10 Best Food Processor in India in 2021

Owing a food processor means you need not to deal with loads of tiring and tedious work. Best food processor in India will help in smooth completion of the food preparation job without taking much time. Now comes the selection of best food processor that includes several factors. So we are here with the desired details of the best food processor in India that will help you to decide as which option best match with your demands.

This selection is based on several factors such as blades of the processor, lid, chute, controls and their ease of use, settings that it offers and whether it is easy to clean or not. So go through this detailed guide on best food processor in India and decide whether you want to go with Hamilton or Ninja or whether Breville meets all your demands.

 Best food processor in India – The top 10 List

# Model Price Capacity Motor Warranty Score
1 Breville BFP660SIL check price 12 cup 1200 watt 1 year 98%
2 Hamilton 70725A check price 12 cup 450 watt 1 year 95%
3 Cuisinart FP-13DGM check price 13 cup 550 watt 3 year 91%
4 KitchenAid KFP1466ER check price 14 cup 480 watt 1 year 88%
5 Cuisinart DLC-2009CHBMY check price 9 cup 600 watt 3 year 86%
6 Oster FPSTFP1355 check price 10 cup 500 watt 1 year 83%
7 Ninja NJ110GR check price 3 cup 200 watt 1 year 81%
8 Cuisinart DLC-8SBCY check price 11 cup 625 watt 5 year 76%
9 Chef’n 102-239-005 check price Single Hand Powered Lifetime 74%
10 BLACK+DECKER HC306 check price 1.5 cup 350 watt 2 year 69%

#1) Breville Sous Chef Food Processor (BFP660SIL)

If you are looking forward for a food processor that comes with tough motor so that you can easily prepare food for huge groups then this is the best option for you. Breville food processor offers several nice features, comes with a bigger bowl for blending and serves extra power as well. It can take care of several tasks efficiently such as kneads the dough, chop vegetables, shreds mozzarella and performs slicing as well with best efficiency. Compared to all the other models, Breville is highly powerful and fastest.

It helps in even chopping of nuts and shredding of mozzarella cheese. The dicing of onions and tomatoes is also consistent. It is easier to uniformly mince fresh parsley in this bowl on account of its design.

  • Breville BFP660SIL

Key Features

It offers easier and faster processing with the feed chute that is extra wide and cuts longer slices. Tipping over of thin long ingredients such as carrots is prevented during slicing with its mini-feed chute.

This food processor can count down or up and stop once it reaches time in countdown mode.

All cleaning utensils and attachments are housed for easy storage in the storage box that helps in saving space.

  • Modern design
  • Large chute to prevent beforehand food chopping
  • Versatile
  • Big capacity of food with 12 cup bowl
  • Food processor with 1200 watt powerful motor
  • It is heavy and big
  • Somewhat expensive
  • Certain parts demands long-time manual washing
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: This processor can serve to be a good option with several functions such as grating cheese, slicing vegetables, chopping nuts and herbs, pureeing soups, mixing batters, etc.


#2) Hamilton Beach Stack & Snap Vegetable Chopper & Food Processor (70725A)

This food processor from Hamilton proves the fact that getting a food processor does not need spending fortune. Hamilton 12 cup food processor can mince parsley, grind cheese and slice tomatoes evenly. Push-button grey controls are featured in its stainless steel base for mixing/pureeing, shredding/slicing and pulses. Its 3 blades are there to serve shredding, slicing and chopping.

Assembling of this food processor is easier compared to most of the other options. The two latches with lid locks prevents user from the hassle of fussing with twisting-the-lid and –lining-up to place the routine.

  • Best food processor in India  - Hamilton 70725A

Key Features

The labor and parts of this product comes with 1-year limited warranty

Cord storage is also there along with blade storage (In-bowl)

It becomes easy for the user to understand the usage of blades from the explanation included in its how-to guide

Much of the time that is spent in preparations is saved with its feeding tube of largemouth

This food processor could also be safely used in dishwasher

It features a bowl of large capacity with 12 cups

  • There is no restriction of fill line and it is, therefore, possible to fill it till the rim
  • Within 5 minutes, it helps in making flawless dough
  • It comes with super-effective lid for zero spills
  • Fitting of bowl is directly on its base
  • Any user can handle this easily since it is customized to be simple
  • For the portions that are evenly matched, it make slices with ultimate precision
  • This product serves affordable and can also serve as a great option for gift
  • This food processor is loud and the user cannot enjoy noise-free operation
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: Expert Note: The design of this processor is remarkably simple and therefore does not demand any turning, twisting or locking at assembly time.


