Best Inverter Battery in India in 2021

Powering your inverter with the best inverter battery is a must and can’t be taken lightly.

But now with unannounced power cuts, increased workload and much more, it has become nearly impossible for people to lose time that could otherwise have been used during such incidents. But an inverter alone cannot solve your problem, it is more important that you pair your inverter with the best inverter battery available in India.

So, if you are planning on upgrading your old battery or simply buying a new inverter? To improve the efficiency of your inverter, you must buy a battery that is compatible as well as high-power outstanding battery.

Like the human soul, the battery is the soul of the inverter. The type and quality of the battery you use will make or mar the overall quality and the performance of your inverter. Using a good inverter battery will not only help you save a huge chunk of cash on your electricity bill but also increase the lifespan of the inverter.

When you search online or look in the market for which is the best inverter batteries, you might get confused. In order to make your decision easier, we have compiled a list of the 10 Best Inverter Batteries in India 2021. This list is based on our extensive research and consumer reviews that will make your selection easy.

So before we jump into the detailed guide, do go through the list of best inverter in India.

Here’s a summery that gives you a gist on which is the best inverter battery and it’s makers at a glance:

10 Best Inverter Battery in India in 2021:

# Model Price Warranty Inverter Type Battery Capacity Battery Type Score
1 Luminous RC 18000 check price 5 yrs Sine Wave Inverter 150 Ah Tall Tubular Battery 99%
2 Amazon Current Battery check price 3 yrs Sine Wave Inverter 150 Ah Tall Tubular Battery 97%
3 V-Guard VT160 check price 2.5 yrs Sine Wave Inverter 150 Ah Tall Tubular Battery 95%
4 Luminous EC15000 check price 3 yrs Sine Wave Inverter 120 Ah Tall Tubular Battery 94%
5 Exide IMTT1500 check price 3 yrs Sine Wave Inverter 150 Ah Tall Tubular Battery 92%
6 Massimo MIT2500 check price 6 yrs Sine Wave Inverter 200 Ah Tall Tubular Battery 91%
7 Exide New Instabrite check price 2.5 yrs Sine Wave Inverter 150 Ah Tall Tubular Battery 90%
8 Genus Invomax check price 4 yrs Sine Wave Inverter 160 Ah Tall Tubular Battery 89%
9 Okaya 5024TT check price 3 yrs Sine Wave Inverter 150 Ah Tall Tubular Battery 88%
10 Microtek Mtek Power ET-648 check price 4 yrs Sine Wave Inverter 150 Ah Tall Tubular Battery 87%

Before delving into a detailed guide on what we liked and what didn’t like in the best-rated batteries in the market, we have listed some important information that you must consider before making the purchase. This information includes types of batteries, what is your power requirement, Volt-Ampere rating, and much more.

Types of inverter batteries:

The next question you must keep in mind is the type of battery is good for your inverter.

  • Lead Acid Batteries: The first one is a rechargeable battery that works on two electrodes, lead and lead oxide and uses sulfuric acid electrolyte. This battery was in 1859. The chemical in the battery reacts when it comes in contact with this electrolyte and generates a DC voltage. The lifespan of these batteries is not longer than three years and they need high maintenance.
  • Tubular Batteries: There is not much difference between tubular batteries and lead-acid batteries except that in tubular batteries, the plate is replaced with a well-coated cloth that delays the decaying process and increases the life cycle of the battery. These require less maintenance as compared to lead-acid batteries but are also costlier than them.
  • Maintenance Free batteries: As the name suggests, these batteries are an innovation in the battery industry. These batteries do not require any maintenance as they are sealed from the top. They also do not emit any poisonous gas, but they are the costliest of all battery types. Needless to say, these are much safer and convenient to use.


How to choose the best Inverter Battery?

Once you have decided what kind of battery you want for your inverter, the next thing you must understand is your power requirement, the battery’s VA rating, warranty and a lot much more. You just don’t purchase the first battery you come across. You must know what you are buying and why. Before choosing the inverter you must do a little homework and understand your requirements and only then make the purchase accordingly.

Know Your Power Requirement:

The first thing that you must consider before buying an inverter battery is to calculate how many gadgets and appliances you want to run on it in case of a power cut. To calculate your requirements, you must keep in mind how much energy your appliances like tube lights, computers, television, etc., will use and then calculate accordingly. 

