Top 10 Best Portable Air Conditioner (AC)

Looking to get the Best portable air conditioner in India to cool your self off this summer season then you have landed at the right place. In a country like ours, the summer season can be quite long and frustrating.

The boiling heat really tears down the skin and normal ceiling fans are never enough to cool one down and also having AC or cooler in every room can be really expensive and not always feasible. Also, a single AC or cooler is never enough to accommodate the whole house. Which is why, to enjoy the cool breeze in any room of your house, you require to install a Portable Air Conditioner.

What is a Portable Air Conditioner?

A portable AC is a self-contained AC that is fixed in a portable system and can be easily be set up and moved in any room. Usually, these ACs come as an alternative to window AC, but has a major portability edge over its window AC counterpart. Though the basic principle of AC working remains the same but since portability is the key feature here, changes in the AC unit are made to accommodate the movability factor.

Since in an air conditioners, there are 2 major discarded byproducts i.e. throw out hot air and condensed water vapors, portable air conditioner smartly integrate these two in it’s overall working system. Once you set your unit in any room then you need to setup the vent hose pipe to window so that it can throw the hot air out. Condensed water vapors are generally collected in the AC itself and needs to be cleaned up time to time or lease you can choose an option where the drained water is automatically evaporates.

How do you select the Best Portable Air Conditioner in India?

The first few questions you need to ask yourself before you plan to make this purchase are:

  • Are you willing to move and setup up your portable AC whenever you need it in different rooms?
  • Do you have a window for the hot air hose vent in the room?
  • Are you willing to cleanup the accumulated water after every few days or looking for expensive auto clean options?
  • Can a small single window AC permanently setup in the solves your purpose?
  • Do you live on rent or planing to change places and looking for a temporary solution?

Well, a lot of things need to consider in order to select the best Portable Air conditioner for your house, BTU (higher value of BTU means bigger room it can cool), cost analysis, power requirements, Warranty, rooms where you are setting up the unit and much more. Also if you are planning to keep this AC in one room most of the time then it is recommended to get a window AC, since portability is this type of AC’s forte and if you are not planning to move it from one room to another then this AC is not for you.

Luckily for you, we have done all the math and arranged the Best Portable AC in a systematic Order:

10 Best Portable Air Conditioner in India in 2021

# Model Price BTU Warranty Noise (dB) Power (Watt) Score
1 Black & Decker check price 10000 1 Year 72dB 2930 98%
2 Blue Star  check price 10000 1 Year 52dB 2560 96%
3 Honeywell 14000 BTU check price 14000 1 Year 56dB 1200 90%
4 Koryo Emerald 1.2 check price 14000 1 Year 45dB 1600 89%
5 Royal Sovereign International BTU check price 11000 1 Year 65dB 3200 88%
6 EurGeen  Model A5 check price 12000 1 Year 58dB 1320 87%
7 EurGeen check price 10000 1 Year 52dB 1085 85%
8 Lloyd check price 12000 1 Year 54dB 3450 83%
9 MIDEA Arctic King check price 8000 1 Year 43dB 550 80%
10 Garrison check price 10000 1 Year 55dB 1355 78%


#1) Black & Decker Portable AC – Best Portable Air Conditioner In India!

Black +Decker has simply outdone themselves, The BPACT10WT is truly what you call a phenomenal Portable Air Conditioner. The AC that comes with Remote control also features 24 hours on/off timer with a Bucket less design with caster wheels makes this unit very easy to manoeuvreand operate.

Being able to cool a 20×20 room very fast and comes with R410a Refrigerant making it totally environment-friendly. Also, with a 1-year warranty for labour and parts along with 5 years warranty on compressor. You can never go wrong with the product.

This Portable AC is the best portable air conditioner in India for a reason!


Key Features

Comes with a very large front vented Airflow outlet which will take care of the Polluted air. Also, you get Slide-out Washable Filter

Can easily be connected to window or Wall

Yes, an all functional remote control

Yes, you do avail a Sleep Mode for your sweet dreams

  • Cools room very fast
  • Amazingaesthetics
  • Water doesn’t need to be replaced quite often
  • Very easy to install and Setup
  • The Display console of the AC is too bright, which might be problematic for some people to sleep.
  • Chunks Up about 10.8 Amps so you cannot use a lot of electronic items all at once.
  • The motor noise might disturb you (72 db)
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: Being bundled with all the necessary features, along with a bold and premium design. This Portable AC has a name on cooling the room real fast. On top of that, installing and setting up the AC is a child’s play. As a result, this AC is a fan favourite and is one of the highest-reviewed and purchased Portable AC. The only thing that you need to remember is, you need to let it stand for 24 hoursbefore operating it.


