limited features
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: This simple and user-friendly inverter is designed to use for a limited number of appliances. The safety features and noiseless operation makes it suitable to use at home. If you are looking for an inverter to use for a small home, and at affordable price, you can consider this affordable inverter.


#7) Genus Proton Q 1500 – Sinewave Inverter for Home and Offices

With cutting edge DPS technology and a futuristic design makes this inverter a perfect choice for your home or office. The Genus Proton Q inverter is capable to charge the battery in a short time that makes it a reliable partner in Indian conditions where you have to deal with frequent power shortage.

It also switches to battery mode instantly so that you get uninterrupted power supply. This multipurpose is suitable to run home appliances, LED TV, computer and other gadgets.

Key Features

  • Cutting Edge Technology: During power cut, the inverter turns on the battery mode spontaneously. So, you won’t realise when you are getting the supply out of the grid or from your inverter. It makes this inverter a perfect choice in Indian conditions with rampant power cuts.
  • Fits Everywhere: The portable size makes it a perfect choice to place it anywhere. It also withstands very high and low temperature, whether you live in the foothills on Himalaya or in the desert of Rajasthan.
  • UPS Mode/Wide UPS Mode: The UPS and wide UPS modes give you the flexibility to switch between the modes depending on the usage. If you have to use sensitive gadgets and appliances like computer, LED TVs, refrigerator, you can select UPS mode, otherwise you can switch to wide UPS mode.
  • Simple and Safe Installation: The user-friendly design and smart technology makes this inverter easy to install.
  • Switchover to battery power mode instantly
  • LED and LCD displays to monitor battery charge level and time left for full charging
  • Easy to operate
  • Compact size to fit anywhere
  • Switch between UPS/ wide UPS mode
  • Weighs more than 17 kg makes it little heavier
  • Little expensive
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: This modern inverter is packed with features is a perfect choice for those who want some additional features. It is a perfect choice for people who don’t mind paying a little extra for an inverter with a cutting-edge technology.



#8) Microtek Digital UPS HB Hybrid Sinewave Inverter

Comes with the IBGM technology embedded which is a mechanical up-gradation to develop a hybrid mechanism enhances the performance with superior back up and healthier battery life. The PWM controlled multistage ATM (Automatic Trickle Mode) charging practically raises the expectation level. The Indicators provided for monitoring the stability and the faults at every moment you want.


Key Features

  • Noiseless operation: The hybrid technology ensures the inverter does not make noise. It makes the inverter ideal to use at home or in office.
  • IBGM technology: This cutting-edge technology enhances the life span and performance of the battery to ensure it lasts longer and deliver exceptional performance for years.
  • Smart LED indicators: The smart LED indicators to alert if there is any fault in the system and the charging status.
  • Digital Sine Processing (DSP) technology: The inverter is equipped with DSP technology that helps to improve the battery performance. It also ensures your inverter needs the least maintenance.
  • Automated operation: It comes with automated operation to save your time and effort. The latest technology helps the inverter to work automatically. So, you don’t need manual intervention to turn it off or on.


  • Easy detection of ongoing function and any outrage.
  • Auto Trickle Mode (ATM) charging
  • Noiseless operation to use it anywhere
  • Mammoth capacity of 1650 VA / 24V, output power 1320 watts
  • Led indicators to detect error
  • Enhanced battery life for long lasting operation
  • Comes with two years of warranty
  • Reliable in conditions with high voltage fluctuations and power cuts
  • Heavier to carry it anywhere
  • Highly priced as compared to other inverters


Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: A combination of modern technologies enables the inverter to charge the battery faster and. It gives you uninterrupted power supply that you need for your home, office or shop. The noiseless operation and ability to run sensitive gadgets and home appliances makes it an undisputed choice.



#9) Microtek 950Va Hybrid Sinewave Inverter

The smart combination of modern technologies to meet every single requirement of a household. And all this come at a very affordable price. The inverter comes with a bigger transformer for exceptional performance and it charges the battery even at a very low voltage. The smart alert makes this inverter user-friendly which is easy to operate.

