Best Power Bank in India 2021 – Power in your pocket!

If you want to buy the best power bank in India for your smartphone then you have landed on the right place. Power bank or sometimes called as portable chargers are not but power in your pocket.

If you are on the go, always one thing you need is your smartphone. But with so many innovations and so many mobile apps, your smartphone’s battery tends to drain quickly. Sometimes you can carry your charger, but sometimes it is difficult for you to carry it everywhere and finding a charging point is equally difficult. Then what to do, if you can’t find a charging point? Well, power banks come to the rescue when you need to charge your phone on the go.

As it is difficult getting a plug point and you can’t always rely on your smartphone’s battery lasting long, power banks have come to the rescue. Since you can rely on these marvelous innovations that provide instant charging on the go. Due to the very reason, a surge has been seen in the sales of portable charger. So how do you select the best power bank in India?

Well, for some only the battery capacity matters, while for others there are so many things that should be kept in mind before buying a power bank. But before we delve into a detailed guide on how to buy a portable charger. We have presented a table that gives you a gist on which is the best portable charger in India at a glance:

Top 10 Power Bank in India (Portable Chargers):

# Model Price Power Capacity Weight Input/Output Power Number of Ports Battery Type Score
1 Portronics POR-235 Indo 10D check price 10,000 mAh 159 g 5V/ 2.0A Dual Port Lithium Polymer 97%
2 Mi 20000mAH Li-Polymer 2i check price 20,000 mAh 431 g 5.1V/ 3.6A Dual Port Lithium-Ion 96%
3 Zinq Technologies Z20KP check price 20,000 mAh 349 g 5V/ 2.0A Single Port Lithium Polymer 93%
4 Ambrane PP-20 Power Bank check price 20,000 mAh 386 g 5V/ 2.1A Dual Port Lithium Polymer 92%
5 Portronics Smart Power 10K 10000mAh check price 10,000 mAh 245 g 5.0V/ 1A Dual Port Lithium-Ion 91%
6 Duracell PB10050 5002732 check price 10,050 mAh 204 g 5V/ 2.0A Dual Port Lithium-Ion 90%
7 Intex IT-PB12.5K check price 12,500 mAh 290 g 5V/ 2.1A Dual Port Lithium-Ion 89%
8 Lenovo PA10400 Power Bank check price 10,400 mAh 240 g 5V/ 2.0A Dual Port Lithium-Ion 87%
9 Pebble Pico Pocket-Sized Bank check price 10,000 mAh 249 g 5V/ 2.0A Dual Port Lithium-Ion 85%
10 Syska X110 check price 11,000 mAh 272 g 5V/ 1.5 A Dual Port Lithium-Ion 83%


#1) Portronics Indo 10D POR-235

A leader in the Indian gadget industry, Portronics has been manufacturing Bluetooth speakers and headphones, power banks, fitness trackers, and other innovative products for the past 10 years. The company is known for its innovative design and quality products.

The first product on the list the Portronics Indo 10D POR-235 is no different than the rest of the products manufactured by the company. It comes with a power switch and has a digital display. It is equipped with two charging ports and is compatible with devices like OnePlus, iPhone, and Mi, amongst others. The Portronics Indo 10D uses a superior quality of Lithium polymer cells and comes with anti-skid and gloss finish panel.

  • Best Power Bank in India - Portronics POR-235 Indo 10D

Key Features

This power bank is equipped with a digital display that allows you to keep track of the status of the display.

This power bank is equipped with the highest quality of Lithium Polymer cells.

The power bank comes with a glossy finish and anti-skid grip and is compact in size, which allows the user to easily carry the device in their pockets.

The power bank is compatible with devices like iPhones and iPods, headphones, cameras & tablets, many more.

  • Super light weight – 159 grams only
  • The overall performance is good.
  • Compact in size, which makes it easier to carry.
  • Digital display, which allows the user to keep track of battery status.
  • It has a 10,000 mAh battery despite that, the battery life is little less.
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: This super light weight charger from Portronics complete package when it comes to buying a Powerbank/portable charger. It’s the Best Buy for your buck considering it’s value for money with perfect size, use of lithium polymer battery and 2 charging ports. If you want a device that’s lighter on your pocket with a big smile on your face, go for it.