#2) Blue Star 1 Ton Portable AC

Blue star has made sure that this 1-ton capacity portable AC is what every Indian need. Being able to move the way you want without needing to mount or remount. This Portable Air Conditioner comes with a 1-year warranty on the condenser and product along with 5-years warranty on compressor.

It consists of a built-in accumulator that provides the AC with a High-efficiency rotary compressor. Along with that, it also bundled with a lot of special features like self-diagnosis, anti-bacterial silver coating, refrigerant R410 and lot more, pushing it straight to the number 1 spot on the list.


Key Features

Helps to remove moisture from the room. Acts a Dehumidifier.

Shows when Tank is full of condensatewater so that you can replace the water.

Yes, once your System Get Back on from any power surge, the appliance to start off as it was left before switching off.

Yes. A beneficial feature that saves energy

You get a fully functional remote with that can control the AC.

  • Easily portable
  • Quick Cooling
  • Antibacterial Coating with dust filter
  • Self-Diagnosis
  • Operational On and Off timer
  • Affordable
  • Installation process is very difficult.
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: This ia a fully-featured Portable AC that also safeguards from making a hole in your wallet. It’s self being the only AC with a self-diagnostic feature, you hardly require maintaining the product. Also, as it is very easy to work with, moving the product from one room to another is never an issue. No wonder it is one of the most popular product out there in the market, not only do as you also avail a high-quality product but also receive Blue Star’s 5 years warranty on the Compressor. Being both safe and smart, this Efficient Portable AC does fulfil all the required criteria


#3) Honeywell 14000 BTU Portable Ac

The 1.15 Ton 14,000 BTU Portable AC by Honeywell not only cools the rooms but also comes along with a Dehumidifier and a Fan. It’s easy to install that you do not even require a professional to take care of that. Also, it has featured a digital control panel that offers automatic on-off timer with auto evaporation making it fully feature loaded.

Apart from being a 3 in 1, the AC comes with all the important parts like the window bracket, the exhaust hose and the drain pipe. As far as brand value, Honeywell does offer its users a 5 Year limited warranty and a 1-year warranty on the product. So you can cool your room without worrying about any breakdown.


Key Features

It features the no-dripping technology which does not require a bucket to collect water as it has auto-evaporation enabled.

Features a 3 speed 24 hours automatic shutoff timer.

It has a special sleep mode which allows the user to control the temperature.

  • Low Maintenance , high value
  • Easy to Install and Operate
  • An all-Digital Control panel
  • Mostly unavailable throughout the year
  • Cooling is a bit slow
  • It’s Costly
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: Being Feature loaded along with very little main maintenance the HL14CESWK is very popular with the users. Which is why it gets sold out very soon. Although it might be a little over budget and might not offer the fastest cooling, but it does offer you a solid build and is very easy to install in any room. In terms of reliability, the Portable AC does provide you with a 5-year compressor, so overall it does a great job and retains the 3rd position in the list.



#4) Koryo Emerald 1.2 Ton Portable AC

Being a brand from India’s largest hypermarket retail chain offers you quite the accessibility to the general public. The Koryo Emerald is one such convenient product from the brand that offers you functionality and assurance.

The 1.2 Ton Portable AC from Koryo does provide you with efficient and fast cooling. It’s stylish and is designed to bring comfort with the 4 Directional Air Swing Arm. The Big Bazaar Electronic brand offers a golden hydrophilic coating to remove dust particle and bring clean cool air into the room.


Key Features

This technology is a feature that stops water from dripping out from the AC when operated for along time

A 4 directional Ari Swing does ensure air to reach every point of the room.

It is provided with a Remote Control to operate the AC from a distance

These are included in the package which provides ease in portability.

  • Tons of Features
  • Easy to Handle
  • Anti-Bacterial Air Filter
  • Makes very less noise
  • Average Quality Product
  • Small Size fans
  • Poor Customer Support
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: The AC accompanies a lot of useful features which may be minute but they boost the convenience of the user to a whole another level. With a 1-year product warranty and 4-year compressor warranty. This product can be found and tested in any Big Bazaar centre.


