What is an Inverter AC – Working and its Benefits?

These days a buyer is well aware and needs to know the technology of AC that he is buying but there is an often confusion as what exactly is an Inverter Air Conditioner. We are here to love that problem for you.

Many people might confuse you by arguing about inverter vs non-inverter AC and their respective power consumption. They say it is only a marketing gimmick. But, in practical scenarios, the difference is much to consider.

As per an official test, it has been proved! According to which, the power units consumed by BEE 5 star 1.5-ton non-inverter AC when running for about 1600 hours is about 1130 units.

And, running a 3-star inverter AC of the same capacity for the same period will result in the consumption of 972 units of electricity. There is almost a difference of about 160 units! So are you interested to know more about it? Here are the details;

A modern advancement on air conditioners that is in trends all over the world these days is inverter technology. It is related to the electromotor of their compressors. So an inverter AC controls the speed of the compressor as per the real-time analysis of the room temperature.

One big reason behind their huge success is the fact that they have made it possible for one to buy highly power-efficient ACs. And it will save much in the future electricity bills.


How does an Inverter Air Conditioner work?

Do you know which element inside an AC consumes more power? Yes, it is a compressor! So, an inverter-based air conditioner is mainly focused on solving this issue with other added benefits for its users.

Let us not be too technical that you might not be interested to know. It never turns off the compressor. It starts smoothly due to the presence of the inverter mechanism, so not much power load on the system. Hence, overall these ACs consume fewer electricity units of about 30 to 50% lesser as compared to non-inverter systems.

There might be situations when you do not need to use the full tonnage as per the capability of your AC to be used, mainly in winters. So, inverter ACs work best in it by regulating their temperature and consume the power only as per the requirement.

Best AC in India - How Inverter AC Works


An adjustable electrical DC inverter is there. It has the responsibility to control the speed of the electromotor with heating/cooling output and the compressor. It converts the incoming AC to DC and forms a current of required frequency by modulation in the electrical inverter. A microcontroller, with the help of sensors, can identify the ambient air temperature. Hence it can adjust the compressor speed as per requirement.

After switching-on, an inverter AC starts working at faster speeds, possibly more than 100%. Further, it detects and analyzes the room temperature. Once the requisite temperature is achieved, it will be slow down to 10 to 20 percent. So, the tonnage and speed of an air conditioner are regulated that results in much saving in power.

The cooling capacity and flow rate are changed automatically as per the ambient temperature of an area. Thus you would not need to worry to manually adjust the temperature of an AC if any guest will arrive and the number of people or heat increases in the room!


Why should you buy an Inverter AC?

Following are almost all types of benefits in brief that an Inverter air conditioner generally offers to its consumers;

  • – They can perform well, even under voltage fluctuations.
  • – Environment-Friendly, since it consumes less power than a regular AC.
  • – It can be used both in smaller or large rooms.
  • – It can maintain constant room temperature.
  • – Safe to be used since it cannot harm the wiring of a house or office.
  • – It offers active cooling.
  • – A user can save much under long time use.
  • – Due to better control over the temperature, it can quickly cool a specific area.
  • – It works quiet or avoids noise that is common in the case of a non-inverter AC.
  • – It offers comfortable cooling for its users by maintaining an even pre-set temperature everywhere inside the room.
  • – They are capable of running on solar panels.
  • – It works well to de-humidify a place.
  • – They do not need any reset after when a power cut happens.
  • – Most of them come with a filter to avoid allergens, dust, and odors from its operational area as well.


Is An Inverter AC best Choice for you?

No doubt, an air conditioner that comes with inverter technology is a high priced appliance. Also, it would be best if you prepared yourself for higher service cost in the future in case of any fault happen on it.

It all depends upon your current budget! You can take the risk of spending more money now and keep the patience for the next years to come while using it. So, you will surely cover up your initial investment sooner. It is all about your priority in between budget and the advantages offered by an inverter AC!

Best AC in India - How Inverter AC Works


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