VA Rating:

After reading this requirement, you must be wondering what exactly is a VA Rating? To make it simple and help you understand, a VA or Volt-Ampere rating of an inverter battery is the amount of current or voltage that your inverter supplies to the appliances connected for backup during power cuts. Therefore, it is important when you buy your new battery, your total power requirement and the VA rating should be the same.


The next thing that you must understand is how long your battery will last and supply power to your appliances in case of power cuts. The capacity of the battery is measured in ampere-hour (Ah). In layman terms, the higher the battery’s ampere-hour rating the longer it will last and keep your equipment running. The ideal choice of the inverter batteries has a maximum Ah rating of 150-200.  

Backup Time:

Your battery backup time is directly proportional to its size and capacity. In other words, batteries come in different sizes and capacities, and each battery has a different backup time. When calculating the backup hour for your battery, you must also calculate your power requirement, the battery capacity, and how long you wish to use the appliances on the inverter.


There are various branded and non-branded inverter batteries available in the market. But it is always advisable that you buy a branded inverter battery. When you buy a branded inverter battery, you get a guarantee of the good warranty period, customer service and various safety features that not only protect you but also save your financial resources from draining quickly. A branded company aims to deliver a high-quality product with high performance, limited maintenance expenses, as well as an ISI certification.


While buying an inverter battery, you must look out for the warranty period. Most branded and reputed companies provide a warranty of 3 years or more. But a long warranty period depends on the brand you are buying, how much money you are investing in the battery, your power requirement, and other factors. But it is preferable that you buy high-capacity batteries that will come with a long warranty period.


Last but not least, keep your budget in mind. Everything depends on how much you are willing to spend on your inverter battery. The price range of most of the batteries starts from INR 10,000. This is just a general figure because new companies will keep coming and offer products at a lucrative price to win customers. As long as you keep adding a thousand rupee you get more and more features. But not everyone can buy a battery without a decided budget. So, you need to set a budget and then select your perfect battery based on your requirements and your budget. 


Inverter battery handling mistakes:

Remember, machines will not run forever. They undergo wear and tear. A lot depends on your frequency of usage and how well you take care of them. The same applies to inverter batteries as well. After you have decided which type of battery you want, it is important that you take proper care of the machine to avoid the following problems:


The most common problem that most of the inverter owners face is undercharging or overcharging of the inverter battery. This happens when the battery is used in the partially charged state. It leads to the deterioration of the battery performance.

It is important that you let the battery rest and get recharged sufficiently. Similarly, undercharging of the battery and being for too long in a discharged state can lead to sulfation and stratification of lead. While overcharging can cause premature failure, corrosion of the positive plates, among other problems. 


Maintaining an ideal water level is imperative for maintaining the acid temperature of the battery. It is important that you recharge your battery after it has consumed about 50% of its stored energy and keep an eye on the electrolyte level, which is an important factor in maintaining the overall health of your inverter’s battery.

Water refilling depends on what type of battery you have purchased. For example, tubular batteries need water only once a year, while the deep-cycle batteries and lead-acid batteries need replenishment every 3-4 months. Overwatering or underwatering the batteries can cause severe damage, like electrolyte dilution or electrolyte overflow, to the battery.

Weather condition and Battery:

Outside temperature is equally critical to the battery’s health. For instance, a tubular battery’s temperature is not affected by outside weather conditions, while for a lead-acid battery, a stable weather condition is necessary when the battery is charging.

It is important that you maintain a temperature of 52℃ while charging a lead-acid battery. If there is a spike or fall in the battery temperature, you must immediately stop the charging process and let the battery return to its ideal temperature.

Battery performance:

To measure the performance of your battery, it is important that you unplug your battery from the inverter. Then measure the voltage after at least an hour. If your battery shows a voltage between the range of 12.6 to 13 Volts, then your battery is working fine. But if it does not, then there is a problem you need to address. You must also check the electrolyte’s specific gravity readings using a hydrometer.


#1) Luminous RC 18000 – Best Inverter Battery

The first product to be mentioned on our list is India’s most reputed and leading brand Luminous. The company is widely popular for manufacturing the best inverter batteries in India. The first product by this company on our list is Luminous RC 18000 Tall Tubular Battery, which is specifically designed keeping in mind the weather conditions and the power cuts situation in India.

