Best Refrigerator in India in 2021

It’s needless to mention what an important role refrigerators play in our everyday life and we have compiled an extensive review of the Best Refrigerator in India you can choose from in the year 2021. There is a lot of confusion as which fridge to opt considering the family size, requirements, features and much more. We have got you covered as we have taken care of the research part for you.

Infographic - Best Refrigerator in India -
Infographic – Best Refrigerator in India –

The first home refrigerator was invented way back in 1913 and, over a period of time, refrigerators have become an integral part of every urban kitchen. They perform a myriad of functions and are largely responsible for making our lives extremely comfortable. However, finding the best refrigerator in India can be a challenging task due to a plethora of options available nowadays.

When it comes to buying the best refrigerator in India in 2021, there are certain things you should keep in mind before going ahead with your purchase decision. As the technology is evolving, new refrigerator models are getting upgraded regularly with many new features. You should pay attention to features like the refrigerator-size, the door style, the capacity, the compressor technology, the cooling technique, and the energy star ratings.

With every refrigerator brand claiming to offer the best in class fridge models in India, it can get confusing for you to pick out the one which is most suitable for you. We have compiled a list of the top refrigerator models in India to help you select the one that meets your needs, preferences, and budget.

Checkout this list of the 10 best refrigerator in India that you can opt for.

Top 10 Best Refrigerator In India

# Model Price Type Capacity Warranty Score
1 LG GC-X247CSAV.ANSQEBN Check Price Frost Free Side-by-Side InstaView Door-in-Door 668L 1 yr + 10 yrs on compressor 95%
2 Samsung RT28M3424S8/HL Check Price Frost Free, Double Door 253L 1 yr + 10 yrs on compressor 90%
3 LG GL-1292RPZL Check Price Frost Free, Double Door 260L 1 yr + 9 yrs on compressor 85%
4 Whirlpool IF278-ELT Check Price Frost Free, Double Door 265L 1 yr + 10 yrs on compressor 81%
5 Haier HRF-2674BS-R Check Price Frost Free, Double Door 247L 1 yr + 10 yrs on compressor 79%
6 Whirlpool FP 263D Protton Roy Check Price Frost Free, Double Door 240L 1 yr + 10 yrs on compressor 75%
7 Samsung RT30K3723SA Check Price Frost Free, Convertible Double Door 275L 1 yr + 10 yrs on compressor 70%
8 LG GL-B201APOX Check Price Direct Cool Single Door 190L 1 yr + 10 yrs on compressor 68%
9 Whirlpool 230 IMFRESH ROY Check Price Direct Cool Single Door 215L 1 yr + 10 yrs on compressor 65%
10 Haier 618 SS Check Price Frost Free Side-by-Side Door 565L 1 yr + 10 yrs on compressor 62%


#1) LG GC-X247CSAV. ANSQEBN InstaView Door-in-Door – Best Refrigerator In India

This LG InstaView Door-in-Door fridge has the right blend of innovative technology and stylish design. It has a water dispenser that allows you to fill your glass of water without even opening the door.


  • Best Refrigerators In India - LG GC-X247CSAV

The reason this is the Best Refrigerator in India as as follows:

Key Features

With the Inverter Linear Compressor, you can save on energy bills. It helps in the noise free operation.

The 5-step anti-bacterial deodorisation removes bacteria and also minimises bad odour in the refrigerator.

Air vents spread and circulate cool air throughout the refrigerator due to the Multiple cooling technology, ensuring effective cooling.

The digital sensors maintain optimum interior temperature by checking and responding to warm food and open doors, instantly

With LG Smart ThinQ control all your home appliances from anywhere.

The continuous compressor function makes it easier for the express freeze to freeze the edibles items faster than ever before.

Moist balance crisper includes the revolutionary lattice-pattern box protection, which retains the suitable level of moisture inside the refrigerator.

  • Silent operation
  • Huge storage capacity
  • Smart diagnosis runs a check to ensure the machine is working fine
  • Waterfall circulation offers a better wash
  • Smart closing door protects the lid from sudden force
  • 2 years comprehensive warranty
  • Expensive
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note:The LG GC-X247CSAV.ANSQEBN comes with the state of the art design. Its futuristic InstaView Door-in-Door Side By Side design does just increase the aesthetics of your home but also offers great convenience apart from energy savings.


