11 Best Sewing Machines in India – A complete Buyers Guide

Stitching is an art which it can be pursued for life and it gives immense happiness but you need a true friend to bring your creation coming to life and, that’s the reason we bring you the best sewing machine in India that you can buy!

There is a popular saying “A stitch in Time, Saves Nine” which means if something is torn apart its better to stitch it before it damages further and same goes with making your purchase of the best sewing machine for yourself. While selecting sewing machine, the most significant matter to focus on is what metrics are most crucial for you when you sew? Each and every machine has plethora of distinct accessories and abilities which may not be appropriate to you and simply put unwanted expenditure.

There are certain features to inquire about before shopping for best sewing machine. Majority of machines consists of bobbin and a presser foot, however few include much more. For the reaping out more benefits, examine whether a machine comprises of a zipper foot, embroidery foot, buttonhole foot, storage field and removable extended work table.

Obviously, possessing needle supremacy back in trend, your sewing machine could be capable to triumph of a position in your house and suppose you opt to purchase the relevant one, it may be even last you a generation. Hence, at present we have aligned with the best sewing machines which you may buy, and we have conveyed single thing ranging from the starting level of sewing machines for new comers to the professional folks in sewing industry.

These machines can help out in entire aspects from cross stitch to tough materials. Our detailed description and analysis will surely give you a clear-cut idea of which machine would be best suited for you. So, without further ado, let’s did into the best sewing machine that you can buy:

11 Best Sewing Machine in India in 2020

# Model Price Weight Automatic needle threader Incorporated Stitches Top Speed (SPM) Score
1 Singer Simple 3232 check price 5.56 Kg Yes 32 750 97%
2 Usha Janome Dream Stitch check price 4 Kg No 14 550 96%
3 Brother GS 3700 check price 6.5 Kg Yes 37 800 94%
4 Singer Heavy Duty 4423 check price 6.58 Kg Yes 23 1100 92%
5 Janome JW8100 check price 5.44 Kg Yes 100 1000 90%
6 Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 check price 9.07 Kg Yes 600 850 87%
7 Brother Computerized check price 5.9 Kg Yes 60 850 85%
8 Janome 2212 check price 7.08 Kg Yes 12 1000 82%
9 Varmax Mini check price 1.13 Kg No 280 80%
10 Brother ST371HD check price 8.35 Kg Yes 37 800 78%
11 Brother Project Runway check price 9.07 Kg Yes 294 850 77%

The following is a catalogue of best sewing machines in India and all relevant details as required to know about the product. Check out them before deciding to buy a sewing machine:


#1) Simple 3232 Portable Sewing Machine by Singer – Best Sewing Machine in India!

Beginning the sewing learning stage is amazing and simple with Singer 3232 Simple Sewing Machine. This machine is prepared with an intention to help out sewers at beginning stage and it offers all the primary capabilities you require for a perfect start. It is entirely equipped to meet your requirements for years as you carry out to advance. You will be amazed with what you can create on an easy to learn and love sewing machine.

Singer brand has always made sewing easy and is a reputed name in the marketplace. This machine has heavy duty metal frame which holds on all the mechanisms and has durable features. It even offers smoothness in accomplishing correct alignment with skip free sewing.

  • Singer Simple 3232 Portable Sewing Machine - Best Sewing Machine in India

Key Features

  • Time saving: It is an Automatic needle threader with lot of time saving
  • Flexible: It has adjustable stitch length and width
  • Hassle free: This machine helps in stopping bunching on any sort of fabric
  • Ease of use: It offers simple stitch selection which permits you to modify stitches in one simpler step
  • Effective functioning: It has extra high presser foot lifter which permits the presser foot to be increased to a higher position for effective positioning of the task
  • Built-in functions: It has 32 built in stitches with 6 basic, 6 stretch, 19 decorative and 1 entirely automatic 1 step buttonhole. This is a great machine with basic and advanced features
  • User friendly: Good machine for new start
  • Simple and easy
  • Effective usage
  • Multifunctional
  • Quick operation
  • Can be more durable
  • Simple design
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: It is true that the sewing machine is effective and wonderful for beginners to start. But, some people even claim there are issues seen after they used it for 1 or 2 weeks.