Key Features

  • Pure sinewave with 760 watts output power: The inverter comes with a 760-watt output power that enables it to deliver glid like power supply. It ensures you can use power heavy and sensitive appliances at home without worry about damage to your appliances.
  • Hybrid Technology for Noiseless and Better Performance: The hybrid technology enables the inverter to operate without making any noise and delivering better performance every time. The inverter is capable to deal with power fluctuations and work at low voltage.
  • Compatible with multiple battery types: Unlike some inverters, this inverter gives you the freedom to use with any kind of battery. This feature ensures you can use any kind of battery according to your need.
  • Avoid deep discharge and overcharging
  • Hybrid Sinewave technology for grid like power supply and noiseless operation
  • Short circuit protection
  • Rated Capacity- 950 VA Output Power- 760 Watts
  • Built with micro controller based intelligent control
  • Suitable for using at home and small office
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Available at a very competitive price
  • Not suitable for large home or office
  • Some customer complaints of a creeping noise after few days of operation
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: This inverter is designed to meet the power demands of a small household. With simple and easy operation, it is suitable for using at home and small offices. The lightweight, user-friendly design, and affordable price makes it an attractive buy for small family. It is suitable for a family with little to moderate use and those who don’t want to spend extra money on an inverter.


#10) Sukam Falcon Eco 2000/24V 2000 Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Su-kam is a household name in India to produce top-class inverters needed for using at home, shop, and in office. The Sukam Falcon Eco Pure Sine Wave Inverter is versatile to use with any battery type. This inverter works perfectly at the places with voltage fluctuations. The multipurpose inverter is perfect to use as a UPS and inverter.

Key Features

  • Sine wave technology: The inverter comes with sine wave technology that enables it to supply power like grids. It enables you to use sensitive and expensive gadgets and makes this a perfect choice for home and a small office.
  • SMPS based charger technology: The inverter comes with SMPS technology that enables you to save power which makes it very cost-effective.
  • Two years warranty: The inverter comes with a two years warranty that gives you peace of mind. You don’t have to think about service or maintenance which is an added advantage.
  • Track charging and battery status: Equipped with smart display, the Sukam Falcon Eco inverter enables you to track the charging status and time left for full charging. It ensures you never run out of power.
  • Ideal for places with low voltage and power fluctuations
  • Takes a very little time to switchover to battery power supply
  • Sinewave technology for noiseless operation
  • Can be powered with solar energy that makes it cost-effective and more useful
  • Let’s you run all kind of gadgets and appliances
  • Excellent build quality with a sleek and sturdy design
  • Excellent after sales service
  • It is heavy to carry from one place to another
  • Costs more than other inverter in the similar range
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: This advanced inverter is a perfect fit for the areas with voltage fluctuations. Moreover, the solar power charging enables the inverter to charge with solar energy. It is one of the top hybrid inverters available these days. If you are in hunt for a hybrid inverter, you must consider this.


Safety Precaution to take when Operating an Inverter

Before you make a hefty investment in an inverter it is important that you know the basic safety precaution you need to take before operating an inverter.

  • An inverter should be placed on a flat surface, either horizontally or vertically.
  • You must not place inside any closed space as the engines emit harmful gases that may lead to the heating up of the device.
  • You must also make sure that you keep the inverter in a cool and dry place.
  • Do not under any circumstances operate an inverter with wet hands, which may cause electric shock as water is a good conductor of electricity.
  • Do not keep inverters near heating vents or under direct sunlight and try to maintain a temperature between 50 to 80-degree Celsius with easy access to air.
  • You must always keep the inverter clean.
  • Do not keep flammable materials near the inverter or its compartment.

How Inverter works?

Let’s discuss how an inverter works? To simply put inverters convert one form of energy to another.

Now, if you are wondering, does that happen? The answer is simple: the inverter’s battery contains energy that is stored in the form of DC (direct current) but this energy cannot be used directly to supply power to the appliances and power points in homes or offices. So these inverters convert the DC current to the AC form and then supply the same.

It’s also important to understand that an inverter cannot supply power to all equipment and gadgets at home and no matter what the size of the inverter or battery is, some of the appliances will not work during power cuts. So, in case you need to run heavier appliances which consumes more power then you simply can’t operate them on inverters rather you would need a heavier power supply like electric generators.


Bottom Line:

We hope that from the aforementioned list of inverters, you will be able to make an informed selection. The products listed are the best in the market, selection may seem difficult but when you know your requirements and needs the decision is very simple. 

Simply put everybody needs an inverter to run necessary appliances uninterrupted and without the fear of losing data or fearing backlog. But what is more important is that you buy a device that makes your work easier and is light on your pocket.

As always do let us know if you have questions, we are here to help! Cheers!


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