#5) Royal Sovereign International BTU AC

The 11000 BTU from Royal Sovereign is also a 3-in1 Portable AC that is so powerful, it can easily cool a medium-sized room ranging 120 to 189 sq. ft. in a short span of time. The Dehumidifier and the fan add what the company calls as the no-drip technology that does not require any bucket as it has the inbuilt auto-evaporation feature.

In addition to this, the AC has a water tank capacity of 2 litres and also comes laded with an antibacterial air filter to give everyone the fresh cool air that we deserve. As for the warranty on the product, just like every other Portable AC on the market, the Royal Sovereign BTU AC also comes with a 1-Year Product warranty along with 5 years compressor warranty.

  • BEST PORTABLE AIR CONDITIONER - Royal Sovereign International BTU

Key Features

A very user-friendly console with 24hoursthe timer that helps you to preset the Portable AC to your desired time or schedule.

With noise level lower than 65 dB, you won’t even hear any rattling sounds that may annoy your sleep

If you know to read a Manual, you can install the AC all by yourself.

This AC comes with a removable filet that you can wash clean all by yourself. So you can manual without needing to replace any filter

Yes, it features a remote with a Digital Console

Yes, it also features an intelligent sleep mode.

yes, it auto starts while the power comes back.

  • Low Noise
  • Easy maintenance
  • Fast Cooling
  • Usually Unavailable
  • Warranty May not be Claimed in India
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: Overall, it’s a brilliant AC but there lies the reliability issue. That’s only because you may not be able to have any warranty claims on the product in India. But if you don’t mind using a product without any warranty, then it’s a clear green signal from us. Because the amount of feature that the product offers, it can defiantly be the Portable AC that you have always wanted.


#6) EurGeen Portable 4 in 1 AC Model A5

The only Company in the list that makes 4 in 1 all season Portable AC is EurGeen. The EurGeen A5 is one of the most promising Portable AC with a 4.3 Star rating.The 4 in1 functionality includesCooling, heating, Dehumidifier and FAN making it the product that can use in all season. The Model A5 also has an inbuilt stabilizer because of which it can run efficiently by a 5 amps plug.

Also, the model offers 12000 BTU cooling capacity which is enough to cool an enormous room in no time. Also, the caster wheel allows the product to move smoothly in any room as desired by the owner. Having an IP X1 Grade Waterproof rating, the EurGeen A5 comes with a 1 –year product warranty along with a 2 years compressor warranty.

  • BEST PORTABLE AIR CONDITIONER - EurGeen Portable 4 in 1 Model A5

Key Features

The Product arrives with IP X1 waterproof rating.

The product has a 12000 BTU cooling capacity and heating capacity of 10000 BTU.

Yes, it is remote Operated

Yes, it does feature the 24 hours timer functionality.

Yes it offers Intelligent Night mode for your sleep.

  • Efficient Fast cooling
  • 4 in 1 functionality
  • Waterproof Rated
  • It’s a new product
  • Exhaust Pipe is somewhat Average
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: Being new in the market does not mean it isn’t reliable. As for the brand, it has been a household name that offers decent electronic products, for many years in India. The A5 offers brilliant efficiency in terms of its power input and offers decent performance in terms of cooling.With great customer support to help you with all your queries, the A5 is surely headed to compete in the top league.


#7) EurGeen Portable 4 in 1 AC

Making its way into the list in another EurGeen Portable 4 in 1 AC, also, this one is more affordable than the A5. Since it’s cheaper, it does miss out on any features that its big variant offers. Named A4, the Portable AC offers both cooling and heating but a smaller capacity of 10000 BTU for cooling and 9000 BTU for heating.

Also, it offers the same ease of easy manoeuvring due to its compact nature with casted wheels.  The A4 has got the same identical features as the A5 but with limited capacity. Coming to the warranty of the product, it too receives a 1-year warranty on the product and 2 Years on Compressor.

  • BEST PORTABLE AIR CONDITIONER - EurGeen Portable 4 in 1

Key Features

IP X 1 Waterproof Rating, no chance of rust guaranteed.

Just 1085 watts and can be functional with a 5 amps plug, this saves a lot of your bills.