#2) Usha Janome Dream Stitch

Usha International Limited is a brand that is known to deliver superior quality products since 1934 and this sewing machine is no different. With its robust design, price and features Usha has delivered yet another gem. With right behind, standing at rank 2 in our list, this machine is a work of art.

Loaded with Japanese technology, this machine works with 550 SPM (Stitches per minute) which is an excellent speed with 14 stitch functions and 7 built in stitches. With its compact size it can fit in easily in any corner of your room.

Key Features

  • Comes with all basic stitches
    1. zig zag stitch
    2. Straight stitch
    3. quilting
    4. zip fixing
    5. blind hem
    6. smocking
    7. rolled hemming
    8. lace fixing
  • Light weight and easy to store: This machine is not only great for a stitching enthusiast but it’s great for someone who is transitioning from a manual sewing machine to electric one. Given its light weight, it is easy to carry even for a pregnant women and even easier to store with its small size. Also the box in which it comes is small enough to be stored in your room with dimensions of 384x207x290 (mm).
  • Affordable: This master piece from USHA is a great buy considering its very affordable and easy on your pocket compared to the other heavy weights in our list.
  • Perfect for all basic stitching.
  • Great value for money
  • Light weight
  • Comes with a light to stitch in dim light
  • Doesn’t come with Embroidery Switch and Built-in Needle Threader
  • Thread Cutter is missing


Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: Wow! What a master piece by USA International. Best Buy if you are looking for something semi professional, light weight and affordable. If you are looking to open up a clothing unit then this machine is not for you as it’s missing most of the professional features. So, perfect for household in short!


#3) GS 3700 Sewing Machine by Brother

This brother sewing machine is ideal for beginners understanding sewing and advancing sewers checking out for versatility. This sewing machine is loaded with lot of abilities like 37 built in stitches and 71 stitch functions. It consists of blind hem, quilting stitches, decorative stitches. It has an automatic one step button holder.

It is designed in easy manner and it arrives with built in effective needle threader. It has jam resistant quick set top drop in bobbin. It has an automatic bobbin winding system and comprise of button hole, zigzag, zipper, blind stitch, narrow hemmer and button sewing foot. All these peculiarities make this sewing machine wonderful element.

  • Brother GS 3700 Sewing Machine - Best Sewing machine in India

Key Features

  • Simple control with several stitch patterns
    – It has 37 unique built in stitches which comprises of blind hem, stretch, decorative and zig zag stitches
    – One step auto sized button holder for virtually perfect buttonholes
  • Brilliant design and customization
    – This sewing machine has 6 quick customization sewing feet with buttonhole, narrow hemmer, button sewing feet, zig zag, blind stitch
    – It has built in needle threader and the sewing machine has free arm
  • User friendly
    – This sewing machine has easy stitch selector, manual tension control, and Led light
    – It has anti jamming and is a lightweight product
    – It comes with warranty and it offers lots of distinct stitches
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Affordable
  • Quiet operation
  • Not adjustable pressure foot
  • LED light is not bright enough
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: The sewing machine is great and comes with many specialties in it. For both beginners and advanced level people, this sewing machine proves to be the best.


#4) Singer Heavy Duty 4423

This beautiful singer sewing machine helps in sewing 1,100 stitches each minute. As a mid-rated model, it has ultra-fast speed. Actually, many other models perform 500 or 600 stitches each minute. In certain cases, the speed is rapid than units developed for professionals.

Hence, you can match it with finest of them and leave time for all those other works you require to accomplish. You will be able to produce quality stitches with thin and delicate fabrics from rayon and silk satin to stretchy Lycra etc.