An average Indian home faces a lot of struggle to perform its daily chores in case of long power cuts. This is where the RC 18000 battery comes in. This battery is made from high-quality anti-corrosive material that increases the durability as well as the life of the product. 

This battery comes with a balanced plate design that helps protect the inverter as well as your appliances during voltage fluctuation and water and electrolyte loss. The Luminous tall tubular battery is equipped with fast charging and a ventilated grain structure for high performance.

  • Luminous RC 18000 - best inverter battery

Key Features

  • Capacity: It is a tall tubular battery with a power capacity of 150 Ah.
  • VA Rating: The battery can support the VA between 600 to 900 efficiently.
  • Design: The battery is designed on patent alloy composition, void-free grain structure and puncture-resistant dramatic-USA separator that enhances the life of the product as well as reduces the chances of short circuits.
  • Technology: The battery is designed on the sine wave technology.  
  • Warranty: This product comes with a 36-months product warranty.
  • The battery is made from shockproof material.
  • Equipped with a fast-charging feature that allows the battery to replenish its lost power quickly.
  • Lasts for almost eight hours during power cuts.
  • Leak-proof and heat-resistant.
  • The product does not have many cons except the battery is too big.
Satisfaction Score:


#2) Amaron Inverter 150Ah Tall Tubular Battery

Apart from Luminous and Exide, Amaron are the only company known for manufacturing the highest quality inverter batteries specifically designed for Indian homes for withstanding long power cuts and high loads. This Amaron inverter battery comes with a fast-charging feature which is ideal for uninterrupted power supply. The vent incorporated into the battery that prevents mist formation or acid-spewing.

  • Amazon Current Battery - best inverter battery

Key Features

  • Capacity: This is 150 Ah power capacity tall tubular battery.
  • VA Rating: The battery can support the VA rating of 1400 efficiently.
  • Design: The vent design used in the battery prevents leakages, use of heat resistant calcium and hybrid alloy system prevents short-circuits, and the rust proof body can withstand Indian weather conditions.
  • Technology: The battery uses low lead reserves that prevent unwanted leakage.
  • `Warranty: This product comes with a 36-months product warranty.
  • The battery is equipped with fast charging.
  • It is a low maintenance battery that has a lifespan of 8-10 years.
  • The battery provides a backup of 15-25 hours when fully charged on one fan and light.
  • The battery is extremely heavy and expensive.
  • The output is unpredictable when powering refrigerators and televisions.
Satisfaction Score:


#3) V-Guard VT160 150 Ah Inverter Tubular Tall Battery

The next on our list is V-Guard batteries well recommended by consumers and families for its top performance and longevity. It is uniquely designed as an efficient alternative for Indian homes.

 The gravity of electrolyte in the V-Guard battery once fully charged rises to 1.245 0.005 SP. Gr. lt/cell. It is a high-quality battery that is affordable and guarantees sound sleep in the case of a long night of power cuts.

  • V-Guard VT160 - best inverter battery

Key Features

  • Capacity: The V-Guard battery has a 150mAh capacity, which helps it last for a long period of time.
  • Reliability: If you live in an environment where there is constant power shortage this battery is the best bet as it performs well.
  • Warranty: It’s 30 months standard warranty proves its ability to deliver efficiently.
  • Technology: The battery works on pure sine wave technology with reliability in the Deep Cyclic application.
  • Design: The battery comes with high pressure cast positive spines that enhances the lifespan of the product.`
  • Once properly charged up and kept in a good temperature the battery is easy to maintain
  • The battery is equipped to withstand high pressure of over 100 bars without any troubles.
  • It is a long-lasting battery with a power backup of almost 54 hours if properly charged and used for power low energy consuming appliances.
  • The backup time reduces if the number of appliances is increased.
  • The battery is not very popular in the urban setup.
Satisfaction Score:



#4) Luminous Eco Charge EC15000 120Ah Tall Tubular Battery

Another product on our list by Luminous is Eco Charge EC15000 120Ah Tall Tubular Battery. This particular model Luminous Eco Charge is a reliable one for families in need of an inverter with unmatched performance.

It is one of the best inverter batteries as it requires less water level maintenance. It also showcases the power capacity time in hours and minutes. The Eco charge comes with an MCB protection that ensures it lasts for a long period of time.