#3) Cuisinart 13 Cup FP-13DGM Food Processor

The food processor from Cuisinart has interchangeable 4.5-cup and 13 cup work bowls. It is therefore useful for preparing coleslaw or salsa. This food processor comes with reversible shredding, adjustable slicing disc, and dicing disc, dough blade, cleaning tool, flexible chopping blade, and storage case where you can keep the accessories. This machine offered the best performance in all the tasks including bread dough kneading, mozzarella cheese shredding, etc.

To maintain the best operating condition of the machine, this food processor comes with a cleaning tool and features a 10mm screen for dicing. Surplus ingredients quantities are handled easily by its work bowl of 13-cup making this food processor a perfect choice for huge gatherings. For lesser amounts, its 4 cup bowl serves to be best. The job of nuts chopping, soup pureeing, cheese shredding and tomatoes slicing becomes quick with the help of 2 of its stainless steel blades.

  • Best food processor in India  - Cuisinart FP-13DGM

Key Features

Wide mouth supreme feed tube having large, medium and small pushers

10mm grid dicing disc and cleaning tool and case for storing accessories

Reversible stainless steel shredding disc and adjustable stainless steel slicing disc

  • It is easy to lift and hold it single-handedly with its light base. Being light does not affect the performance of this machine
  • Features wide chute mouth
  • Small and even mince with wonderful processing without leaving stray chunks
  • Reversible shredding blade with large shred at one side and smaller one at other
  • Leads to more mess due to lid shape
  • Blade does not get rid of stains after washing
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note:The design of this food processor is perfect for preparing any food item that the recipe demands and it can chop ingredients for a huge party with its large size.



#4) KitchenAid Food Processor 14-Cup with Dicing Kit and Exact Slice System (KFP1466ER)

This food processor from KitchenAid is a bit expensive but the performance of this heavy-duty, large model worth the investment. It also looks pretty and enhances the overall look of the kitchen. The attachments and blades stacked with this processor offers remarkable versatility. It comes with 2 lids, 4 cup work bowl, reversible shredding disc, adjustable slicing disc, dough blade, 2 multipurpose blades, cleaning tool, dicing kit, and storage case.

  • Best food processor in India  - KitchenAid KFP1466ER

Key Features

Optimized speeds are featured in this system along with external lever that helps in thin to thick processing.

the speed options of pulse, low and high allows proper and precise handling of hard to soft ingredients with just click of a button.

  • Anti-leak ring and super-tight seal
  • Quality locking system prevents spilling all through the place
  • 3 speeds are there (pulse, high and low) that allow user to select the best one for desired ingredient texture
  • Capacity of 14 cup allows working with several ingredients together
  • Switch tube has 2 in 1 design that allows easy switching between narrow and big opening based on ingredients
  • No need to stop for adjusting the tube since the 2 in 1 design allows both shredding and slicing
  • The 3-inch width of the feed tube demands more prep of food for reducing size of ingredients
  • The price is more compared to the other items
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: This food processor offers a wide range of options for mixing, chopping and pureeing quickly and is also ideal for daily use with its lightweight and compact design.


#5) Cuisinart Prep 9 9-Cup Food Processor (DLC-2009CHBMY)

This is the food processor that stands on top of all the cases. Even when the jobs are tricky such as shredding carrots or slicing tomatoes, this food processor handles them smoothly. The controls of this classic Cuisinart Prep are easy to use and basic with only 3 buttons (pulse, on and off) making it a perfect model for users who are not experts at food processing.

For most of the demands, the capacity of 9 cup stands sufficient. However, if the demand is to prepare larger batches then its sister model can best serve the purpose. Cuisinart 9 prep consists of shredding disc, slicer disc, detachable stem, chopping blade as well as a recipe book.

  • Best food processor in India  - Cuisinart DLC-2009CHBMY

Key Features

It stands perfect for the busy kitchen. There is no need for precutting and user can add big portions such as fruits and vegetables from the feed tube having ultimate wide mouth

This food processor can perform several functions with ease including mix, chop, puree, shred, slice and knead

Food prep becomes easy and fast with its reversible and slicing disc with utmost efficiency on account of stainless steel blade

User can simply operate the pulse, on and off mode enjoying complete control

It offers potent performance with the 600-watt motor

  • The prep time is reduced with the elimination of pre-chopping need
  • Complete meals are prepared effortlessly with its 9 cup large work bowl
  • The kitchen multitaskers find it highly beneficial since it is capable of shredding, chopping, pureeing, slicing, emulsifying and kneading with the attachments included in it
  • Controls on the top touchpad make it simple to operate along with pulse ability
  • The components are detachable making it simple to clean and these are dishwasher safe as well
  • It features razor-sharp, greatly effective and highly durable blades of stainless steel that lasts long
  • The cluttered, busy or small kitchens find this processor as the ideal option on account of its compact size
  • The powerful motor of 600 watt leads in faster completion of job while running quietly
  • It is possible to store the power cord by wrapping it and keeping in housing base
  • It is hard to manage the locking mechanism between top and work bowl
  • The chopping feature is not able to result in even chopping all times
  • Trapping of food takes place under its blades that have to be removed
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: No need to spend hours in kitchens since prep tasks are made quick, simple and fun with this processor having the powerful motor for chopping, dicing, slicing and pureeing.