Key Features

  • Different stitching patterns: This sewing machine arrives with 23 stitches and this machine is perfect if you are a new starter with 6 basic, 4 stretch, 12 decorative and 1 buttonhole stitches
  • Flexible stitches: With this machine, you require a longer stitch for thicker materials and shorter stitches for lighter and thinner fabric
  • Convenient: This machine bestows with automatic needle threader and you can thread the eye of the needle without eyestrain or any annoyance
  • Simple operation: This machine bestows with top drop-in bobbin and it is simpler to insert and remove. Try to understand your thread is running low
  • Quick: It saves time and has extra high speed of stitching 1100 stitches each minute and other time saving abilities
  • Enhanced control: This machine bestows with foot control pedal and permits you to standardize your speed
  • Strong stitches: This machine bestows with automatic reverse with which you can strengthen your stitches
  • Customized: This machine bestows with snap on presser feet which is a simple on-off release to customize the presser foot immediately
  • Quality operation: It delivers quality stitches for many distinct fabrics with great performance and durability
  • Provide more clearance
  • Allows decorative stitches
  • Portable
  • High stitching speed
  • Its bobbin rattle in holder
  • Plastic casing
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: This pocket-friendly router works best in small space and works perfectly fine on 300Mbps connection within the range.



#5) Janome JW8100 Fully-Featured Computerized Sewing Machine 

This sewing machine permits the customers to make the most out of their creative talents. The Janome Company accomplishes this task by undergoing their missions of ensuring all their products as trustworthy and easier along with the fact “sewing machine helps in preparing stitches from finest materials feasible”.

Janome JW8100 fully featured computerized sewing machine arrives with warranty and you can replace it in the guaranteed period. A 25 year limited warranty of this sewing machine and top loading bobbin attracts the buyer to grab it. You can have 100 built in stitches and seven auto buttonholes styles.

  • Janome JW8100 Fully-Featured Computerized Sewing Machine 

Key Features

  • Stitch patterns: It will be tough to search a stitch which is not consisted in this machine. The ones offered comprise of 20 fundamental and fashion stitches, 18 quilting stitches, 27 heirloom style stitches, 28 stitches utilized for home décor and seven buttonhole stitches.
  • Convenient design: The Janome JW8100 possess a backlit LCD display which permits you to check out which sort of stitches are accessible and which ones would you desire to prefer.
  • Bobbin: This machine has a top loading bobbin and it is easier to possess the bobbin thread if required
  • Performance: The reverse button will permit you to backstitch to make your seams strong and ensure none can unravel anything.
  • Good for tough fabrics: It accomplishes specifically well on tougher fabrics such as wool, knit, fleece.
  • Easy control: With the aid of start and stop button, you can control the machine without utilizing the foot pedal.
  • Free motion sewing: You would utilize this for free motion sewing when you will be immediately turning and maneuvering the fabric in distinct directions.
  • Affordable
  • Portable and lightweight
  • 100 incorporated stitches
  • Easy access controls
  • Good for tougher products
  • Noisy
  • No thread cutter
  • Removable charge
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: More positive remarks than negative ones conclude that you can surely opt for this sewing machine as your choice. However, you must ensure about each prospect before buying this model.


#6) Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 Computerized Portable Sewing Machine 

It doesn’t need any special talent to execute this sewing machine as each and every features of this model are quite easy to understand. This sewing machine possesses many fascinating features which will turn your sewing experience a fun filled work. The automatic feature will make your sewing job easier and you can sew up to 600 built in stitches. This machine is more for the professionals.

The characteristic of having loads of built in stitches makes it wonderful tool. The stitch selection buttons are suitably placed on the front of the sewing machine along with the LCD display which showcases present settings.

  • Singer Quantum Stylist 9960

Key Features

  • Different stitching styles: There are 600 built in stitches and 13 buttonhole styles offered by this machine
  • Convenient operation: This machine provides free arm for preparing leaves, cuffs, collars and other cylindrical items
  • Better control: This machine has maximum speed control lever
  • Lot of accessories: Distinct decorative stitches are accessible with this machine
  • Varied possible designs: It has programmable patterns which permits for a diverse variety of designs
  • Easy mechanism: This machine has easy threading system and slow stitch speed option
  • Automatic: This machine has automatic stitch length and width, and automatic thread trimmer
  • Needle positions: It even has drop feed function, needle up and down button, 25 needle positions
  • Great speed control
  • Multiple accessories included
  • Self-cutting thread skill
  • Programmable patterns
  • Expensive
  • No quilting trays
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: The dominating positive factors over negative factors rises up the fact that SINGER Quantum Stylist 9960 Computerized Portable Sewing Machine is one of the best sewing machine.