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#2) Mi 20000mAH Li-Polymer Power Bank 2i

The next product on the list is Consumer electronics company Xiaomi’s 20000mAH Li-Polymer Power Bank 2i. Xiaomi or Mi, as popularly known amongst gadget enthusiasts, is known for its high-quality smartphone with beautiful designs. The company, now, has ventured into the portable chargers industry and launched various models of portable charging devices. All models of Mi power banks come with anti-slip and anti-scratch qualities that make them an excellent choice among its competitors.

  • Best Power Bank in India - Mi 20000mAH Li-Polymer Power Bank 2i

Key Features

The power bank also supports low power devices like fitness devices and bands and Bluetooth headphones.

The product is designed with anti-slip and anti-scratch exteriors using PC+ABS material.

This power bank uses an intelligent power output setting which makes it safer when in use.

The power bank is compatible with various devices such as iPhones, Android devices, iPads and tablets and many more.

You can charge more than one mobile device as the power bank comes with dual USB ports.

This power bank uses a 20,000mAh capacity Lithium-Polymer battery.

The power bank comes with a six months warranty and 9-layer circuit protection which protects the device from short-circuit.

  • You can easily change the charging mode by double-pressing the power button, which allows you to charge low power devices.
  • This 20000 mAh can be used for charging USB Type C laptops.
  • Quick charging features.
  • Due to the high capacity battery, you can charge one device at least 7-8 times before the battery drains.
  • Lithium-Polymer battery which is highly durable and converts 93% of the power.
  • The Quick Charge feature works only when you are charging using a single port
  • The product warranty period is very short.
  • It’s quite heavy with 431 grams.
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: This portable charger is HUGELY popular considering and better known as power house (instead of power bank). With a beautiful design and slim body it can be your best friend in traveling. Indian are simply in love with this device and it’s popularity has grown multiple folds over time.

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#3) Zinq Technologies Z20KP Power Bank

Established in 2007, Zinq Electronics Private Limited is a private Indian company, which is known for their superior quality products. The company manufactures products like power banks, speakers, earphones and headphones, mobile chargers, and much more.

The next product is a Z20KP, which is compatible with most of the mobile devices and needs about 6 hours to fully charge. The portable charger is equipped with an LED indicator that helps you keep track of the power level. The Zinq Technologies power bank also comes with an LED torch, dual charging port, and a micro USB input and this power bank supports quick charging.

  • Best Power Bank in India - Zinq Technologies Z20KP

Key Features

This device comes with three USB charging ports, an LED indicator, and an LED torch, amongst others.

The power bank is equipped with dual charging ports that allows you to recharge two devices at the same time.

The power bank is compatible with devices like iPhones, Mi phones and many more.

  • Good build quality.
  • It’s is lightweight and compact, which makes it easy to carry.
  • It sometime doesn’t charge properly.
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: On testing this device it was able to charge my the phone from 37% to 100% in around 45 minutes which is remarkable. With it’s design and looks, you’ll certainly impress your pears. Also it’s price is sweetly placed along with it’s high performance.

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#4) Ambrane PP-20 20000mAh Lithium Polymer

The next product is by India’s leading mobile accessory manufacturer Ambrane. Leaving the Ambrane PP-20 20000mAh Lithium Polymer Power Bank from the list will be a faux pas in itself. This product comes with a massive 20000 mAh capacity, high-density polymer battery, which makes it best in the class.

It uses one Micro USB Port and the other Type C Port with 5V / 2.1A power output. This portable charger has high efficiency and charging conversion rates as compared to other models in the category.

  • Best Power Bank in India - Ambrane PP-20 Power Bank

Key Features

The power bank is equipped with dual USB output ports, which lets you recharge more than one device at the same time.

The power bank has one Micro USB and one Type C port, which means you easily charge any device with a type c cable.

The power bank has incorporated high-speed charging technology, which means you can charge mobiles, tablets and other USB enabled devices faster as compared to other power banks.

The power bank comes with a rubber-scratch free body, which protects the device from scratches and damage caused during fall or mishandling.

The product comes with a 1 year warranty.


  • The power bank comes with a fast charging feature.
  • The product is equipped with a LED flashlight
  • Extremely compatible
  • 9 layers of protection
  • Indigenously made
  • Packaging is not good.
  • Type C cable is not available
  • It’s on a heavier side with 386 grams
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: Ambrane PP-20 20000mAh Lithium Polymer Power Bank is a strong contender in the race. It’s is very popular because of it’s overall performance but hearing complaints on it’s packaging lately.