Sliding window and ventilation Kit is provided by the Company

A Highly operational small remote is provided for easy functioning

  • Affordable
  • Water Proof Rated
  • High-Quality Cooling
  • Compact and easy to work with
  • New product in the market
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: Just lacing behind the big brother isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The product does offer good value for money. Bearing all the smart features that are expected by a Portable AC, the A4 is a good choice to go with. Also, not every product offers a 4 in 1 functionality at this price.



#8) Lloyd 1 Ton Portable AC

The 1 Ton Portable AC by Lloyd provides everyone with a better heat transfer rather than conventional aluminium coils on usual ACs. Not only does it withstand high pressure but also offers better resistance to corrosion

Along with being very durable. The LP12B01TP is also somewhat efficient considering the heat transfer technology used in it, it does a decent job in making you save your electric bill. Along with this, the motor produces low noise for smooth operation. Making it one of the best Portable AC available in India.


  • Lloyd 1 Ton Portable ac

Key Features

A special Hydrophilic Aluminum Fin that keeps it safe from rust and pressure, increasing the life of the Coil

It uses a high-quality air filter to provide clean air while cooling.

Yes, available

  • High Durability
  • Very low maintenance
  • Better rate of Heat Transfer
  • Fast Cooling
  • Quite difficult to install
  • No specifications about Timer Mode or Back-Up Mode


Satisfaction Score:
Expert note:In spite of missing out on some smart features which are offered by its competitors in the market, this Portable Air Conditioner really knows how to do its job perfectly and Offers one of the best cooling at an affordable price. Not to forget the 10 years Compressor warranty that you receive with this durable product.



#9) MIDEA Arctic King Portable AC

The Arctic King defines portability, being just an 8000 BTU Portable AC, it is quite compact yet it can be used to cool down a 350 Square feet room with ease. The Portable BTU AC is also very efficient as it only chunks 110 volts and can be fully remote controlled.

Having the Self-evaporation system does gives the Artic king the power of a Dehumidifier and functions easily with the touch of a button. Apart from this, the product is quite known for its QUICK installation on a vertical or sliding window.

  • MIDEA Arctic King Portable AC

Key Features

It also features 24 hours on/Off timer to schedule the AC as you desire. Also, it has an auto-restart feature in case of Power Cut.

yes,you get a Remote Control with the product

Small yet sufficient, this low energy consuming AC does claim to deliver excellent cooling to large rooms.

  • Quiet and Comfortable
  • Efficient Energy Consumption
  • Simple User-Friendly Controls
  • Quick And Easy Installation
  • Auto Restart Feature
  • Isn’t that fast while cooling as it is claimed?
  • Always Required to be set up nearby a Window
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: Being small does not mean it’s weak. The Arctic King excels with its power to provide a cool and comfortable experience to its owner. Also, the AC is very efficient with power consumption, so you expect fewer power bills and relax at the same moment. Although it does provide you with a 1 Year warranty, we are not sure whether that is valid in India and that is why the product ranks so low in this list.


#10) Garrison Portable Cool AC

The last but not least, it the 4 control mode Garrison Portable AC also known as model 2477821. Having the Bucket less evaporation system is a boon as auto-evaporation is very necessary for portable ACs. Being affordable with high-end cooling capability makes the Garrison Portable AC a must buy in its price segment.

It’s a 4.5 Star rated product and the only reason it’s this low in the list, is due to its rare availability. This portable AC does come with all the required features that include, Programmable Timer, Energy Star Compliant and capability of cooling Medium-sized rooms.

  • Garrison Portable Cool AC

Key Features

4 casters and window Exhaust kit are included with the product.

An electric control panel with a digital remote control makes the product really easy to use.

Yes, you do need to use a bucket with this Portable AC

  • Auto Function Mode
  • Fast Cooling
  • Moderate Setup
  • Energy Efficient
  • Usually Unavailable
  • Reviews claim that the AC is a bit Noisy
Satisfaction Score:
Expert note: If you get your hands on this Garrison Product, do not hesitate to buy it. As it’s mostly unavailable throughout the year, this does question the reliability of the company. However, a one-year product warranty should cover up any doubts regarding the reliability of the product.



The choice of Portable Air Conditioners is very limited which is why you as a consumer must neatly pick to get the best Portable AC for your home. Also, having a Portable Air Conditioner makes it very convenient to move the AC all around the house. You simply need to Plug itand forget about it, the AC will allow you to enjoy the chill cool air without stepping out in the scorching heat.


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