#2) Samsung RT28M3424S8/HL

You can trust Samsung for their excellent refrigerator models. You can enjoy the multiple innovative features of the Samsung RT28M3424S8/HL model. It comes with inbuilt DIT and cooling retention that gives it a competitive edge over other brands in the market.

  • Best Refrigerators In India - Samsung RT28M3424S8/HL

Key Features

This feature is intended to ensure a steady and reliable refrigerator performance so that any potential electrical damage or shorting during voltage fluctuations can be prevented. It automatically cuts the power in case of excessive fluctuations.

It offers the best blackout solution by keeping your food fresher during power cuts. With a Cool Pack present inside the freezer and the Cool Wall in the fridge, your food items stay chilled for long hours during power cuts without getting spoilt.

Delivers a quick cooling performance to retain the freshness of food items, chill drinks and produce more ice. Power Cool feature chills food faster and Power Freeze generates ice rapidly at the touch of a button in the fridge.

Getting food out of this refrigerator is a breeze because it’s easier navigating around items due to the Easy Slide Shelf. It helps you to efficiently store and organise your groceries so that accessing things even right at the back and corners is easier.

This is a very convenient feature that helps you to dispense ice cubes with a simple twist. Also the relatively less freezer area contributes to fast ice making, which lets you have more ice cubes within a short time. Now you can make the most of your fridge space.

A Door Alarm will notify you if the fridge door is not properly shut or left open accidentally for more than 2 minutes. This will let you quickly address the issue to prevent the loss of cool air and  electricity wastage as well as avoid the spoilage of food!

This feature helps to retain the freshness of perishable fruits and vegetables for longer. Due the presence of a tight seal, moisture is prevented from escaping during the low humidity period, while a vent removes excess moisture when the humidity level is high.

This mechanism helps to evenly cool off your fridge from corner to corner. Multiple vents on every shelf level blow cold air to maintain a constant temperature so that food stays fresh as ever.

  • Door Alarm that alerts you if the door remains open
  • Advanced DIT adjusts fan speed and cooling automatically
  • Toughened Glass Racks
  • 4 Star Energy Ratings
  • Digital temperature control
  • The alarm could be louder
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: Smart looks with best of latest features make it a must buy. It is a value for money refrigerator that comes loaded with features.


#3) LG GL-1292RPZL

LG is one of the leading and trusted frost-free refrigerator manufacturers. The LG GL-1292RPZL double door refrigerator offers a complete solution for retaining the freshness of your food and preventing the bacterial growth. The fridge runs a quick diagnosis

  • Best Refrigerators In India - LG GL-1292RPZL

Key Features

Its function is to ensure that the refrigerator receives even cooling through the multi flow air vents  that are present throughout the refrigerator. Thus, helping you to keep your food fresh & healthy.

Smart Diagnosis feature helps in quickly and correctly detecting and solving any problems that may arise with your refrigerator.

With the Auto Smart Connect technology you can easily connect your fridge to the home inverter during power cuts inside your home.

The Moist Balance Crisper with an innovative lattice-pattern box cover helps to maintain an optimal moisture level inside the refrigerator.

The Eco-friendly refrigerators are a part of LG’s initiative towards building environmentally sustainable solutions through Eco-Design and Eco-Products. These products release less carbon and are non-harmful to the Ozone layer, so that you get a greener future!

With this cooling system you can maintain optimum temperature in every part of the refrigerator, as it allows air circulation from the vents and the backside.

The Solar Smart technology allows the refrigerator to work on Solar Energy. However, the Solar Panel requirement may differ for individual models, which needs to be specifically confirmed from the manufacturer.

LG refrigerators can run optimally even in low voltage situations. They function between the range of 100-290V and are fit to endure voltage fluctuations. This renders them virtually stabiliser free.

  • Super silent operation
  • Maintains balanced moisture content
  • Cools every part and corner of the compartment
  • Stabiliser-free operation saves the machine and money
  • Egg tray is a little small for holding more than 6 eggs
  • Difficult to adjust the racks in case you need to place large utensils
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: LG GL-1292RPZL has been designed to fulfil the desires of consumers looking for a fridge that delivers unparalleled performance, excellent savings and super silent operation. The New Smart Inverter Compressor is another amazing innovation you can experience only when buy this refrigerator.