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#5) PortronicsLitehouse POR-629 Magnetic LED Lamp

The next product by Portronics is a vision like the first entry. The Litehouse POR-629 is one of the few gadgets that every gadget enthusiast wants to own. The key reason this device stands out among its competitors in this power bank is equipped with a high-intensity LED light that can be useful for camping trips or hiking while you also recharge your devices. Apart from the LED light the power bank also comes with magnets, which make it easy to stick to any metallic surface.

  • Best Power Bank in India - Portronics Smart Power 10K 10000mAh

Key Features

The power bank is equipped with a three intensity level LED light that can be used during outdoor trips.

The product comes with an ultra-compact design which makes it easier to carry.

The product is cylindrical in shape and comes with a 4400 mAh Lithium-Ion battery.

The power bank also comes with a screw base that can be used while connecting to a photo-light stand.

The power bank needs 5 hours to fully charge.

  • It is a dual-purpose power bank which not only recharges your device, but also offers light when you are camping or outdoors.
  • The power bank comes with a strap that you can attach to your waist or bag to avoid damage from dropping.
  • It has a single 1A output port.
  • The charging is slow.
  • The battery capacity is small.
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: Again a Portronics beauty in our list. It is very good if you are planning to use it occasionally as it has less power capacity than others but don’t judge this on that alone. It has dual purpose of flash lamp along with charger.

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#6) Duracell PB10050 5002732

The next product on the list is by American manufacturing company Berkshire Hathaway. Their battery and smart power systems manufacturing subsidy Duracell are the leaders in producing high-quality batteries.

When the company ventured into the power bank sector the expectations were very high. The Duracell PB10050 5002732 comes in a unique black and gold-tone like the Duracell batteries and claims to charge 2 times faster while offering an efficiency of 91.12%.

  • Best Power Bank in India - Duracell PB10050 5002732

Key Features

The power bank is equipped with a 10050mAh capacity lithium-ion battery.

The power bank has 4 LED lights that indicate the battery level while in use and when recharging the device.

The power bank supports Dual USB ports, which allow you to recharge more than one device simultaneously.

This is the only power bank in the sector, which is flight-approved, which means you can safely carry the device in your luggage.

The power bank uses the dual charge technology, which means you can charge the power bank as well as your device at the same time.

The power bank comes in black and gold, which is a trademark color scheme of Duracell batteries.

The product comes with a three year warranty

  • It is compact in design and sturdy, which enhances the durability of the device.
  • Supports fast charging for most of the devices.
  • 2x faster-recharging speed while charging your device.
  • 10 safety features including cable loop protection, short circuit protection, a flame retardant case, and more.
  • Does not come with a power adapter.
  • Price is on a higher side.
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: Yes! you can’t have a top 10 list without Duracell power charger as it’s has won us over and over. Very popular in USA/Canada and strongly covering its ground in India with it’s manly looks, safety features and fast charging.

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#7) Intex IT-PB11K 11000mAH Power Bank

Established in 1996, Intext began as consumer durables and IT accessories manufacturer. The company soon entered the smartphone sector and then the power bank sector. This Indian company is known for manufacturing quality products.

The  IT-PB11K 11000mAH Power Bank Intex is a product of beauty, portability, and functionality. This portable charger comes with an LED flashlight and supports 3 USB ports, which means you charge more than two devices.

  • Best Power Bank in India - Intex IT-PB12.5K

Key Features

The power bank comes with three USB output ports, which allows you to charge more than two devices.

The power bank comes in a cylindrical shape and the body is made from plastic.

The power bank supports an 11000 mAh lithium-Ion battery.  The power bank comes with a power button that can turn on/off the device as well as control the LED flashlight.

The power bank comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

  • It comes at a very affordable price.
  • It’s highly durable due to its design and body material.
  • Comes with a built-in flashlight.
  • The USB cable provided is very short.
  • The energy conversion rate is very poor.
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: This is a product of beauty, portability and functionality but it’s charging time fails to impress. Though it is durable, affordable with built in flash but it’s weight is on a higher side.

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#8) Lenovo PA10400 Lithium-Ion Power Bank

The Chinese Computer manufacturing company Lenovo has been a leader in computers, laptops and smartphone manufacturing. So, when the company decided to venture into the portable charging sector, they made sure that they left no stone unturned.

The next entry of the list is a Lenovo PA10400 Lithium-Ion Power Bank, which comes in various colors, high-quality exterior design and has the highest conversion rate. The product also comes with a 1-year warranty. With Swift Charging Capability, Efficient Protection Features and Long Dormant Technology it is a good buy.