#6) Oster 10-Cup 2-Speed Food Processor (FPSTFP1355)

This Oster food processor stands as the easiest of other models in this list in terms of use. It consists of a dough blade, S-shaped blade, slicing disc, reversible shredding, feed tube, and a lid, both of which have easy assembling.

All its accessories and parts are safe to be used in a dishwasher that allows fast cleanup. It can process shredded carrots and diced onions evenly while the parsley might be left slightly bruised at the time of mincing.

  • Best food processor in India  - Oster FPSTFP1355

Key Features

Chopped ingredients are required in almost all the recipes. The S-shaped stainless steel blade provides the versatility for chopping anything ranging from desserts and appetizers.

This food processor offers precise slicing of things such as cheese, vegetables, fruit, etc. with the help of stainless steel disk having incorporated slicer blades. More consistency is there in each slice without any hassle.

Users can easily process large vegetables and fruits with the help of its wide 5-inch continuous feed chute with minimal work of prep.

Do not ignore making delicious dishes just because of dough kneading since this food processor makes dough kneading a fun and simple task. You can now prepare amazing dishes with homemade pizza crust, bread, and cookie dough.

Convenient organization and storage is there with the help of neatly stacked accessories and blades in a bowl.

Users can enjoy overall control with pulse setting along with 2 speeds to precisely process the foods.

  • It is an affordable option
  • The food processor is easy to store on account of its compact size
  • Offers excellent performance with 8 attachments including wide feeder tube, blade storage, small and large work bowls, etc.
  • It serves to be a great option in food processor with wide feeder tube, two work bowls, blade storage, versatility, and efficiency
  • It is difficult to clean since the food particles are trapped in its system of feeder tubes.
  • The emulsifying capacity of this food processor is not very good
  • Its performance with whipping is poor
  • Cord storage is not there
  • The machine is heavy making it less portable
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: Give a new level excellence to your culinary skills with this food processor having motor of 500 watt that makes tasks of grinding, blending and chopping simple and quick.


#7) Ninja Food Chopper Express Chop (NJ110GR)

If you the one in search of something that can make the everyday cooking task quick and simple then this food processor stands to be the perfect choice for you. It is something you cannot live without once you are used to its amazing performance. This Ninja food processor is efficient for a wide range of tasks and lasts long even when used heavily, like on a daily basis. It is possible to carry out several tasks using this food processor including chopping of things like carrots, onions, tomato, celery, garlic, etc.

It simply means that much of the kitchen time that is otherwise spent in such prep tasks is now saved and the user can now prepare delicious meals without much hassle and long working hours in the kitchen. There is no second thought of whether or not to use the food processor since Ninja stands to be a lucrative option with so many benefits for the user

  • Best food processor in India  - Ninja NJ110GR

Key Features

The base of its bowl has its outer part coated with a thin rubber-like material. The friction between the surface and mini chopper is improved by this coating that eliminates the need of pressing it forcefully to chop things with still processor.

A splash guard with perfect design comes with this unit that doubles in the form of a storage lid. This is a useful feature since it allows securing the extra preparations in the processing bowl with tight lid on it and a completely closed center tab.

The 4 blade ultra-sharp assembly of this unit helps in effortless slicing of several nuts, fruits, and other edible things. It also allows even chopping of garlic that is somewhat difficult with other processors. Fine chopping of solids is also efficiently achieved by this food processor without resulting in a mush that is the case with other processor models.

  • Its blades and motor are sheer powerful
  • Wide variety of spices, as well as foods of other types, could be processed with the help of its choppers
  • It results in fine and even chopping of food to help prepare delicious meals quickly
  • It is compact, portable and safe to be used in dishwasher
  • The design is easy to use
  • This processor helps in excellent processing
  • There is frequent trapping of food near its blade top part close to the motor making it difficult to clean the mess.
  • The absence of suction below its base makes it important to hold the bowl to avoid spill.
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note:It is easy to perform any prep task with this food processor that is capable of even chopping, dicing, pureeing and blending the fresh ingredients.