#4) Whirlpool IF278-ELT

As an American multinational company, founded in the year 1911, Whirlpool entered India in the year 1980. They are renowned for manufacturing some of the best refrigerator models. This 265L model has some excellent features.

  • Best Refrigerators In India - Whirlpool IF278-ELT

Key Features

You can experience garden freshness of up to 15 days with revolutionary technologies including, the Zeolite, the Microblock and the FreshFlow AirTower having the Flexi Vents feature.

This Moisture Lock-in Technology works to make sure your vegetables always have optimum moisture levels in them so that their freshness stays intact for longer time.

In ordinary refrigerators, when fruits and vegetables come in direct contact with the cold air, their intrinsic moisture is lost. The Intellifresh Convertible range, makes the cold air circulate throughout the compartment.

This helps to maintain optimum chillness inside the refrigerator, thus retaining moisture and natural freshness of the food products.

The Freshonizer works to cut down oxidation for retaining the original freshness. Integrated at the base of the fresh-flow air tower, the Active Deo maintains the refrigerator’s environment fresh and odour-free with the effective anti-odour feature.

The infinity shelves are made out of glass and they offer maximum space utilisation to help you store wider vessels. The shelves also give a premium look to the refrigerator’s interiors.

The Everyday Fresh feature makes navigating between various food items and reorganising them to pick up something much easier.

The "Everyday Fresh" tray with easy glide function, makes accessing items present at the back and the corner, quick and easy.

During a power outage, refrigerator gets automatically connected to a backup source or the home inverter for delivering consistent cooling and freshness for longer hours.

This refrigerator is designed to run stably for proper functioning even during extreme voltage fluctuation (160V-300V). This rules out the need of a separate stabiliser.

  • Suitable for a family of 2-3 members
  • DeepFreeze technology along with flexi-vents
  • IntelliSensors for auto-temperature control
  • Active Deo functionality could be better
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: Whirlpool IF278-ELT keeps food fresh up to 15 days. It is perfect for small families that travel frequently.


#5) Haier HRF-2674BS-R

Haier is known to manufacture refrigerators that are top class with great design and useful features. The Haier HRD-1954BS-R direct cool refrigerator makes storing your food convenient and effective. What sets this fridge apart from others is its ability to make ice quickly so you can be ready for party every time.

  • Best Refrigerators In India - Haier HRF-2674BS-R

Key Features

You don't need to connect a separate stabiliser to this refrigerator. This Haier fridge protects the compressor from power fluctuations within a range of 135-290 V.

Comes with a removable anti-fungal gasket prevents germ buildup at the door and inside the compartment.

Don't have the time to buy fresh fruits and vegetables on a daily basis? With this 195 L refrigerator, you can buy and store vegetables and fruits for up to seven days without worrying about their freshness or odour as the Vitamin-C Fresh filter retains the nutritional value and keeps them fresh and crunchy.

Store all that you want in this fridge, from chocolates to ice creams, without worrying about your kids eating them all as it comes with a Child Lock feature which lets you lock the fridge when you're not around.

Thanks to R-600a cooling gas, this refrigerator offers better cooling by consuming less energy and also makes less noise.

Don't worry about your ice cream melting when there's a power cut as this fridge comes with a big cool pad which retains the cooling for up to 10 hours even after a power cut.

  • Suitable for singles or couples
  • Supports manual defrosting
  • Vitamin C filter helps retain the freshness of fruits and vegetables for a week
  • Absence of service centres all over India
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: Go for it if you are looking for child lock feature and 1 hour icing technology. The fridge is good for individuals and families who party or have guests coming over frequently.


#6) Whirlpool FP 263D Protton Roy

As one the most sought after brands, Whirlpool has always lived up to its promise of creating some of the most revolutionary refrigerators. The Whirlpool FP 263D Protton Roy is one such amazing product that comes with 6th Sense Actifresh technology and has three doors for added convenience.

  • Best Refrigerators In India - Whirlpool FP 263D

Key Features

Protton has an innovative 3 door style which ensures to offer benefits that are not provided by any other refrigerator in this category. Due to the presence of 3 separate zones for individual storage requirements, superior cooling retention is guaranteed to you.

The 3 door design has room for an exclusive bottom drawer called the Active Fresh Zone which lets you store fruits and vegetables. This helps to prevent odour mixing and to preserve the freshness of fruits and vegetables for longer period.