  • Best Power Bank in India - Lenovo PA10400 Power Bank

Key Features

The power bank uses 4 LED indicators that indicate the battery level of the power bank.

It is equipped with two USB output ports, which lets you charge more than one mobile device.

The power bank uses 10,400 mAh capacity with a high conversion rate.

The power bank’s exterior is made from a matte finish high-grade plastic.

The power bank is available in different colors.

The power bank comes with a 1-year warranty.

  • It turns on as soon as you connect the device for charging and switches off as you disconnect or the device is fully charged.
  • Needs about 7 hours to fully recharge.
  • You can recharge your device as well as charge the power bank at the same time.
  • Two USB ports allow you to charge more than one mobile device.
  • Performance is not unto it’s brand reputation.


Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: Loaded with latest technology and brand like Lenovo behind, this portable charger charges quickly and delivers efficient protection features but sometimes it gives charging troubles, in other words performance is not it’s strongest forte.

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#9) Pebble PICO 10000mAH Power Bank

The next entry on the list is another Indian company named Pebble. The company is known to manufacture power banks, which are at par with industry standards and the company takes pride in delivering high-quality power banks, headphones, fitness bands, amongst others. The Pebble PICO 10000mAH Portable charger is a palm-sized device that comes with 10-way circuit protection to assure users of safety.

  • Best Power Bank in India - Pebble Pico Pocket-Sized Bank

Key Features

This power bank is compact in design and can fit into your palm easily, which makes it easier to carry.

Despite its size, the power bank is equipped with a 10,000mAh capacity lithium-ion battery.

The power bank uses a dual USB output port that lets you charge two devices at the same time.

The power bank comes with an auto-detect feature, which helps it choose the best charge speed for mobile devices and is compatible with all devices.

The power bank comes with 10-way circuit protection that ensures safety and protection from a short circuit.

  • Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Compact design, which is best if you are traveling and the product does not slip out of your pockets.
  • It comes with a 10-way circuit protection feature, which prevents short circuits and makes it safe to use and carry.
  • A low quality and short cable is provided with this
  • The battery life is poor.
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: Indian company Pebble gave us a great travel companion but low on performance.

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#10) Syska X110 11000mAH Power Bank

Founded in 1989 as the Shree SantKripa Appliances Pvt Ltd or better known as SSK has been manufacturing a wide range of electronic products. Now, their portfolio includes chargers, cables, power banks, home appliances, LED lights and much more.

So, when the company entered the power bank sector they ensured that all rechargeable products are compatible with their portable charger. The Syska X110 11000mAH Portable charger is compatible with most of the devices and uses protection features to prevent short-circuits, overcharging and over-discharging.

  • Best Power Bank in India - Syska X110

Key Features

The power bank comes with USB output ports which use 1A and 2.1A output power, respectively.

The product uses Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) material and comes in different colors.

The power bank is compatible with various devices like Smartphones, Mini speakers, digital cameras, MP3 players, and many more.

You can easily recharge the power bank using a car charger, regular phone charger, or using a USB cable to connect to a laptop.

The product comes with a 6 month warranty.

  • Uses high-quality ABS material, which protects the components from damage.
  • It comes with various safety features, which protect the device from short-circuits, over-discharging and overcharging.
  • The product quality is superior as compared to its competitors.
  • It comes with LED indicators that allow you to keep track of the battery power level.
  • It only uses 7,800mAh of the battery out of the 11,000mAh capacity.
  • It takes a lot of time to charge.
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: Syska should work on it’s safety features and performance as there are a lot of complaints.

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Things to keep in mind before Buying the best Power Bank for yourself?

Before you decide to invest your hard-earned money into a power bank that may have a great review on an online site but would last only a couple of months. You should answer some questions like what power capacity portable charger you need? How many devices do you need to charge at once? What battery type portable charger is best? When you have answers to these and many more such questions only then you should invest in the power bank.

Power Capacity

The higher the capacity of the portable charger the better the charging will be. In simple terms any power bank with higher mAh the more smart device, it can charge in a simple single charge. Say for example you are charging a smart device with a 3000mAh battery, then a 9000mAh capacity power bank is suitable while for laptop a 20,000mAh or higher capacity portable charger will be adequate.

  • You can choose a portable chargerof the same battery capacity as that of your smart device, but it is suggested to choose a power bank with a somewhat more battery capacity. Why? Since portable charger also loses some of its power due to heat and other factors, it is always beneficial to choose a power bank with more battery capacity than the device for which you will use it for.
  • You also need to keep in mind that more power is not always good. Since you will be paying more money for that and it will be wasted if you are not using it to it’s complete capacity.