  • Luminous EC15000 - best inverter battery

Key Features

  • Smart Technology: Once well charged up this battery performs beyond expectations. It is one of the brand’s best innovations. 
  • Capacity: With its 120Ah power capacity, it is capable of lasting longer than its competitors.
  • Design: The battery comes with an MCB protection that is shock resistant.
  • Durability: The battery is capable of lasting up to 5years if well maintained.
  • Warranty: This battery comes with a warranty of up to 36 months.
  • The battery quality is dependable
  • This inverter battery comes at an affordable price for this quality
  • The Eco charged battery doesn’t require much maintenance.
  • The battery capacity is good for a long time power shortage
  • This battery takes too much time to get fully charged.
Satisfaction Score:


#5) Exide Technologies Inva Master Tall IMTT1500 150Ah

Manufactured by the Exide brand, this product is equipped with an extra percent electrolyte that ensures it lasts longer in the case of frequent power cuts. 

Aside from its stronger plates, it comes with a hybrid alloy system that reduces water loss. This product is also distinguished by its quality handle that allows for easy carrying. Its ribbed free polyethylene layered and textured glass material requires low maintenance.

  • Exide IMTT1500 - best inverter battery

Key Features

  • Capacity: The battery has a capacity of over 150 Ah, that aids longer performance. The inverter supports household electrical appliances for a long period of time, offering the promise of superior performance.
  • Design: This model comes in an attractive design. It comes with a textured glass material and strong tubular plates that require little maintenance.
  • Electrolyte: Its extra 20% electrolyte provision aids its performance.
  • Life span: With a life of over 1000 cycles at 80% dod it is capable of lasting for years.
  • Warranty: The manufacturers have provided for a 36 month warranty on the product
  • Charge system: The battery is equipped with a feature that monitors its charging state all the time.
  • VA rating: The battery can support the VA rating of 600 to 1050 efficiently.
  • The battery doesn’t require much maintenance
  • Its hybrid technology manages water loss and reduces high temperatures.
  • It can carry heavy appliances and still last for hours.
  • Some consumers have suggested better after-sales service.
Satisfaction Score:


#6) Massimo MIT2500 200Ah Tubular Battery

Next on our list is Massimo MIT2500. The battery is a very strong and durable one that ensures you get the best performance from your inverter.

 It comes with an easy handle on both sides with which you can carry around the battery and change its location with ease. With its anti-splash guard, you don’t have to worry about your battery overheating. Generally, the Massimo battery is a long-lasting backup for Indian users and families and it has received a lot of positive reviews from customers across India.

  • Massimo MIT2500 - best inverter battery

Key Features

  • Capacity: This Massimo battery has one of the best power capacities in its range. With its 200 Ah, it is capable of supplying power even with large appliances and for longer duration. It is the perfect household companion in summers for homes in the northern and eastern parts of India.
  • Voltage: The battery has a voltage of 12 volts, which enhances better performance.
  • Design: The battery comes with a low antimony alloy material that requires low maintenance.
  • Lifespan: This battery can last 8 to 10 years, depending on how well it is maintained. Once well charged it can last about 5-7 hours.
  • Warranty: it has a warranty for 72 months.
  • The battery charges faster and requires little maintenance.
  • It is a durable battery that can resist long and frequent power shortages.
  • The battery can carry up to five tube lights, four fans, and 1 TV when charged.
  • The battery is a little weighty.
Satisfaction Score:


#7) Exide Solar C10 Tubular Battery 150Ah Inverter Battery

This next product on our list is by Indian storage battery producing company Exide. The Exide Solar C10 battery is a 150 Ah tubular battery, a hybrid battery approved by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy. This battery is capable of running two fans and one light for almost 15 to 20 hours when it is fully charged. This battery is suitable for small families, with limited need for power backups during cuts.

  • Exide New Instabrite - best inverter battery

Key Features

  • Capacity: This a 150 Ah tall tubular battery that is designed to support your electrical appliances for hours.
  • VA Rating: The battery can support VA between 650 to 1050 efficiently.
  • Technology: The battery works on TORR Tubular positive plates, comes with a  quick charge feature, and has a life cycle of 1200 at 80% DOD.
  • Design: The battery is designed using pure lead and a good ventilation system, which enhances the durability of the product.
  • Warranty: The battery comes with a five-year warranty on the manufacturing.
  • Capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and is therefore ideal for the weather conditions in India.
  • This battery is an ideal choice for solar hybrid inverters.
  • It is a rechargeable battery with a very low charging current.
  • Works efficiently on the TORR Tubular Technology.
  • Low maintenance because it comes in a leak-proof design.
  • You cannot purchase this Exide solar tubular batteries model online. The chances of finding the model in a brick-and-mortar store slim down further if you do not have many stores in your vicinity.
Satisfaction Score:



#8) Genus Invomax GTT56048 PP 160 AH Tall Tubular Inverter Battery

Indian consumer electronic company Genus Batteries are known for manufacturing high-quality products that are specifically designed keeping Indian power cuts in mind. The Genus Invomax GTT56048 PP battery is consistent and reliable during its lifetime. Invomax battery is an ideal choice for providing power backup to heavy-duty applications.