The 3 door design has room for an exclusive bottom drawer called the Active Fresh Zone which lets you store fruits and vegetables. This helps to prevent odour mixing and to preserve the freshness of fruits and vegetables for longer period.

Zeolite Technology works to absorbing ethylene emission from fruits and vegetables to check excessive ripening in them. This also helps to decrease the amount of sugar in fruits and vegetables, thereby boosting their freshness.

Fruits and vegetables tend to lose their intrinsic moisture by coming in direct contact of cold air in ordinary refrigerators. However, the Protton world-series refrigerators allow cold air to flow throughout the compartments so that the contents inside remain cool and their moisture and natural freshness stays intact.

A special anti-microbial agent, which is located in the compartment’s material, helps to effectively eliminate microbes, thus delivering lifelong protection against contamination.

The All-new Protton has a temperature knob for customising the temperature according to the needs of delicacies such as chocolates and several dairy products.

This refrigerator model has an unbelievably lower power consumption compared to a CFL. This brands it as one of the highly energy-efficient refrigerators in its class.

  • Suitable for 2-3 member family
  • Prevents the growth of bacteria
  • Air boosters to stimulate air circulation
  • After sales service is not so good.
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: Whirlpool FP 263D Protton Roy comes is ideal for small and medium-sized families. The Zeolite Technology keeps fruits fresh for long by preventing ripening.


#7) Samsung RT30K3723SA

One of the major electronic appliances brands in the market, Samsung has always maintained its product quality and has been leading the innovation game. The Samsung RT30K3723SA is an excellent refrigerator with amazing features, such as Digital Inverter, Dual Fan Technology, and more.

  • Best Refrigerators In India - Samsung RT30K3723SA

Key Features

This feature provides the ultimate storage flexibility, wherein you can easily convert your freezer into a fridge to make room for additional fresh food when required.

It allows a hassle-free connection of your fridge to the home inverter. You can enjoy uninterrupted cooling, and long-lasting freshness even during long power cuts.

The refrigerator will function uninterruptedly after switching to the backup power.

The Dual Fan Technology lets you adjust the temperature of both the freezer and the fridge individually with two separate fans. This technology features in all the Samsung Smart Convertible Refrigerator.

It helps in easier transition of the freezer into a fridge and back.

Faster ice making is possible in this refrigerator, due to the Power Freeze feature. With just the push of a button, you can get ice cubes anytime.  This reduces the waiting time when you truly need ice quickly.

The Power Cool feature ensures faster cooling on this Samsung refrigerator.  Cold air is blown into the refrigerator at the touch of a button to temporarily decrease the inside temperature.

The instant chill feature will help retain the freshness of food items for longer while cooling beverages in an instant.

The easy slide-out shelf is exclusively designed for smoother food storage and removal, as it slides in and out, enabling a more efficient organisation and use of space. The big bottle guard is available for storing large containers of milk and juice in the door compartment.

The ice max offers complete flexibility for storing ice, and the two large-capacity bins will let you have enough ice during hot summer months or large-scale events.

  • Easy slide out shelf is a helpful feature
  • Power freeze/cool feature is a great aspect
  • LED Display on the door offers an attractive look
  • Customer service is not up to the mark
  • Comparatively high noise level
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: The ability to convert freezer into fridge and digital inverter technology make a deal breaker. LED display on the main door is a fresh addition.


#8) LG GL-B201APOX

LG is a renowned Korean brand that has been manufacturing electronic items that are high class and with innovative features This LG GL-B201APOX is one such model which is worth considering.

  • Best Refrigerators In India - LG GL-B201APOX

Key Features

This innovative technology makes it possible for you to connect your refrigerator to power back up or home inverter when there is a power cut.

This special lattice-design box feature lets you maintain the right moisture balance. The function of this box is to ensure that the proper moisture level is always retained as the stored food's moisture evaporates and subsequently condenses on the lattice.

LG Direct Cool Refrigerators have this exclusive feature that allows them to make the fastest ice in just 108 minutes.

Shelves made of toughened glass are capable of holding heavy food items. These can take the load as heavy as 175kg as per LG internal test standards.

This gasket makes it easier to clean the fridge and to keep your food contamination-free for longer period.

This refrigerator can work at a voltage range of 90~310V, which means your refrigerator can function even without a stabiliser.