Input Power

In extreme simple words, the input power value of the portable charger is related to how quickly the portable charger gets charged from the Key Power source. It is measured in terms of amperes (A) and just like the other values, a higher calculation of the input power would be better for a quick recharge of the power bank. In general, this value ranges from 1A to 2.4A for most of the power banks available in the market.

Output Power

The output power of the power bank is the capacity of the portable charger for charging the required device. It is also measured in terms of amperes (A) and just like the input power, a higher value for the output power is recommended for quick charging of the devices.

At the present moment, 2A is the general output power of the portable charger for charging smartphones and 5.4A is the value which is needed for charging multiple devices at a single time.

You can also choose portable chargers with less output power, but then you would have to wait a little longer for completely charging your smart devices by using the portable charger.

Number of Available Ports

If you are one of those who charge multiple devices simultaneously with your portable charger, then choosing a power bank with multiple ports would be the best option. A portable charger with multiple ports will allow you to connect all the devices together for charging. On the other hand, with the limited number of ports on your portable charger, you would have to wait for simultaneously charging the devices.

Another thing to keep in mind, when choosing a power bank with multiple charging ports, is to get a portable charger with a higher battery capacity. A power bank with multiple charging ports and the less charging battery would not be of any great use.

Battery Type

Along with the offered battery capacity, you should also consider the battery type used in the power bank. The portable charger generally comes with 2 types of battery – Lithium Polymer Batteries and Lithium-Ion Batteries. Now, how to decide which of the battery would be the most suitable for the power bank?

  • Lithium Polymer Battery – lightweight, more secure, better longevity, slimmer, expansive to manufacturers, no standard size available, lower energy density and decreased cycle count
  • Lithium-Ion Battery – high energy density, low maintenance, single charging is enough, requires a protection circuit to perform within safe limits, low self-discharge, subject to aging with time, expensive for manufacturers.

Lithium Polymer portable charger I give the first preference because this is advanced technology and these types of power banks are slim, light in weight and safer. Since there are so many cases that we hear of smartphones burning, it’s advisable to choose the safe battery option.


Though it is quite obvious to get a portable portable charger as most of the latest power banks to come with high-end portability, it is suggested to look for the portability option in your power bank. The portability of the portable charger also counts the weight and dimension of the portable charger, which should not be missed while selecting the product.

Most of us will be keeping the portable charger in our carry on bags and will be taking it out only when required but even then it is advisable to keep in mind the size of the portable charger.

Portability could be a deal breaker or maker!


Just like the other electronic item, the higher the price of the portable charger does not necessarily mean a good portable charger. Yes, you can get a power bank with more features with a higher price, but that again does not guarantee quality performance. Therefore, you should keep the price factor in mind when buying the portable charger.

You can get many portable chargers with brilliant performance within the specified price range. Just decide your budget and stick to it when making your choice of the portable charger. Yes, of course, you can negotiate with the price according to the features that you need.

Add on Features

Since we always look to have something extra when buying a device. Like if we get a clock on the power bank or a torch etc then it defiantly adds value to the product. But we should not be deviated from these cool features since the reason we are buying a power bank is to help us get those extra hours of usage and peace of mind that we don’t have to look for charging spot if we run out of juice.


You know the reason why you need a power bank but quite often we miscalculate the usage of it. We should keep in mind the number of times you will be using your portable charger in one charge. If you will be using it on a regular basis or only while traveling.

Since there are a lot of different options available in the market, choosing the right one for you is very important.



Some of you may be convinced that you may need a power bank, while others may be wondering whether they need one or not? So to settle this debate once and for all, I have listed a few reasons why you need a power bank. If you tick more than two boxes then you should definitely buy one.

  • Do you travel frequently?
  • Do you have excessive use of smartphones?
  • Are you a mobile gaming enthusiast?
  • Are you afraid that your smartphone will run out of power when you need it the most?

If you have ticked yes to more than one box and you are a heavy user or you travel often then you definitely need a portable charger to keep your smartphone charged on the go. And you can do this if you invest in a good quality 20000mAh portable charger. A 10000 mAh power bank is also good, but the higher the battery capacity, the more charging you get.

Hope you like our efforts of bringing you the best power bank in India list in 2021. As always do let us know in case you have any question regarding your purchase. We are always there to answer your queries. Cheers!


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