#7) Brother Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine, CS6000i

It won 2018 and 2020 women’s choice award for this machine. However, in case you regard the fact that vintage is in nowadays, you can convey that it is modish appearing as well. The body of this sewing machine is rounded and thus has a vintage look. The body color is light gray and there is nothing fascinating printed on it. Firstly, the automatic needle threader and simple bobbin winder permit for simple threading process.

The facts that the machine is computerized and is jam-resistant featured along with rapid bobbin set are interesting for those who are new comers in sewing field. The features like LCD stitch selector and adjustable speed helps beginners in learning varied kinds of stitches in easier and comfortable manner.

  • Brother Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine - Best Sewing machine in India

Key Features

  • Design: It has LCD display, six point feed dogs, needle set with a pouch provided
  • Quick: It has electronic speed control, 850 stitches per minute, 1 touch functions (start and stop, reverse)
  • Ease of use: It has extremely convenient start and stop button
  • Time saving: It has needle up and down buttons which saves lot of time
  • User-friendly operation: It has very simple automatic threading, spool pin, three spool caps, easy drop-in bobbin provided
  • Control: It has manual thread tension along with dial for better control
  • Thread cutter: It has manual thread cutter developed and housed on machine left corner
  • Ease of operation
  • Quilting feature is great
  • LCD screen
  • Very quiet
  • Affordable as per features
  • Machine is made up of plastic
  • Struggles with thick material
  • Thread pops off at high speed
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: Brother Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine, CS6000i is a budget friendly choice and it doesn’t acquire some features. Still, it is wonderful option and one should be extra conscious while buying it online.


#8) Janome 2212 Sewing Machine

The Janome 2212 is a budget friendly sewing machine which is designed to support you to acquire benefit of sewing variety of materials with comfort and ease. This machine is completely mechanical and pretty light weight feature. This machine is very easy to navigate through and is wholeheartedly stable.

This sewing machine is best for beginners and offers numerous advantages of stitching. Its bobbins are in outer area and so new comers can easily stitch. Elements like needle plate, seam guides, drop feed etc. are all present in it. It offers convenient free arm, large reverse stitch button, front loading bobbin etc. in it and hence the sewing machine works best.

  • Janome 2212

Key Features

  • Design: This sewing machine offers 12 utility stitches and two spool pins which can react
  • Clean operation: This sewing machine offers clean, neat and comfortable sewing outcomes
  • User friendly: This sewing machine is user friendly with accessories offered, less costly item
  • Convenient: It has accessories holding compartment on its board
  • Work with multi fabrics: This machine performs on knit, natural fabrics, synthetic and soft fabrics, upholstery
  • User friendly
  • Best for beginners
  • Stitch selection is easy
  • Allows multiple patterns
  • No automatic needle threader
  • No presser foot pressure adjustment
  • Not suitable for heavy materials
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: Despite of lack of features present in Janome 2212 sewing machine, the peculiarities and wonderful facts of it makes it beneficial and fruitful for sewing various types of clothes.



#9) Mini Sewing Machine with Extension Table by Varmax

The Varmax 201 Mini sewing machine has less weight and is shiny with white and purple colored accents and boasts a modish aesthetic. It is exceptionally compact and wonderful element.

It has 280 stitches per minute and top loading bobbin. It comes with 30 days warranty. It has extension table, foot pedal and external power supply feature in it. The characteristics of having four bobbins and needle threader makes it wonderful component.