This battery can last long and irregular power cuts and has the highest reserve capacity. The Genus Invomax comes with Selenium Grid feature and is made from a high-quality plastic material. This battery can be used with normal and solar inverters.

  • Genus Invomax

Key Features

  • Capacity: This Genus inverter battery comes with 160 Ah power capacity.
  • Technology: The battery can work at high-temperature ranges without any issue and comes with a deep discharge recovery feature.
  • Warranty: The company provides a 48-months warranty on the product.
  • Compatibility: This battery is suitable for both normal and solar inverters.
  • Design: The battery comes with an electrolyte level indicator on its front panel and in the spill-proof body.
  • This battery is a low maintenance product.
  • Comes with fast charging technology.
  • Comes in a spill-proof body, which makes it reliable and efficient.
  • Capable of withstanding extreme temperatures.
  • The battery is quite heavy.
  • The battery backup reduces when providing backup to heavy load appliances.


Satisfaction Score:



#9) Okaya 5024TT 150 AH Tall Tubular Battery

This eco-friendly inverter battery manufactured by Japanese company Okaya is a perfect choice for those who not only care of their investments but also their environment. The Okaya 5024TT 150 AH Tall Tubular Battery is made from pure lead and comes with a quick recharge feature.

  • Okaya 5024TT Battery

Key Features

  • Capacity: This a 150 Ah tall tubular battery. 
  • VA Rating: The battery can support VA between 650 to 1050 efficiently.
  • Technology: This battery is equipped with the latest tubular technology, separator technology that is ideal for longer back-up time.
  • Design: The battery is designed using pure lead, which increases the durability of the battery that also makes it a low maintenance battery.
  • Warranty: The product comes with a 36-months product warranty.
  • This battery is made from pure lead, which makes it a low maintenance product.
  • The battery comes with a quick charge feature and consists of longer backup time.
  • The battery is equipped with Puncture resistant separators.
  • The only drawback of the product is that it can withstand high-load appliances.
Satisfaction Score:


#10) Microtek Mtek Power ET-648 Tall Tubular Battery

The last item to be on our list is by Microtek, a Taiwanese consumer electronics company. This product is known for withstanding long and regular power cuts. This battery has the highest reserve capacity, which makes it ideal for medium to large households.

  • Microtek Mtek Power ET-648

Key Features

  • Capacity: It is a tall tubular battery with a power capacity of 150 Ah.
  • VA Rating: The battery can support VA between 650 to 1000 efficiently.
  • Design: The battery comes with a ceramic water level indicator, which lets you keep track of the acidic temperature of the battery. 
  • Technology: The battery is designed on the sine wave technology and it comes with a quick recharge feature.
  • Warranty: This product comes with a 48-months product warranty.
  • This is a long-lasting tubular inverter battery, which comes with a ceramic water level indicator.
  • The battery is equipped with a quick recharge feature and can last for about eight hours.
  • You can easily run five to six low energy consuming appliances like tube lights, fans, and a TV.
  • The battery makes noise when it shifts from mains to UPS.
  • The battery backup is low during voltage fluctuations.
Satisfaction Score:


Final Words – Best Inverter Battery

We hope that our list of the top 10 best inverter batteries available in India will help you make an informed decision. Buying a compatible and correct battery is equally important as buying the right shoe. You may fit your feet in the wrong shoe but in the long term you are going to end with sore feet.

 You must keep an open mind, think of your budget and requirements and only then jump into our detailed buying guide. If you are still confused, wait and think, and try to get a better understanding of the product you wish to buy. A good quality inverter battery will not only be worth every penny but will also improve the efficiency of your inverter.

If you still have any doubts or queries, then post it in the comment section below. We will try our best to answer your questions as soon as possible.


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