  • Silent operation
  • No need to buy a stabilizer separately
  • 10 years comprehensive warranty
  • Expensive


Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: If you are a party lover and want to be always prepared to throw a party, the LG GL-B201APOX offers the best in class cooling with fastest ice making and a moist balance crisper.



#9) Whirlpool 230 IMFRESH ROY

Whirlpool is one of the most trusted American brands on the market. Whirlpool 230 IMFRESH ROY is a good mix of performance and reliability. The fridge comes with a base stand with drawer that lets you store food items such as onion, garlic, and potatoes. The IMFRESH ROY is an excellent choice for small and medium-sized families.

  • Best Refrigerators In India - Whirlpool 230 IMFRESH ROY

Key Features

This system keeps fruits and vegetables fresh for a long duration and preserves milk for up to 12 hours even during power cuts. The MicroBlock Technology helps prevents bacterial growth.

With this technology the compressors guarantee 25 years of reliability (as certified by VDE-Germany) and the lowest level of initial voltage at 80 V.

The easy-slide action of the magic chiller help in quick chilling of your bottles. Both magic chiller and laminar airflow work to make sure the milk in your fridge isn’t spoilt even beyond 12 hours during a power cut situation.

Along with the HoneyComb Moisture Lock-in Technology, the Vegetable Crisper helps to retain suitable moisture levels in your vegetables and holds their freshness for a long time.

During a power breakdown, the auto connect function ensures to automatically connects the fridge to the home inverter. This helps to maintain consistent cooling and ensure freshness.

MicroBlock technology prevents bacterial growth to a great extent and retains the freshness intact for longer.

With laminar airflow mechanism you can consistently experience optimum temperature in the refrigerator section. This is important to ensure that fruits and vegetables remain unspoilt.

The special Activated Carbon is useful to eliminate odour from your Crisper and to ensure that your vegetables remain smelling fresh.

This detachable and airtight gasket is easy-to-clean. The clean gasket is important for checking the fungi and bacteria accumulation inside the refrigerator.

This ensures that your food stays germ-free and hygienic for longer periods.

These refrigerators are built to function well even during high voltage fluctuation (130V-300V), ruling out the need for a separate stabilizer.

  • Microblock technology prevents germ and bacterial growth
  • Activated carbon keeps the compartment odor free
  • Magic chiller is a nice addition
  • The plasma-treated compressors makes it highly durable.
  • Poor after-sales service
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: The Whirlpool 230 IMFRESH ROY is an excellent choice for families that want to store extra fruit and vegetables. Features such as no odour mixing, zeolite technology, 2x freshness, and microblock technology make it an excellent buy.


#10) Haier 618 SS

Several excellent features makes Haier refrigerator a most sought-after product, mostly for meeting the needs of large families or restaurants. A host of innovative features makes it highly utilitarian and user-friendly.

  • Best Refrigerators In India - Haier 618 SS

Key Features

The Super Cool function accelerates the Cooling of Refrigerator & The Super Freeze function accelerates the freezing of fresh food.

When the Holiday function is activated, the freezer compartment runs in a regular fashion, while the fridge compartment is set at 17 °C automatically. The energy consumption goes down and no bad smell is produced.

With the Fuzzy Logic Function, the temperature in the refrigerating chamber and freezing chamber  gets automatically adjusted, according to variations in the internal and ambient temperature.

The Veg basket and Fruit Basket located in the door of this Side By Side fridge can be removed for accommodating extra items or for opening the door if there is less space.

You can adjust the temperature of your refrigerator through a one touch LED control button.

Consumes less than 1 unit/day which saves money & electricity (according to standard testing in Haier R&D Lab).

  • Silent operation
  • Attractive design
  • Smart diagnosis runs a check to ensure the machine is working fine
  • Expensive
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: It’s a good buy because of it’s reciprocatory compressor. The model comes with a 10-year warranty on compressor. 3 star energy rating saves energy.

Conclusion: The process of choosing the best Refrigerator for your house use is a tricky process but always keep in mind your needs and requirements in mind. This investment is going to last for atleast several years and you should always focus on buying something that would make the whole family happy.

Hope you liked our effort of bringing you a complete and comprehensive list on the best refrigerator in India. Please do let us how in case you have any questions as we would love you answer. Happy Shopping! Cheers!


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