#8) Cuisinart Pro Food Processor (DLC-8SBCY)

This Cuisinart food processor that stands on top in the preference list of most of the users who are looking forward to replace the old model with something new and awesome. The latest versions of this product are even better than those available in previous days. It is well made and solid. It features a heavy base and stays in its place firmly with the help of its rubber feet. The motor is efficient enough to complete the challenging task of dough kneading as well.

It comes with sharp disc blades that can quickly complete the task of shredding, slicing, and mixing. The attachments are also worth noting. It includes a shredding disc and 2 slicing discs. Such varied blade attachments make this appliance stand as a must-have option in modern kitchens.


  • Cuisinart DLC-8SBCY

Key Features

This machine of food processing has a large capacity with wide feed chute. The presence of extra discs makes it all the more versatile. The compact flat lid of this processor could be used for mixing or chopping.

Stainless steel is used for making this model’s blades so that they can take care of even the toughest jobs with much ease. Blades of this model include mixing and chopping blade, slicing discs and shredding disc.

Standard slicing disc available in this model is helpful with vegetables and fruits, bread and semi-frozen or cooked meat. Thin slicing disc stands perfect for slicing potatoes, mushrooms, onions or cucumbers.

A spatula is there in this food processor that helps snip down work bowl sides in case of food stuck.

  • This processor stands best for most of the users in terms of mid ranges price and high quality.
  • The processor delivering accuracy and speed is remarkable.
  • It operates quietly without making much noise
  • This unit stands superior as well as professional compared to the other options that are available at less price
  • It is durable and comes in big set
  • The operation of its large tube lid is somewhat difficult to handle for most of the users since it moves with the tube present at the processor’s back.
  • Operating the controls becomes somewhat awkward in this case since using the chute demands to reach over its bowl.


Satisfaction Score:
Expert note:This product serves best for chef with amazing features such as wide feed tube, work bowl of 11 cup. It can easily knead the bread and is powerful enough to take the best care of other such tasks.



#9) Chef’nVeggiChop Food Chopper (102-239-005)

Chef’n is yet another option in the best food processors in India that stands worthy of investment. Most of the users find this manual processor to be the one that perfectly matches their demands. Any task of chopping is completed quickly with the help of this processor and it does not engage too much space as well.

The task of cord pulling serves fun and makes chopping easy. Some people might surprise about the operation of this chopper that depends on the pull string. However, using it once makes them habitual and so very fond of the product that they use it in everyday kitchen prep. Even when it is manually powered, users find it better than most of the options available in electric processors. It stands perfect for daily use to chop garlic, onions and several other peppers.

  • Best food processor in India  - Chef'n 102-239-005

Key Features

This chopper is hand-powered and therefore no need for electricity is there for operating it.

It is a great choice for travel, small kitchens, and camping

Just keep the ingredients in its container, lock its lid by twisting and then pull cord so that the chopping blades spin

To whip batches of hummus, pesto, guacamole, salsa, etc. this model stands perfect.

It also features a sealing storage lid useful for placing ingredients in container

The bowl, blades and storage lid could be safely washed on dishwasher’s top lid

  • It is dishwasher safe
  • No need for electricity to operate this chopper since it is hand operated
  • Easy to clean and easy to use
  • lightweight
  • Need cut down pieces for better operation
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note:Get this beautifully designed chopper that helps in chopping large parts of vegetables, fruits, meats, nuts, and herbs.


#10) BLACK+DECKER One-Touch Electric processor (HC306)

No need to shred tears while chopping onions since this 70-watt chopper gets you covered. It features a pulse function and comes with a single speed. Anyone can make use of this Black+Decker processor safely since it comes with the feature of a safety lock. Stainless steel bi-level blades help in quick vegetable chopping. It is also possible to mince, chop and dice up the desired ingredients with the help of its blades.

The making of blades with stainless steel prevents them from getting dull with long operating hours. Just toss the food in, press the control pulse one-touch button and you are done. The bowl of this processor has the capability of holding up to 1.5 cups of pesto, salsa or dips.

  • Best food processor in India  - BLACK+DECKER HC306

Key Features

This makes cleanup simple since parts are removable and dishwasher safe

The pulse control is one touch that allows easy chopping

  • This processor has dishwasher safe parts that allows simple cleanup
  • Safety lock is there in the lid
  • The design is compact and small that makes it best for countertop
  • Food bits stuck between the blade and cover that leads to turning the machine off
  • t is somewhat noisy while chopping
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note:Enjoy easy and fast mincing and chopping with just a button touch with pulse control and sharp blades.



These are the options available in food processors. You can select the best food processor in India based on your demands, budget range, operations, and frequency of processing foods. Enjoy simple and fast processing of food with this option and get rid of the everyday hassle.


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