  • Varmax Mini Sewing Machine with Extension Table

Key Features

  • Handy design: This mini sewing machine is portable, compact and easily utilized machine
  • Flexible operation: You can sew different kinds of material at any place at any time
  • Affordable: This sewing machine is productive and very reasonable in rates
  • Speed control: You can control speed from low to high
  • Portable: It run on batteries and you can take it along with you at any place
  • Ease of use: The fractional elements of this mini sewing machine make the task arsenal
  • Work with different materials: Whether it is denim, curtains, shirts, canvas etc. any type of thin or thick material can be stitched from this machine
  • Needle sizes: There are varieties of needle sizes for this machine so that all types of stitches can be accomplished
  • Portable as it runs on battery
  • Usable anywhere
  • Affordable
  • It has too light weight
  • Missing Accessories
  • Lack of support


Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: Well, there are benefits of utilizing these sewing machine models and drawbacks also. Many of the customers are happily satisfied and many even arrive with complains and dissatisfaction. Now, it is up to you to make a proper judgment and take step to buy.



#10) Brother ST371HD 

This sewing machine is versatile and strong model. It can handle thick seam, hemming jeans, any kind of fabric etc. It is even perfect enough for sewing and mending projects. This machine comprises of metal needle plate for smoothening feeding, metal thread hook, heavyweight needles, nonstick foot and many other fabrics.

This sewing machine is constructed to handle big range of fabric weights and thickness. There are 37 matchless built in stitches and jam resistant fast drop in top bobbin features present in this machine.

  • Brother ST371HD Sewing Machine

Key Features

  • Quality construction: This machine comprises of needle sizes of different metrics, a buttonhole and button sewing foot
  • Flexibility: It is helpful in majority of stitching tasks and user can adjust stitch length up to 4 mm
  • Different possible stitches: It offers decorative stitches, overedge stitches, double action and fagoting stitches
  • Controls for user convenience: It has blind stitch foot, zipper foot, spring action zigzag foot, automatic needle threader, bobbin features, storage and free arm
  • Affordable
  • Incorporated handle
  • Drop feed
  • Versatile
  • Offers variety of stitches
  • Absence of accessories
  • No feature for string tensioning
  • Weak lights for work area
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: Majority of features observed in this sewing machine are fantastic and productive in using it.however, some cases of negative feedback are still seen. I will recommend you to make a purchasing deal with complete care and notice.


#11) Brother Project Runway Electric Sewing Machine

Some peculiar things in this sewing machine is appropriate and better than other variants. There are 294 distinct kinds of built in stitches and it consists of some clothing stitches, decorative stitches, quilting stitches, heirloom stitches.

There are 6 specialty sewing feet and this machine arrives with 3 distinct incorporated lettering styles, buttonhole foot, button sewing foot, monogramming foot, overcasting foot, blind stitch foot. All these features make this sewing machine very powerful tool for sewing any material you desire to perform with this machine.

  • Brother Project Runway Electric - Best Sewing Machine in India

Key Features

  • Needle threader: It has automatic needle threader
  • Built-in functions: It has plethora of built in functions and one step customized buttonholes
  • Less noisy: It works in quiet manner
  • Accessories: It has all accessories comprised in it such as LED lighting, black and white LCD display
  • Design: It has quick set top bobbin and foot controller pedal
  • Less noisy
  • Has multiple stitch patterns
  • It is light in weight
  • Portable
  • Durable
  • Shaking issues
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: There are positive aspects to think about in this sewing machine. Nevertheless, there are drawbacks too which will make you rethink about this machine. Anyway, see whether your requirements meet with this machine’s features and then decide on buying this.


11 Factors to consider before buying the best Sewing machine for your needs

We have listed down 11 factors that you should consider before making your purchase. As we believe one shoe can’t fit all and we need to identify our needs before we make the right purchase

1. Hobby or Regular use or Professional

Professional Use: If you looking to start a clothing unit and become a professional then we recommend you to go for the top end model but also keep in mind that you yourself won’t be using it but your workers will working on it day in and day out. So, you need to make sure that you know all the features as you need to pass on the knowledge to your employees. In this case you can also go with the high end computerized sewing machines.

Hobby: Often while making a purse we take impulsive decision and buy something that has a lot of features in it but later realize that we are using only 1/3rd of the features it offers. This is usually happen when sewing is your hobby. You make the purchase but later fall short on time to pursue it further. In that case we recommend you should use the basic model as since even the basic model offers tons of features that again takes time to master.

Regular Use: When you are planning to use you sewing machine for fixing up small things like buttons, light stitches etc then we would recommend you to reconsider your purchase. As most of this small tasks can be accomplished by hand only.

2. Number of stitching patterns:

Again higher number of stitching patterns can be fascinating enough to pick one model over another but we would recommend you to check and compare the stitching patterns between models of your choice.

For the most of your household sewing machines and projects you should check out for thread that meets your all requirement. You can utilize heavier threads and alter the tension of your machine. Cotton threads are generally common when you are sewing a quilt.

Certain machines comprise of particular abilities which can make sewing easier and simpler in entire manner such as automatic needle threader, thread cutter, lights, blind stitching, and free arm and buttonhole abilities. Once you possess them, you cannot think of any sewing machine with none of them.

3. Fabric preferences

Most of the models that we have listed works perfectly on cotton, polyester, silk, georgette, net etc but if you are planning to stitch leather with a sewing machine then it wouldn’t perform optimally.

4. Portability and storage

Since our lives have become busier and houses have become smaller, we need to consider portability and storable while making your home appliance purchases. You must put your sewing machine where it remains safe from any knocking. Sewing machines can serve as long lasting machines with wonderful durability only if you take good care of them and prevent them from any mishandling.

5. Sewing speed

The sewing speed that we have listed in the comparison table is the maximum speed with which a machine can sew. Different stitching pattern would have different speeds, so we recommend not to pay a lot of attention to speed unless its too slow for a productive outcome. Speed for sewing machines are measured in SPM i.e. Stitches Per Minute.

6. Longivity

Do you remember your mother’s or grandmother’s sewing machine?

The mechanical one!

Yes, they do last generations when taken proper care. So choose it wisely.

7. Accessories

Certain sewing machines do come with a lot of extra accessories and this might be a factor whether or not you make a specific purchase. A more experienced sewer might not be as fascinated with extra accessories in most case as compared to a new comer who would love all sorts of fancy accessories.

8. Noise factor

Sewing machine is like any other machine if well oiled and serviced would be less noisy. Keep in mind though the modern days sewing machines are less nosy, they do require regular care in order to remain as such. We have seen older machines which are well maintained can be painfully noisy.

9. Brand, service and spareparts

We would our bands, we are usually inclined toward a brand even if it less less features and value for money.

We totally get that!

But do consider if it could provide proper service in the long run. Like an Indian brand spare parts would be easily available as compared to an imported machine and same goes with the service.

10. Electric consumption

Usually these machine doesn’t consume much electricity. Usually, most of the sewing machines consume 45 – 75 Watts to run the motor.

If you are setting up the clothing unit, do calculate the number of hours you will be running the machine along with total number of machines.

Do your maths! It always help!

11. Value for money

A budget can be a significant facet in selecting a sewing machine. A cheap sewing machine can be as better as a pricier one. Machines arrive in a spectrum of prices and it is simple to search one to fit both your sewing requirements and your budget.


Final Words – Best Sewing Machine in India

Each machine has different specialty and hence it is worth to look out for a machine which will perform best for the kind of sewing you want to accomplish. Certain machines are aimed for small sewing tasks and some for bigger tasks while some for embroidery purposes.

This prospective can help you cut short your research plan and get the machine which suits your need ideally. Many people have a desire to accomplish primary hemming or professional sewer with their visions put forth on a complicated coverlet.

People who are fresher in the field of sewing, they simply require two stitches and they are straight and zig zag. Sewers on advanced stage need a wider variety. As an illustration, if you desire embroidery or quilting, you must ensure you check out those machines which bestow with those qualities.

In case your machine doesn’t grant with embroidery or free motion sewing, then even on later stage, such abilities won’t be added. Furthermore, ensure the machine has ability to amend with stitch length, tension and zig zag width as it will make you handle more control over sewing.

We really hope that this blog on Best Sewing machine in India would certainly help you in making the right purchase. We would like to thank getethnic.com and Richa Agnihotri for helping us do our research on sewing machines. So let us know in case of any question we could answer for you. Cheers!


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